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Summer Fruit is an exciting EOS lip balm flavor perfect to keep in your pocket or purse to soften and soothe the lips while getting a yummy flavored and scented balm. EOS Summer Fruit lip balm is 100% natural and one of the most popular lip balm flavors offered from the brand. Many people call it the best lip balm flavor but considering that EOS offers a few choices, it’s up to you to try them all out to decide which you favor.

Summer Fruit combines the best fruits of the summer together in a balm that soothes and softens the lips while making you feel warm and tingly inside. It hydrates the lips wonderfully, alleviating the worries that you’ll experience embarrassment caused by chapped lips. The fun sphere-shaped container adds to the fun and helps you keep track of your balm so its always within reach.

EOS is a lip balm brand that can change the way that you care for your lips. EOS Lip Balm’s areĀ sold online and wherever lip balm is sold. The Summer Fruit lip balm is fun and fruity and helps you feel right in the swing of summer, especially with such hydrated and lush lips to benefit your summertime plans.