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LimeCrime set the Internet buzzing about their new makeup line back in the early days. The makeup line was very unique in its approach to cosmetics. Doe Deere was the flamboyant CEO and founder of Lime Crime and the perfect model for the makeup line. Her belief was that makeup was not to cover up imperfections. Makeup was a way to show your creativity and talent. Today, the young entrepreneur inspires leagues of other young entrepreneurs to start their own enterprise with their unique talents. Let’s take a look at this talented entrepreneurs beginnings.

Doe Deere Creator Of LimeCrime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is the creator and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. The fact is that she was always a very creative and imaginative child. The young Doe Deere was drawn to bright, bold, and dazzling colors during her young years. This quickly led to her experimenting with colors through childhood to teen years. Certainly, during her earlier creative years, this led to creating very colorful costumes for her online store. Later on, she realized that the makeup colors available did not inspire her. Therefore, Deere created her own makeup line to inspire her and match her clothing line too.

LimeCrime Unicorn Queen Rises

The creation of the makeup line was the beginning of the unicorn queen rising. Doe Deere is the self titled unicorn queen that refers to her followers and the little unicorns. Deere believes that unicorns are different and they know that they are different. They defy traditional standards and are very unique in the way that they view life. Unicorns are defiant and not afraid to be different or to follow their own path. Doe Deere encourages all people to let the unicorn rise in them too, and follow their own path in life.

Doe Deere is still on a mission to completely change the way that people view and wear makeup. Certainly, since the launch of her makeup back in 2008, the colorful line of vegan and cruelty free makeup has made a lot of positive changes in beliefs about wearing bold and vivid makeup or makeup in general.