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Adam Milstein is a self-made entrepreneur known for co-founding the Adam Milstein Foundation. The organization aims to help support other businesses that provide aid to the Israel and Jewish communities so that they can enjoy a better quality of life by having access to better healthcare products and services. Adam Milstein is also a talented author on the Jewish News Syndicate publication. One piece that is especially interesting, “Unlikely Radical Alliances Fan the Flames of Anti-Semitism Worldwide,” talks about problems with racism, bigotry, and hate against Jews. Radical Muslims are already committing vicious acts of anti-Semitism against innocent Jews.

They are also attempting to overthrow Israel. Adam Milstein does not support anti-Semitism as it harms men, women, and children for no reason other than the fact that they are Jews. He also hates that fact the threat of anti-Semitism threatens the historic homeland of the Jews. Milstein’s purpose in writing the article is to provide readers with information on the issue of anti-Semitism and to inform them that Europe and North America have joined forces to continue the spread of the unfair, and unjust treatment. In the article, Adam Milstein listed some disturbing examples of how Radicals are torturing innocent Jews. Stoning women, disrespecting the rights of minorities, and killing gays are among the things that are done to innocent Jews for no reason.

What’s more interesting is that Leftists and Radical Muslims are not likely allies. In fact, in a world where they did not share the same hate for western influence and freedom of speech, Leftists would be 100 percent against Radical Muslims and Anti-Semitism. Leftists blame Jews for everything. They believe that Muslims endure so much oppression because of Israel. The truth is that there is a lot of confusion among each group. It is easy to say that Radical Muslims are brainwashing Leftists to help them with their cause by using western influence and freedom of speech as fuel. It seems contrary that a group that is against anti-Semitism would support it only because they share the same dislikes. It is vital that Leftists understand the truth about injustice and discrimination.

Eric Pulier is a man that is known as a philanthropist, an artist, and an entrepreneur. Eric Pulier grew up in New Jersey, and he graduated from the Teaneck high school 1984. After graduating from high school, Eric Pulier was able to go to Harvard University. While studying at Harvard university, Pulier was able to become the author of PulierLeg, PulierLeg was a weekly column that Pulier would write for the Harvard Crimson. Eric Pulier studied American literature, computer science, visual & environmental studies and English. Pulier graduated from Harvard 1988, and he graduated magna cum laude in his class.



Eric Pulier worked for the Starlight Foundation. The Starlight Foundation is a foundation that helps children with chronic pain. Steven Spielberg and Al Gore cut the ribbon to launch the starlight foundation’s virtual event. Eric Pulier was able to construct the entire project for these children suffering from chronic diseases, Pulier managed a team of volunteers to carry out the program. Starbright World is a foundation that works with over 75 hospitals in the United States and they have a very user-friendly virtual environment.


Eric Pulier wrote Understanding Enterprise SOA and The Enterprise Industrial Complex. Understanding Enterprise SOA is a book that gives business individuals and technologist an integrated scope of the problems with the interdependencies between them. The enterprise industrial complex is an article about the self-sustaining partnership between enterprise buyers in vendors. In this article, Pulier writes about the fact that this relationship became a suffocating fact of life in recent decades.


Eric Pulier is the founder of FLF, Pulier is also on the innovative board of Xprize. Eric Pulier was the founder and executive director of enterprise cloud leadership Council, and he is also the co-founder of ServiceMesh. Pulier is a man that has accomplished much in his life, but his greatest accomplishment is his children.