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OneLogin is an identity management company that allows people to login to multiple applications through its single-sign on feature. It removes the hassle of creating a different username and password for each application that an employee must access in order to complete their work within a company. In a recent post on the company blog, oneLogin advised that businesses should improve their removal of old employee profiles and focus more on training their internal staff in techniques to protect against cyber security attacks.

The company believes that other companies need to be more aware of whether old employees can access their accounts after rolling off of a project or moving out the company entirely. It refers to these accounts as “zombie accounts” with a reference to the white walkers from the show Game of Thrones. OneLogin believes that if the cyber security department of a company does not properly shutdown, suspend or completely remove access to an old employee account, then those same employees could potentially return to access confidential company files months after they have left. Another possibility is that an employee’s private computers could be hacked through a trojan which could then access the company portal assuming that the employee still left the portal “open” in some way shape or form. This type of occurrence could completely compromise the data of a company and lead to great financial loss through various lawsuits.

This last example ties into the next point: employees should be trained on basic cyber security practices no matter department they are in. OneLogin advises that their should be a well-defined standard for passwords used to access company applications. This practice is the first and one of the most important practice because it is simple to comprehend by any employee. Creating a strong password also stops brute-force attacks and guards against hackers gaining easy access to a plethora of company data.

OneLogin offers cloud-based identity management software that accelerates and facility access to internal company applications. Its recent article advising on ways to improve cyber security should be read by any company who would not like to become another example of poor cyber security on the local news.

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