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Many people have heard of Brian Mulligan. He is an accomplished opera singer who has paved his way to the music business by exhibiting incredible talent. This musician is known in different countries for his unique forte in this industry, and he continues to impress his audience members every day.
Brian was born in Endicott, New York. When he was only 17, Brian starred in his first musical in high school as a singer. His music teacher during this time set him up to start seeing a vocal trainer, Todd Geer. Mulligan soon fell in love with opera singing. After showcasing his interest in music in high school, he went on to Yale University and Julliard. W. Stephen Smith was his voice instructor during college and continues to be today. Mulligan decided to be a baritone singer in the opera, and his first introduction was in 2003 at the Metropolitan Opera in the show Die Frau ohne Shatten. He was still a student at Julliard at the time, but this outstanding performance quickly launched his prosperous career.
Soon after this accomplishment, Brian became well known as a baritone opera singer. He started performing at some of the most popular opera houses in America, being applauded and praised in ever act. A few operas that Mulligan sang at were the San Francisco Opera, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Houston Grand Opera, and the New York City Opera. These performances won Brian a lot of career opportunities and fame.
A few of Brian’s most memorable performances include him playing Richard Nixon in Nixon in China and being the leading star in Hamlet. His opera shows have been acknowledged all over the United States and also in Ireland, where Mulligan was named a top Irish American singer in the Irish America Magazine. Brian has Irish heritage, and has stated that he loves to visit this country and has gotten inspiration from Irish singers since he was a little kid.
Brian continues to excel in his career. Whether it be a opera or a musical, Mulligan has big plans for his future. He is an exceptionally talented singer and performer, and with his competitive and inspiring attitude Brian will have no problem surpassing every milestone in his profession.

Modern warfare is changing dramatically with the development of digital technology. These days, some of the world’s most powerful military forces try to engineer automated vehicles with artificial intelligence. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has successfully developed military vehicles that are programmed to avoid enemy fire rather than confront the foes. Such an approach essentially focuses on tactics that are based on stealth and information rather than raw firepower.

In the investment world, BOA analyst Jared Haftel says that artificial intelligence could make tanks and other heavily armored vehicles more lightweight. In fact, it might be possible to create such military units that could be easily airlifted for quick deployment on any landscape in the world.

DARPA has been working on automated driving systems for passengers vehicles. Such a concept might be far from being realized, but it sure is changing the course of vehicle design. Technology such as accident avoidance sensors are inspired by the innovations in intelligent military vehicle design. The consumer market always seems to benefit from technology that originates by government sponsored research and development. In fact, DARPA has been credited with advancing robotic and internet technology decades ago.

The Science Daily provides plenty of relevant resources on the latest innovations in artificial intelligence. In the near future, consumers will be amazed at how much customized information gadgets can process and display. Personal digital assistants like iPhone’s Siri only scratch the surface of AI.