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Inspiring the employees to be innovators is a desire of every management. Bruce Strong, an author, and founder of Cbridge Partners says that creating a strategic conversation between employees and management is crucial. It assists in discussion and implementation of innovative ideas in business. A strategic conversation with relevant discussion ensures that the ideas are well co-developed.

As inspired by Lori Senecal at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners (KBS) among other, there are three components of successive innovation.

  • Provision of strong vision and not the solution
  • Empowering visionary employees
  • Offering structured discussions

All round involvement

Management should ensure that all employees are aware of the firm models. Leaders ought to openly communicate the business goals and expectations. They should consider the employee’s ideas as well as inputs.

Mr. Strong highlighted some frameworks that can promote innovation.

  • Organising an innovation day for employees to forward and celebrate new ideas
  • Orchestrating employees new ideas challenges and contest
  • Forming discussion platforms for management and employees
  • Ensuring strategic reviews
  • T-shaped conversation of the senior and departmental managers on sharing ideas
  • Chaordic conversations involving staff and outsiders that assist in brainstorming ideas.

Establishing innovation communities

Employees with support from management meet to solve specific issues. It is showcased at Rite-Solution by CEO Jim Lavoie and at KBS+ by Senecal. Both organized a competition where employees sourced for ideas to better the firm’s operations. The management rewards the best and winning ideas.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal joined Crispin Porter& Bogusky (CP+B), an advertising firm in March 2015. She serves as the chief executive officer. Also, she has been the president and CEO of MDC’s Partner Network. However, Lori is expected to exit CP+B at the end of 2017. According to, the highlight of his career at CP+B was in October 2015 when she landed an advertising contract with American Airline. She is hailed for snagging the account from TM Advertising who had held it for 25 years.

On Medium, she mentioned that before joining CP&B, Senecal was the president and chief executive of KBS from 2009. Hailing from Montreal Canada, Lori has also served as the chairman of KBS since August 2014. Furthermore, she worked at McCann New York as the president before joining KBS.


Lori Senecal, Global CEO for the Crispin Porter + Bogusky an advertising agency and partners of the MDC, is a very accomplished lady, She has risen to power through her hard work and being aggressive wherever she works; she inevitably takes the organizations to new levels. Currently, her job is to oversee the expansion and managing international offices. The position she holds was newly created; before, she was the CEO of MDC Partners Network and global executive chairman at KBS, which is a branch of MDC. Chuck Porter, chairman of CP&B, says Lori has a passion for CP&B and he believes that she is the best fit for that position; all the leaders in CP&B are in the area they are great at and that makes the company achieve all its goals efficiently.

Throughout her career life, Lori Senecal has gained a lot of experience that enables her to be good; she was the president and CEO at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners. She then became CEO of MDC Partners before she was Global Executive Chairperson at KBS until she was assigned her current position. In a Huffington Post interview, she said that if you want success in whichever firm, you have to take the company’s belief and work on it and encourage the staff to pursue the belief.

Lori earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the McGill University, marketing and finance major. She believes that you do not have to wait for an opportunity to arise to become a leader; that you should look at what you are good at that aligns with the company’s vision and be the first to start it. Sometimes, it will mean you be the leader of a new division, all you have to do is start today. Lori challenges women to go for what they fear, something that is out of their comfort zone; women do not have to say no because they fear they are not ready or are unequipped. Liz Lemon is her role model, she admires the way Liz has never been afraid of what people say about her and that she feels good about herself. Lori herself is a role model to many.

For more information, visit Lori Seneal’s crunchbase page.