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Today, Vijay Eswaran is one of Malaysia’s top serial entrepreneurs and top philosophical writers. He is the co-founder and current Executive Chairman of global business entity QI Group based in Hong Kong.

Vijay Eswaran’s education and business career

Mr. Eswaran graduated in 1984 with a Socio-economics degree from the London School of Economics. After a year of doing various jobs around Europe including construction, he landed a job in binary system marketing. With this job, he went ahead and claimed the CIMA professional qualification. This was the beginning of this QI Group executive chairman. In 1986, he graduated from the Southern Illinois University with an MBA.

Vijay Eswaran returned to Malaysia in 1998 and co-founded QI Group. QI Group is an e-commerce multilevel marketing company that focuses on media, travel, luxury products, wellness and corporate investments. Under Vijay Eswaran’s leadership, the QI Group has grown to become a global conglomerate headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Currently, Mr. Eswaran and his QI Group are putting up a RM 1.2 billion Qi City. This project located in Bandar Meru Raya will have residential and commercial units.

Eswaran, the author and philanthropist

Apart from business, Vijay Eswaran has also made a name for himself as an author. He published “In the Sphere of Silence”, his first book in 2005. In this book, he generally talks about his personal philosophy and habits. In addition to that, he talks about his life management strategies and why he has an hour of silence every morning before anything else. In “Thinking Zone”, his second book was published in May 2008. This book focuses on his life reflections and collection of thoughts. “18 Stepping Stones“, his third book was published in 2010. He then published and released his personal photography collection book in 2011. Recently, Eswaran has released other books like”Two Minutes from the Abyss”, “3 ways that Fear drives Success” and “The Stages of Change”. Most of his recent books are a blend of philosophy and business. Philanthropically, he founded and funds the Vijayaratnam Foundation. Through his company, he also founded Rhythm Foundation to promote QI Group’s corporate social responsibility.

Peter Briger is one of the leading executives of the firm Fortress Investment Group. He joined the firm in 1998 and immediately served as part of its management committee. Briger has also been a part of the board of directors since November of 2006. Peter brings many years of experience and expertise to the firm. For many years, he has held a number of high ranking positions in the finance industry. As a result, he has been able to use his leadership skills to help Fortress set strategies and policies to consistently reach its goals. Over the course of his career, Peter has worked at large investment banking firms where he was able to establish himself as a top finance professional. Along with being a finance professional and executive, Peter is also quite active in his community as he regularly participates in both philanthropic and community causes.One of the most notable experiences of Peter Briger’s career was when he worked at Goldman Sachs. He attained the position as a partner in 1996 which allowed him to provide more comprehensive management of the firm.

When he was working at Goldman Sachs, he would be part of numerous committees. Many of these were committees that geared towards the Asian markets. During his stint at Goldman Sachs, Peter would serve on these committees in order to help establish a better presence in Asia as well as help clients take advantage of a number of highly lucrative investment opportunities. Briger would help a number of clients take advantage of undervalued securities that would allow them to get high returns. It would also help Goldman Sachs expand its business as well. After Peter left Goldman Sachs after 15 years, he would then move on to become part of another investment firm. He would join Fortress Investment Group which was a young firm at the time. Briger became a part of its top management as soon as he started at the firm. Today he serves as the principal and co chief executive officer. This position allows him to provide the overall direction and administration of the firm.

As of today, Briger supervises the credit department of the firm. Peter manages over 300 investment professionals who focus on undervalued assets and distressed credit based securities.Before he began his career, Peter attended Princeton University where he would receive a bachelor’s degree. He would then attend business school at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. As well as having an extensive educational background, Peter has also been involved in a number of community organizations. He has provided support for the Central Park Conservancy and has also devoted resources to helping low income families in San Francisco with housing. Briger is also a member of the Princeton University Investment Company as well. As a member of these groups, Peter has been able to make a positive impact on his local community on a regular basis. They have also allowed Peter to establish himself as one of the more well rounded business professionals too.

I’ve always struggled to quit smoking cigarettes. I’ve tried cold turkey, the patch, nicotine gum and it just never stuck until I started vaping. Since I’ve started two months ago, I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since. I think the reason why vaping was so successful for me personally was because it was able to satisfy my long habits of oral fixation, having something in my hand, and of course the visual satisfaction of the exhale.

I often struggled when I would go out with friends and they would all go outside for a cigarette. It seemed like a sense of alienation to not put yourself within temptation but longing for the camaraderie of cigarette banter.

I particularly enjoyed not having to weather the bone chilling cold for a post-dinner cigarette at home this past winter. New York winters are not friendly and after converting to vaping, I did my fingers a great kindness.

Being a New Yorker, a pack of Malboro Lights ran me about $13 and that would usually last me 3-4 days. Regardless of which vape system you use, vaping is definitely cheaper. A bottle of O2Pur 60ml runs about $15 but it can last me anywhere from 2-3 weeks of comparable use.

People say that “variety is the spice of life.” One of the most surprising discoveries I made when I made the switch was how much I enjoyed the variety of flavor options when it comes to vaping. With Juul pods, you have Fruit Medley, Mango, Cool Mint, Creme Brulee, etc. With O2Pur, you have Caramel Apple, Berry Cheesecake, and Island Breeze. With rigs like the Juul, you’re limited to the proprietary pods that they sell. You’re unable to venture outside of their flavors. O2Pur is refillable you would be able to get flavors from any manufacturer.

If you’re considering making the transition, I highly suggest these 2 products below for various reasons. Good luck and happy vaping! Find out more about O2pur:

Glen Wakeman is a South Florida entrepreneur who has extensive business experience over the past thirty years. He also writes on a blog which is frequented by other entrepreneurs and those who aspire to become one. The types of things he writes about are management, administration, international economics, strategy, emerging markets, and more. Glen Wakeman has mentored many C-level executives over the years and two professional organizations, Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees, have contracted with him to provide them with counsel.

His latest enterprise is LaunchPad Holdings. He founded this company in order to help entrepreneurs get through the startup phase of new ventures. He noticed that many entrepreneurs didn’t have well thought out business plans so he created an online platform where he guides them through the process. Having set up a large number of firms himself over the years, Glen Wakeman is well qualified to provide this type of assistance (

In order to create a business plan on the LaunchPad Holdings website it costs $100. The process of taking an idea to a viable business plan takes around a half hour. Glen Wakeman says that over the years he had been approached by many people who had great ideas to develop a business around but their plans didn’t work out for one reason or another. He said that after thinking about this and doing some research he came to the conclusion that their businesses usually failed because they hadn’t put a good business plan in place first. He has said that an idea isn’t a plan in and of itself.

Over the course of his professional career Glen Wakeman has lived and worked around the world. He’s worked in several countries in Europe as well as Asia and Latin America. Thousands of people now follow him online from around the world since he has so much global experience in the business world.

Glen Wakeman says that it took a bit of time before LaunchPad Holdings started making a profit. He has said that entrepreneurs should never expect to start making a profit from day one. Instead, it is a slow and steady process which takes patience and resources.


The Founder of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has always had an interest in studying the human mind and its choices (Crunchbase). His wider interest as a scientist included the big questions like the origin of our existence, human consciousness, astronomy and especially neuroscience. Jorge Moll entered medical school to study neuroscience, but his interest parallel to the brains function was another interest in the newly developed scientific field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI.

The two disciplines of neuroscience and the further study of MRI drew Jorge Moll deeper into the medical field of interest which is how does the human mind help us to make choices. While his interest in MRI imaging was an introduction to his later studies in human choices it was the development of FMRI which allowed a further development of his specific field of studying thru specific images the response of the brain, in non-intrusive ways, in making these conscious choices.

Jorge Moll’s neurological studies took a more sharp change towards studying the specific field of human choices as moral judgments. Jorge Moll, in the early years of studying the subject’s moral judgment, developed a methodology in which he could present to his research subject different imaginary or real scenes in order to probe what lobes of the brain were activated when presented with these morally judgable scenes. With these preliminary and primitive successes, Jorge Moll laid a firm foundation to further his deeper studies into mapping our more robust studies which studied the lesions of subjects who showed impaired judgments because of lesions diagnosed as having been damaged.

Jorge Moll’s research and the founding of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education has allowed further research into the multiple or singular functions of different parts of the brain and further allowing these parts of the brain to be understood within motor or moral functioning. Jorge Moll’s latest research has shown how certain types of giving of oneself, either to good causes or sacrificially, stimulates certain areas of the brain known as rewards or for filial satisfaction.


Sheldon Lavin is a legend in the world of business. As Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, he has guided the food processing giant to the status of top 100 U.S. food company and global food powerhouse. Sheldon has degrees in business, finance and accounting and was the owner of his own financial consulting operation, Sheldon Lavin & Associates until he was recruited into the food business by former clients the Kolschowsky family – owners of food processing wholesale company OSI Group (then under its original name Otto & Sons). Sheldon brought a visionary spirit with him when he entered the food business and soon OSI Group was on a mission of expansion. Through the 1970s, 80s and 90s, the company expanded from a regional outfit to become one of the largest companies of its type in the world with operations at 80 locations in 17 different countries around the world.

Sheldon Lavin’s Incredible Career Honored by Global Visionary Award:

India’s prestigious Vision World Academy honors visionary leaders every year with the Global Visionary Award. 2016 saw the award bestowed on OSI leader Sheldon Lavin. The award is given to individuals who have accomplished amazing things through consistent perseverance. Sheldon’s accomplishment of turning OSI Group into the global success story that it is today was the reason for the Vision World Academy selecting him for the impressive honor.

Sheldon Lavin Puts His Amazing Career in Perspective:

Sheldon recently did an interview with Inspirery in which he went into detail about his highly successful entrepreneurial career. When asked how he got started in the business, Sheldon reveals that he learned about finance when he was in college and wanted to be someone who really made a difference in the world. Building a company that could give customers the food that they wanted, consistently and on a daily basis was his goal. He became a financial advisor for OSI Group predecessor Otto & Sons. The company was in need of capital in order to expand their business and Sheldon knew he was the man to help them get it. It wasn’t long before Sheldon was recruited into full-time employment with the company and soon its stretched coast to coast in the United States. Sheldon feels strongly that his knack for planning ahead and preparing for the future is what has set him apart from other entrepreneurs and led to his huge success in his industry. At the end of the day, the thing that gives him the most joy in his business is seeing a plan come together piece by piece over time to create something amazing.

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Creating wealth over a period is not easy as there is a lot of research and calculation involved. Many people invest randomly with or without accurate knowledge of whether it would provide the returns they are looking for. Some of these investments end up not as expected, and people lose a lot of money. There is a way on how people should invest their money to achieve their financial objectives. Getting professional help is sometimes necessary to ensure that you do not invest in sluggish investment tools and options that are bound to be doomed later on.

In these times of economic uncertainty, it is essential that you stay aware of what is going on in the financial markets. The best source of economic updates and financial markets is the print and digital publications of Agora Financial. It is a publishing firm that was established in the year 1984 and is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The company aims at helping the people know what is going on in the financial market so that they can make crucial investment decisions with ease. Agora Financial is one of the most reliable publishing houses in the United States and has over a million subscribers.

The company aims at providing financial information that the readers can trust. The publications of Agora Financial are meant to help people understand how the financial markets work and what can they do to achieve their financial goals without hassles. The speculations made by the experts at Agora Financial have proven to be highly useful for the readers, and they have been able to avoid significant losses. In the past, Agora Financial has made some significant market predictions that have saved the people from significant financial losses and even helped them build considerable investments that are fruitful. Agora Financial continues to help common people achieve their financial goals through strategic and reliable economic advice.

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Jed McCaleb says that in the very near future blockchain will be a part of all major banking institutions. He makes this prediction as a revered programmer and blockchain industry.


McCaleb was the founder of the world’s very first bitcoin exchange platform. Originally, Mt. Gox was merely a marketplace for players of Magic The Gathering: Online to trade their digital cards. Jed McCaleb made a company changing decision when he switch Mt. Gox’s focus to bitcoin.


Another one of McCaleb’s innovations to the tech world was eDonkey, a filesharing platform that used decentralized technology to deliver files to its users.


With this expertise in bitcoin, Stellar, and other decentralized technology, Jed McCaleb is the perfect person to predict the future of blockchain. During a recent interview he spoke his mind when he said he believes blockchain is the future of banking.


While others may believe blockchain is destined to be a success in other industries, McCaleb is holding his ground. “In the next 10 years I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized.” he said in reference to the growth that blockchain will undergo in the near future. He is referring to not just financial institutions but also things like the stock market.


Securrency, a different blockchain company, is already using the technology to create the possibility of allowing investors to purchase stocks with bitcoin.


Stellar has taken a different approach to blockchain. Stellar is bringing banking services to countries all over the world that don’t have access to basic financial options. Thanks to Stellar, countries in Europe and Asia are now able to participate in basic banking services and even make international transactions. Stellar is creating change in the world.


Stellar’s currency, lumens, was one of the top 10 biggest currencies at the end of 2017 by market capitalization. Stellar is also suffering from the recent crypto crash. Stellar’s currency is down to about 21 cents.

The introduction of Trabuco siege engines on the field of battle altered how wars were fought in the Middle Ages. It was far more destructive than any device which had preceded it. They also were easy for engineers to use and maintain which added to their effectiveness. Over times castles became obsolete solely due to these ingenious war engines.

A Trabuco could take down a protective wall in just three to five volleys. The first use of these devices occurred in ancient China. A Chinese Commander had come up with the concept on his own when he was trying to figure out how to eliminate some Mongol invaders that had overtaken a city in that nation. It took centuries for Trabuco’s to make their way to Europe but once they did most European armies incorporated them into their forces. Because each Trabuco could be fired five times a minute they could quickly take down walls and destroy every structure ahead of it.


The most common thing to fire from a Trabuco was boulders. However, sometimes the goal was to kill the enemy soldiers and not so much to destroy a castle or fortification according to In order to do so this war engine could be equipped to fire ceramic balls instead. Inside these giant balls there was a flammable liquid which would be set on fire just prior to being launched at the enemy. When the balls hit something the ceramic would shatter and burning liquid would spray out all over the enemy causing severe burns and death. Another tactic was to fill a Trabuco with farm animals which had died of a disease and shoot those at enemy formations.

Trabuco’s were used for centuries. What eventually made them obsolete were cannons and gunpowder which proved to be even more effective. Nowadays hobbyists continue to build Trabuco’s and use them in contests at fair where they often fire off pumpkins to see who can shoot them the farthest. Science teachers in junior highs and high schools sometimes build them as well so that they can teach their students the principals of physics. The last one to actually be used in battle was in 1779 when the British Army built one in order to defend the Strait of Gibralter according to Whether it was effective or not wasn’t written down so nobody know if they were able to defeat the Spanish with it or not.

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In October 1957, Lawrence Bender was born in the Bronx, New York City, and named Lawrence Kirk Bender. Being from the Roman descent, Bender attended the University of Maine and studied civil engineering. He took up ballet dancing, only to drop it for acting after he sustained an injury. Finally, he moved into film production.

Lawrence Bender is the only producer who has succeeded at producing two successive films at the Berlin Film Festival competition. The films he produced were Good Will Hunting and Jackie Brown in 1997. He was in 1995 nominated for the best picture in Pulp Fiction, best picture in Good Will Hunting 1998, and best picture in Inglourious Basterds 2010.

His company has, over the years, achieved success in the production of commercials and music. In 2001, his company, A Band Apart, shot 75 commercials and music videos. Following this huge achievement, the company earned itself 13 MTV Music Video Award nominations.

Best Movie

Although there are many movies produced by Lawrence Bender, my favorite is Good Will Hunting. It may be two decades old, but it remains to be one of the unique films of all time. One beautiful aspect of this movie is that it is authentic. Affleck and Damon grew up together in real life.

The friendship between Chuckie, Will, Morgan, and Billy is one of a kind, and this particularly is the magnet that holds the movie together. Their friendship just goes to tell the viewer that family comes in different forms. Well, if there is something else I find totally awesome is the Boston accents. Every role in the movie brings out perfection. In this movie, as opposed to most others, are actors that seem to be in their perfect roles.

Every bit of it comes out powerful, and this is just one of the reasons the movie is a huge success to date. I guess, in a really good movie, a bit of romance is a huge plus. I really love the chemistry felt between Matt Damon and Minnie Driver.

Robin Williams happens to be a darling in every movie he features. Well, in this one, no one would have played Sean Maguire better than him. Additionally, despite the seriousness of the movie, I like the comical exchanges in between as they make Lawrence Bender a great producer.