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Eucatex was founded back in 1951, over the years of operation it has been involved in the production of insulation, different forms of plastic and plant-based lining, paint, wood varnish, doors, flooring, building walls, partitions of home and panels used in construction. Many of the products produced by Eucatex are manufactured from the eucalyptus tree products.

Since 2018, Eucatex is involved in regular shipments of its products to over 40 countries while employing substantial 2,433 people, thus making it one of the largest employers in Brazil. The firm has successively performed well in the Brazilian market following the acquisition of Botocatu, which hails as Sao Paulo own Duratex which is a standard manufacturer of building panels. Under Brazil’s building panels industry, the fir benefitted from the increase in over 80 percent in all installed building panels following the Duratex acquisition. Read more on Wikipedia.

With the transaction fully finalized between Eucatex and Duratex executives, Flavio Maluf played a significant role in securing the enterprise. The firm awaits the approval of the official antitrust agency of Brazil called the Administrative Council for Economic Defense.

Maluf started his career as a mechanical engineer from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He is also a holder of a degree in Business Administration from New York University.

The institution provided a firm foundation for the level of success that he achieved throughout his career. He also hails as the president of GrandFood, which is a large conglomerate in Brazil involved in manufacturing brands such as Premier Pet and Golden.

Before landing a role at Eucatex, Maluf sought to explore running a firm with stints at different companies such as Citicorp. This improved his abilities in managing the family company. Through his leadership, the firm has grown with subsidiaries in different countries. It currently exports to the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico and 35 other countries around the world.


Raffaele Riva has been serving entrepreneurs as an angel investor for many years and loves being able to help people live their dreams. During the course of his career, he has learned a lot from other investors and the teams he has worked with. He feels that angel investing is a valuable field where investors can earn a good return on their money while also feeling good about helping others. It has been his philosophy to work with entrepreneurs who have similar values, and this has taught him a lot about the business world.

Raffaele Riva would like entrepreneurs to know that they need to figure out what kind of capital they need to succeed with their company. He recently commented that equity capital will only help some startups and that he mainly works with companies that are ready to grow rapidly. Riva understands the risk he takes when investing in a startup and has admitted that only half of the companies he invests in will be able to work hard enough to find success. He has been able to continue to find success because he has built a solid portfolio with many successful companies in it.

Raffaele Riva stays organized on a daily basis by planning everything out really well. He also credits his team for helping him to stay on task and believes in the power of maintaining a calendar and schedule. He has learned that many business leaders need an administrative assistant who can help to keep them focused and has hired one for himself who makes his life a lot easier. Riva feels that working with startups is a win-win situation for himself and the company. To help his own enterprise stay organized, he uses Gust, which is a piece of software that allows his team to network easily.

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Several areas in the United States have been hit by hurricane winds, heavy rains, and storm disasters. When floodwaters pass through a homestead, it carries with it the properties, including houses leaving broken pieces of objects and rocks behind. The only things left for the homeowners are a layer of silt and a bad smell as well as hopelessness from the loss. Nonprofit organizations, the government, and volunteers always rush to help these people. Federal Emergency Management Agency is a body that is mainly responsible for maintaining those that have been affected by not only floods but also other disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, famines, and volcanic eruptions. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

To curb situations, FEMA usually hires contractors, both public and private. Among the private contractors is Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama. Green Structure Homes is a company founded by Barbara Stokes who is the CEO, with his husband, Scott Stokes. The firm produces, small, cost-efficient, well designed, high-quality houses to those that have been affected by disasters. Due to her efforts in this field, Barbara Stokes has been certified as a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Apart from paying contracts, GSH also participates in charitable events. Recent participation of Barbara Stokes’ firm was a donation of building materials to Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that relies on individual and organizations’ donations to solve the problems of housing by providing sustainable, affordable houses especially to those affected by the disasters. Among the materials donated by GSH includes Drywall, Hardie Fascia, and Linoleum flooring. To supplement the materials Barbara Stokes and her team also offered to be of help in planning, design, maintenance, and warehousing.



Nina Vaca started the IT staffing firm Pinnacle Group when she was just 25 years old. Her experience running the family business as a teenager prepared her for entrepreneurship and helped fulfill her Ecuadorian immigrant parents’ quest for the American dream. Vaca is passionate about helping Latina entrepreneurs and businesswomen succeed. She founded At the Table: Women in Business and Leadership, which features trailblazing female speakers as well as leadership and business training.

The economy took a major hit after the September 11 tragedy, but Vaca persevered. She bought her partner’s half of the business, which only had one client left. Many people would have given up, but Vaca worked hard and made Inc. magazine’s 500/5,000 Fastest Growing Companies list multiple times. The Women Presidents’ Organization also named Pinnacle Group the Fastest-Growing Women-Owned company in 2015 and 2018.

In 2016, Vaca helped established the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Professional Fellows Program. In her blog, she talks about traveling to Chile and speaking with Chilean entrepreneurs who completed the program. In another post, Vaca talks about the Nina Vaca Foundation’s fundraising efforts to help Latinas grow their businesses.

Paul Mampilly is a legendary Wall Street investor and a research analyst who currently serves as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly success at Wall Street has not only earned him a reputation in the US but also globally.

Paul Mampilly from an interview was asked what the best thing that has ever happened to him since retiring from Wall Street and venturing into a new career path is and in his response, Mampilly said the release of pressure and always being on the spotlight. According to Mampilly, Wall Street is full of pressure. At Wall Street, I managed funds that were worth billions of dollars; you can imagine the immense pressure that I was always in said Mampilly. Any slightest mistake would result in massive losses. When you make the right decisions, you are considered a hero, but when you make mistakes, you move from being a hero to zero adds Mampilly. Mampilly said that being out of the direct spotlight has relieved him of stress; however, that is not to say he is not committed to providing solid investment advice. Connect on his facebook account.

Another thing that Paul Mampilly has found exciting ever since he left Wall Street is the personal connection and fulfillment he gets from helping people. At Wall Street Mampilly Says that you can get occupied with the numbers and forget actually what the numbers represent. Mampilly says if you are not careful, you might the numbers can be figures on a sheet of paper. However, there are lives behind the numbers, and many people can either positively or negatively get affected by the choices you make. Mampilly, as an author and investment analyst at Banyan Publishing, has now established a human touch in all that he does unlike previously at Wall Street. As an advisor, Mampilly talks to real people and finds it fulfilling to see so many people benefitting from his investment pieces of advice.

Paul Mampilly, however, does not regret the time that he spent at Wall Street. It is through the experience that he gained at Wall Street that now he can confidently give financial and investment advice. Mampilly says that he will always have a love for trading and he is full of fond memories and gratitude for the opportunity he got at Wall Street.

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In recent years, has been the largest e-commerce retailer in China, with a reported 100 million users. Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong has noted on several occasions, however, this wasn’t an easy journey, and there were a few different turns and challenges throughout this time. One of the first of these was the fact that Liu Qiangdong  initially hadn’t planned on breaking into the retail world. Instead, opted to enter the Sociology program at the People’s University of China. After graduating, he realized that it wasn’t a career path that he was interested in.

Because of that, he began studying Computer Science and was soon working for a variety of companies as a freelance coder. This then led to an IT position with Japan Life; after a relatively short amount of time, Richard Liu Qiangdong had been promoted to Director of Computers with the nutritional supplement giant. Despite this success, Qiangdong still wasn’t satisfied. This was because he had a passion to start a company of his own. Because of that, he left Japan Life and formed Jingdong. At the time, the company sold a limited range of magneto-optical products.

To stand out, Richard Liu Qiangdong placed a considerable amount of emphasis on high-quality customer service. This was something that worked to Jingdong’s benefit and soon began to expand; after only a few years, he had opened up another dozen stores. This rapid expansion was soon halted by a SARS outbreak, however. This made physical contact with customers increasingly more difficult, which soon began having a noticeable impact on sales. Because of this, Richard Liu began formulating an idea for what would eventually become

Within a few years, Richard Liu Qiangdong had closed each of Jingdong’s physical locations and migrated each of his products onto The closure of the stores was fueled by the website’s growing success, which was soon noticed by a variety of product manufacturers. This led to several partnerships, which led to a staggering number of products being added to the site in the following few years, which also helped fuel the company’s success.

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A wise leader knows how to handle his customers, and when there is a mistake in his company operations, he takes his business responsibility. Although leaders will do anything to prevent their company reputation from getting ruined, sometime, their workers might end up doing something that messes the whole process. To make things continue in the right direction, leaders should take the right action and if need be, apologize and even compensate the people who are affected. Sheldon Lavin has never shown any weakness as a business leader. The business executive has been holding the top position in one of the food giants in the global market.

Those who know the background of the food supplier know that it ventured into the international market because of having the right leadership. Sheldon Lavin passion for the food market has made him win most of the battles that have presented themselves over the years because of his expertise skills. The Husi meat scandal that was reported a few months ago hit OSI Group so hard. When the scandal was getting out of control, Sheldon Lavin moved quickly to contain the situation and calm his followers. Everyone was wondering how a giant company in the market was capable of selling outdated meats that could harm the customers.

Sheldon Lavin investigated the matter so well, and at the end of the day, he admitted that his food company was in the wrong. After accepting responsibility for the things that went wrong in the China company, Sheldon Lavin is giving assurance to his clients that this is the last time it will be happening. According to Lavin, the expired beef and poultry that found its way in many restaurants in China were processed by OSI Group. There are some personalities who are alleged to have repackaged the meat and given it false expiry dates and then selling it to food chains in the country. Although investigations are still underway, most of the company facilities in other parts of the world have stated that this is the first time the global company is reporting such an incidence in a long time. The company will look for ways to compensate those who have been affected.

The RealReal is a favorite in the world of online consignment shopping and they have been proving why they were recently expected to be valued at around a billion. While their customers enjoy being able to make and save money by participating in the consignment process, they are also excited to see that they are able to reduce their environmental footprint by purchasing items that are pre-owned. The company has begun sending their many customers emails that detail just how much of an impact they are making on the world simply by shopping and selling on The RealReal. Along with telling them the good things that they are doing for mother nature, the company also includes a rundown on just how much good they have done for their pocketbook.

The emails are sent out to the customers of The RealReal on a yearly basis and many people are surprised by just how much money and emissions they are saving by purchasing used luxury goods. While the customers enjoy being able to see how much they have saved monetarily, the company reports that the environment impact motivates them most of all. They track everything from reduced greenhouse gas emissions, miles driven to produce the products, and even how much water is used in the process. All of these things add up quickly and The RealReal is showing how much shopping smart can help the world. The company knows how important it is to keep consumers educated and are working hard to do it through a science team that operates within the company.

The RealReal has become a popular place to clean out closets and to save money on great clothing and accessories. While a lot of people are hesitant to buy luxury online, the company guarantees the authenticity of every product that is sold on their site. In addition, each item that is sent in for consignment is professionally documented and photographed to ensure that customers are getting exactly what they are expecting. Consignors have reported that they are happy with the simplicity of the process and being able to use their earnings to purchase items that they enjoy.

Being a learned expert in software engineering, Serge Belamant became more innovative in nature. He did numerous amazing things in his line of specialization. Through constant and efficient research, he managed to come up with a problem-solving creation through making transactions easy. He managed to come up block chain technology and crypto currencies. Through his efforts, he owns patents in them.

Serge was born in 1953 and raised in France. During his tender age, he departed from home and moved to South Africa, where he learned new vocals like English. It was during his schooling that he realized he was gifted in athletics. On top of that, he also participated in other games without any limitations. This accredited him to an influential leadership position in his school.

He later joined The Witwatersrand University in South Africa to get knowledge in software engineering and information technology. Despite the interruptive challenges faced during the learning process, he never quitted. He pressed on to the end.

After school, Serge Belamant exercised his skills at Matrix, a vast company specializing in civil engineering. He operated the computer software system meant for the analysis of dam measurements in South Africa. He did his own innovation on the software to enable it to predict future occurrences. He also came up with digital mappings, which helped to simplify the whole process of data collection.

In order to become more stable financially, Serge Belamant took his engineers to a benchmark in a computer manufacturing firm and earned himself a job in a data control firm. As a mater of facts, he became part of the Cybernet group where he modeled the statistical applications making them efficient for data analysis. By surprise, got an award for being the best analyst of the year.

His achievements compelled him to go for further exposure to linear and nonlinear programming in Washington with a goal of securing a post in Cobra security organization. He certainly got the post due to his reputation.

He finally became a consultant of risk management at Bancorp, where he came up with a system that does data analysis in only ten steps. This acted as a bridge to being a full member of the RSA computer firm. During his membership period, he analyzed the economic movement in a way to make them predictable. Read this article about Serge at


To conclude, Serge Belamant is indeed an important resource to the entire world since his creativity applies to nearly every dimension of life.

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Today, Igor Cornelsen is one of Brazil’s biggest and most popular investment advisers. Born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1947, Cornelsen actually had different plans as a young man. He entered the prestigious and highly competitive Federal University of Parana School of Engineering in 1965. It was about two years into his engineering studies that Cornelson decided to change his focus and study economics instead. Finishing his studies in 1970, he immediately launched what would eventually become a very successful investment career.

His background in mathematics and engineering proved highly advantageous in these early days, as this was before the widespread use of calculators and computers. Through his skill and work, Igor Cornelsen rose rapidly, and joined the board of directors for Multibanco in 1974, and became CEO just two short years later.

Though his tenure was relatively short due to a buyout, Cornelsen quickly found more opportunity, and settled on one of Brazil’s leading investment corporations, Unibanco. This was followed in 1985 by a move to Libra Bank PLC. This was notable as the first time Cornelsen was paid in USD, and with it, new investment opportunities. He continued his opportunity with Standard Chartered Merchant Bank as a member of the board, as well as a representative of Brazil. Finally, in 1995, Igor started his own investment firm, where he continues to be an active investment manager.

He continues to study economics, and closely follows many markets, starting his days in Sao Paulo, Brazil, early enough to catch the opening of European markets. He also enjoys meeting with colleagues and friends in the field to discuss developments and ideas. However, he always keeps as a core tenet the belief that he should not allow others to influence him, and that he wants to base all of his decisions on facts rather than opinions. As such, he focuses heavily on information rather than opinion, and how these pieces of information fit into the world markets as a whole. His aim is simply to use the information he gathers to make better decisions faster than anyone else, thus cementing himself at the top of the investing world.