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As the owner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, Jeremy Goldstein must understand all aspects of employment law. In the world of employment law, one of the most important matters is corporate governance. Corporate governance helps to provide businesses with sets of rules, processes, and regulations that keep everything flowing smoothly. The system of corporate governance also helps a company define its power structure and creating policies. Unfortunately, many companies are confused about this matter. Considering that, it’s important to learn about the difference between optimal and poor types of corporate governance.


Clarity Improves Corporate Governance

If the main goal of a business is to profit, this company’s focus will be to bring investors the largest possible returns. To do this, these companies need to provide a clear picture of their businesses to any interested investors. Companies lacking clear corporate governance might unintentionally give the impression they have something to hide. A company that’s not transparent with stock ownership guidelines, articles of incorporation, and other types of important documents might not drum up a lot of investor interest.


Having Help From a Diversified Board of Directors

It’s also important for a company to place a lot of focus on creating a great board of directors. With each member having such an important role in the future of your business, you want people on this group from all walks of life. By doing this, your company is gaining all of the benefits that a diversified workgroup provides. It’s also a good idea to seek out those with previous leadership experience. Having a board of directors that balances philosophies, experiences, backgrounds, and skillsets is a great way to achieve success.


Signs Your Company’s Governance Needs Improvement

Some things can cause corporate governances to not have much of an impact on your business. When this important business principle isn’t in place, it can cause companies to spiral out of control. In this time spent working as an attorney for companies of all sizes, Jeremy Goldstein notes that bad risk management, mismanagement of company funds, and no internal controls are all major signs or poor corporate governances.


Jeremy Goldstein gained his first degree after graduating from the University of Chicago. He would then go to earn a second degree from Cornell University. As he was working towards getting his third degree from the New York University School of Law, major companies throughout the world were already contacting Jeremy Goldstein. A few of these notable companies included Verizon Wireless, Miller Brewing Company, and others.


Throughout his time working to help companies of all sizes, Goldstein began learning about complications that can happen in the world of employment law. There can be issues arising with contract enforcement, conflicts of interest, and other problems that companies were contacting Goldstein to get help with. Goldstein decided to focus on these issues by becoming a lawyer and establishing his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.

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