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Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the Malaysian entrepreneur who founded QI Group, and he has led a massive expansion of personal business and direct sales in Southeast Asia. Continue reading to learn how Vijay Eswaran managed to build one of the largest companies in the world.

Vijay Learned About Direct Sales Early On

Vijay learned in his college days that direct sales could work. He sat through several seminars that explained how direct sales worked in the real world, and he used that information to begin his company. He was sure that network marketing could become a massive enterprise, and he was right. He started with QNET, and now he manages QI Group.

Vijay Recommends Some Time To Reflect

Vijay often talks about how he no longer has a “typical day” that other business managers have. He could be anywhere in the world working on new deals for his company, but he still starts every day with a bit of meditation. Quiet reflection is a good way for Vijay to get in the right frame of mind for work, and he recommends that everyone in the business world take a moment to relax before diving into a busy day.

Vijay Believes Everyone Has Good Ideas

Vijay works with people on his team every day to learn about and cultivate new ideas. Vijay knows that he is not the only person with good ideas, and he likes to hear from his whole team. He also networks so that he can learn from other business managers and owners.

Vijay’s Approach To Business Helps Companies Grow

Using Vijay Eswaran as a role model will help business managers and owners grow their companies quickly. Vijay has shown that the concept of direct sales works well, and he has also shown that a company can generate new ideas with help from a cooperative team. Learn More: https://www.concordia.net/community/vijay-eswaran/

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