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Daniel Snyder was born in 1965. Currently, he is the owner of Washington Redskins, the Chairman of Six Flags Inc., which is the biggest amusement park & theme park operator, the owner of Johnny Rockets chain, and the primary investor of Red Zebra Broadcasting, which is the home to Redskins Radio Network

He is married to Tanya, and they have two daughters and one son. His father used to be a freelance writer. When Daniel Snyder was 14 years old, he worked with B. Dalton bookstore for his first job. At the age of 17, Daniel Snyder experienced the first business failure when partnering with his father for the business to sell bus-trips to the Washington Capitals fans to watch the hockey team playing in Philadelphia. See This Article for more information.

By the age of 20, Daniel Snyder dropped out of University of Maryland, and he was running his business, which was to lease the jets to fly the college students for the spring break in Caribbean and Fort Lauderdale. Daniel Snyder claimed that he had cleared $1 million by running the business with a friend and two telephone lines in his parents’ bedroom.

Dan Snyder courted Mortimer Zuckerman, a real estate entrepreneur, and he agreed to finance publishing Campus USA, which is the magazine for college students. They invested about $3 million for Campus USA, but it never generated enough to pay advertising and was shut down three years later, but Daniel Snyder’s persistence and charm captivated Zuckerman.

In spite of the collapse of Campus USA, Daniel Snyder had focused on another big idea, the WallBoards. Daniel Snyder realized that mass marketing was waning with many of cable TV channels in a segmented world, and the advertisers were very eager to reach “targeted” populations directly. Drasner, Zuckerman and more investors saw the potential profit in Daniel Snyder’s next venture of marketing products, and supported him. Click Here for more information.


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