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Tim Ioannides, MD, founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology has been specializing in skin cancer treatment for over 15 years. Dr. Tim Ioannides provides an early diagnosis to patients, but he also provides measures through which one can minimize the conditions, thus saving lives.

Dr Tim Ioannides is an expert in Mohs micrographic surgery, a very effective technique that eliminates skin cancer. Ioannides specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin, and he performs cosmetic procedures that include the removal of hair cosmetic filler injections removing tattoos and phototherapy

Tim’s dermatological practice has multiple locations, through which he provides a proactive approach to skincare and cancer treatment. Having pursued his medical degree from the School of Medicine at the University of Miami, Tim Ioannides further underwent his medical internship at the School of Medicine health science center at the University of Florida.

Tim Ioannides, MD, elaborated on how the use of a good sunscreen brand with a minimum SPF of 30 is one of the approaches in skin protection against UV rays. There are different sunscreen application methods you can use, such as using sticks, sprays, lotion, and gel application. Several application techniques can prove to be challenging in identifying the best for use.

However, Dr. Tim Ioannides explains no single sunscreen will offer the best protection. Therefore, it is advisable to implement experimenting on the best sunscreen that will work for you. For the sunscreen application, Ioannides insists on the proper use on your skin, irrespective of the sunscreen applicator you are using.

Additionally, Ioannides advises it will be best to apply one or two tablespoon portions on your whole body 15 minutes before staying out in the sun. Furthermore, Tim Ioannides, MD, also says reapplication of the sunscreen over your skin after every two hours enhances protection against the UV rays. Visit This Page to learn more.

Ioannides explains that even with the application of sunscreen and using appropriate clothing, no method offers 100% prevention against sun exposure. However, should you have skin cancer; early diagnosis has a higher chance of curing the disease, as you will start the skin cancer treatment sooner.


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