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Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the Malaysian entrepreneur who founded QI Group, and he has led a massive expansion of personal business and direct sales in Southeast Asia. Continue reading to learn how Vijay Eswaran managed to build one of the largest companies in the world.

Vijay Learned About Direct Sales Early On

Vijay learned in his college days that direct sales could work. He sat through several seminars that explained how direct sales worked in the real world, and he used that information to begin his company. He was sure that network marketing could become a massive enterprise, and he was right. He started with QNET, and now he manages QI Group.

Vijay Recommends Some Time To Reflect

Vijay often talks about how he no longer has a “typical day” that other business managers have. He could be anywhere in the world working on new deals for his company, but he still starts every day with a bit of meditation. Quiet reflection is a good way for Vijay to get in the right frame of mind for work, and he recommends that everyone in the business world take a moment to relax before diving into a busy day.

Vijay Believes Everyone Has Good Ideas

Vijay works with people on his team every day to learn about and cultivate new ideas. Vijay knows that he is not the only person with good ideas, and he likes to hear from his whole team. He also networks so that he can learn from other business managers and owners.

Vijay’s Approach To Business Helps Companies Grow

Using Vijay Eswaran as a role model will help business managers and owners grow their companies quickly. Vijay has shown that the concept of direct sales works well, and he has also shown that a company can generate new ideas with help from a cooperative team. Learn More:

Data Systems International is a cloud inventory firm that aims at solving existing business challenges. The company has a robust suite of apps that offer a competitive edge to business entities and organizations with end-to-end visibility and real-time solutions in the supply chain.

Over the years, Data Systems International has proved to be the leading firm in the revolution of cloud-based inventory management solutions. Notably, various supply chains have had a series of challenges over the past five months following the coronavirus outbreak. See This Article for more information.

People are expected to adhere to health guidelines, including social distancing. Data Systems International has launched touchless apps to empower supply chain companies and organizations to optimize inventories. It will also help employees to remain safe and productive by reducing personal contacts during the pandemic.

Data Systems International launched contact-free Proof of Delivery mobile app featuring GPS and image capture alongside remote approvals. Such features aim at reducing and eliminating paperwork process when providing real-time tracking and reliable delivery data. The app works with both offline and online capabilities making it reliable for business entities.

Data Systems International has created driver check-in and check-out alongside the exchange of electronic documents. Paper-based bills of lading have now been digitized; therefore, there is no transfer of paperwork between employees. Workers can now work remotely from their office or homes as drivers practice social distancing. Digitization has increased safety, visibility, and productivity to everyone involved in the process.

Data Systems International offers Cloud Inventory® management solutions to multiple customers worldwide in sectors including energy, engineering, gas and oil, construction, food and beverage, and manufacturing and distribution. Click Here for more information.

DSI provides flexible and robust solutions aimed at delivering supply chains with end-to-end visibility. Through DSI Cloud Inventory® solutions, companies have increased revenue generation, inventory optimization, compliance, and productivity. The firm has a supply chain expertise to offer solutions facing business entities and organizations.


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Daniel Snyder was born in 1965. Currently, he is the owner of Washington Redskins, the Chairman of Six Flags Inc., which is the biggest amusement park & theme park operator, the owner of Johnny Rockets chain, and the primary investor of Red Zebra Broadcasting, which is the home to Redskins Radio Network

He is married to Tanya, and they have two daughters and one son. His father used to be a freelance writer. When Daniel Snyder was 14 years old, he worked with B. Dalton bookstore for his first job. At the age of 17, Daniel Snyder experienced the first business failure when partnering with his father for the business to sell bus-trips to the Washington Capitals fans to watch the hockey team playing in Philadelphia. See This Article for more information.

By the age of 20, Daniel Snyder dropped out of University of Maryland, and he was running his business, which was to lease the jets to fly the college students for the spring break in Caribbean and Fort Lauderdale. Daniel Snyder claimed that he had cleared $1 million by running the business with a friend and two telephone lines in his parents’ bedroom.

Dan Snyder courted Mortimer Zuckerman, a real estate entrepreneur, and he agreed to finance publishing Campus USA, which is the magazine for college students. They invested about $3 million for Campus USA, but it never generated enough to pay advertising and was shut down three years later, but Daniel Snyder’s persistence and charm captivated Zuckerman.

In spite of the collapse of Campus USA, Daniel Snyder had focused on another big idea, the WallBoards. Daniel Snyder realized that mass marketing was waning with many of cable TV channels in a segmented world, and the advertisers were very eager to reach “targeted” populations directly. Drasner, Zuckerman and more investors saw the potential profit in Daniel Snyder’s next venture of marketing products, and supported him. Click Here for more information.


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Adrian Pereira is an accomplished businessman from Victoria in Canada. One of his notable inventions was founding, where stats on players are regularly updated and people can criticize each other’s picks. The businessman admits he and his friends use the platform every day along with the millions of visits the site gets.

Adrian Pereira also launched, an accompanying site like that specializes in NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Participants can find trends and use analytical tools for their sports bets. Both of these companies are based out of Victoria, Canada. Click Here for more information.

According to a recent article from August 8, Adrian Pereira plans to expand The Eco Pea Company to four different warehouses. Eco Pea Company develops diapers and baby wipes made out of bamboo that can be used for babies with sensitive skin.

The products are also said to be good for the environment and contain no harmful chemicals. Adrian and his wife decided to create their own line of diapers and baby wipes after their own child suffered from allergic reactions to the regular ones on the market. Adrian Pereira has founded many companies but has shifted his main focus on expanding The Eco Pea Company.

The individual has a lot of passion for his current project and remains steadfast at coming up with healthy alternatives for families. He has been praised in the past for his passion and dedication. After he and his wife conducted some research, they found regular diapers were bad for the environment because regular ones could take centuries to decompose. They also just wanted to provide something better for their child. Visit This Page to learn more.

However, the idea turned into a mission for the two parents. In a statement from their website, they state they wanted to create something that will be passed down many lineages that made a difference on the environment. The couple found bamboo to be the best material because of its softness and durability.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong founded Jingdong in June 1998 in Beijing. When it was first established, Jingdong was a storefront that specialized in the distribution of magneto-optical products. In the first few years of operation, the company enjoyed significant success expanding to 12 chain stores in Beijing, parts of Shanghai, and Shenyang within five years. Within the same time, the company generated close to 9 million US Dollars in annual revenue. After seeing how successful e-commerce had been at the time, Richard Liu decided to start an online version of the company in early 2004.

Qiangdong started a national logistics system to handle the significant increase in the popularity of the company throughout the country in 2007. During the early years of the business, you realize that most logistics firms across China could not manage deliveries in every part of the country.

Most people in rural areas had to travel to the nearest towns to purchase the products they desire, which increased the prices in the small cities. Having earmarked it was an investment opportunity, Liu Qiangdong decided to create a national logistics system to ensure that none of the products were lost or damaged during the delivery process.

There were 3210 delivery and pick up the points Catherine close to two-thirds of the country by the end of 2014. Amazon copied the model, stopped working with third-party logistics companies, and started making the last-mile delivery on its own in the US markets. Visit This Page for more information. has quickly become the biggest online direct sales company in China if transaction volumes are anything to go by. In 2014, the company into it over 50% of market share and went on to be listed on NASDAQ in May the same year. In 2016, became the first internet company based in China to break into the Fortune 500 companies list. It is now the third-largest internet company across the world and the largest retailers across China based on revenue.


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Tim Ioannides, MD, founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology has been specializing in skin cancer treatment for over 15 years. Dr. Tim Ioannides provides an early diagnosis to patients, but he also provides measures through which one can minimize the conditions, thus saving lives.

Dr Tim Ioannides is an expert in Mohs micrographic surgery, a very effective technique that eliminates skin cancer. Ioannides specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin, and he performs cosmetic procedures that include the removal of hair cosmetic filler injections removing tattoos and phototherapy

Tim’s dermatological practice has multiple locations, through which he provides a proactive approach to skincare and cancer treatment. Having pursued his medical degree from the School of Medicine at the University of Miami, Tim Ioannides further underwent his medical internship at the School of Medicine health science center at the University of Florida.

Tim Ioannides, MD, elaborated on how the use of a good sunscreen brand with a minimum SPF of 30 is one of the approaches in skin protection against UV rays. There are different sunscreen application methods you can use, such as using sticks, sprays, lotion, and gel application. Several application techniques can prove to be challenging in identifying the best for use.

However, Dr. Tim Ioannides explains no single sunscreen will offer the best protection. Therefore, it is advisable to implement experimenting on the best sunscreen that will work for you. For the sunscreen application, Ioannides insists on the proper use on your skin, irrespective of the sunscreen applicator you are using.

Additionally, Ioannides advises it will be best to apply one or two tablespoon portions on your whole body 15 minutes before staying out in the sun. Furthermore, Tim Ioannides, MD, also says reapplication of the sunscreen over your skin after every two hours enhances protection against the UV rays. Visit This Page to learn more.

Ioannides explains that even with the application of sunscreen and using appropriate clothing, no method offers 100% prevention against sun exposure. However, should you have skin cancer; early diagnosis has a higher chance of curing the disease, as you will start the skin cancer treatment sooner.


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