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Boris Ivanov has succeeded in the oil and gas industry, which is attributed to the skilled he got while working under the Soviet Union I Washington D.C. He has excelled in all his endeavors to the extent of founding the leading company in offering technical assistance to other companies globally. He was born and raised in the Soviet Union and took over the diplomatic corps position. This was his very first leadership position. Follow Boris Ivanov on

While working in the Soviet government, he acquired leadership skills and market trends, especially from the western world. With the skills, Boris Ivanov landed a vice president post at the Oil and Gas Project for the Unibest bank of Moscow in the 1990s. Here Boris used the skills he had acquired in the international investments run the business for higher profits.

Boris Ivanov understood so much about oil and gas, including their locations. This prompted him to go back to the industry. Here he got a position as an advisor for several firms, including the chairman of Gazprom Bank. He also advised the appointed Director General of Gazprom Exploration and production international an affiliate is operating in the Netherlands .his roles were to diversify the company’s holdings out of Russia; hence he was at the forefront of the natural resource industry. Ivanov left this bank in 2011 to incept GPB Global Resources B.V and took the position of the managing director. In 2016, he became the major shareholder of the bank. He has made the company that reflects his image and experience. Read more about Boris Ivanov at

According to Boris Ivanov, the company concentrates on its employees as they are the first natural resource. The business highly depends on the workforce; hence it sorts to retain them, especially the ones who have taken a long time in operation. He projects that the company is looking forward to over 200 projects in 10 years. The company would have undertaken 11 projects, and two of them have proved to be successful. Based on the Dutch laws, a company can sign several treaties internationally. Therefore GPB Resources freely makes treaties with international companies and helps them meet technological needs. This is primarily when the local governments cannot provide the necessary equipment for the mines.




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