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What can we say about Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger? We can say that Gulf Coast Western started out as a small family business focusing their operations in the deep south and Gulf Coast areas. Gulf Coast Western is now a major player in the gas and oil industry. We can also say that Gulf Coast Western is the managing investor of a strategic investment platform know as Joint Ventures. Gulf Coast Western Has earned itself a stellar reputation for this most honorable of honorable positions. Yes, you guessed it Gulf Coast Western is no slouch. as a matter of fact, Gulf Coast Western is the cat’s meow of business the absolute cream of the crop.

Since 2007 when the reins were handed over to his son Matthew the company has taken a bit of a different turn. Forming strategic partnerships with other forward-thinking companies Gulf Coast Western began to be led into the future with Matthew Fleeger at the wheel.

Matthew Fleeger implemented changes that would lead the company into bigger and better ways of doing things. In addition to operating a profitable business Matthew (Matt) Fleeger was making a name for the company by putting the customer first. He was operating with full transparency cost control management and the implementation of pertinent technology. He was doing all this and more while putting the customer first.

Forthright professional and honest are words one might use to describe the people who work for and are associated with Gulf Coast Western from the CEO and on up and down the proverbial ladder. Marching in time with their customers investors and associates is what gives their public the comfortable and secure feeling when doing business with Gulf Coast Western.


So, Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger a great business with a great leader at the helm. Honesty integrity transparency benevolence and kindness these are all things a company must have to succeed. Well done Gulf Coast Western.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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