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What can we say about Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger? We can say that Gulf Coast Western started out as a small family business focusing their operations in the deep south and Gulf Coast areas. Gulf Coast Western is now a major player in the gas and oil industry. We can also say that Gulf Coast Western is the managing investor of a strategic investment platform know as Joint Ventures. Gulf Coast Western Has earned itself a stellar reputation for this most honorable of honorable positions. Yes, you guessed it Gulf Coast Western is no slouch. as a matter of fact, Gulf Coast Western is the cat’s meow of business the absolute cream of the crop.

Since 2007 when the reins were handed over to his son Matthew the company has taken a bit of a different turn. Forming strategic partnerships with other forward-thinking companies Gulf Coast Western began to be led into the future with Matthew Fleeger at the wheel.

Matthew Fleeger implemented changes that would lead the company into bigger and better ways of doing things. In addition to operating a profitable business Matthew (Matt) Fleeger was making a name for the company by putting the customer first. He was operating with full transparency cost control management and the implementation of pertinent technology. He was doing all this and more while putting the customer first.

Forthright professional and honest are words one might use to describe the people who work for and are associated with Gulf Coast Western from the CEO and on up and down the proverbial ladder. Marching in time with their customers investors and associates is what gives their public the comfortable and secure feeling when doing business with Gulf Coast Western.


So, Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger a great business with a great leader at the helm. Honesty integrity transparency benevolence and kindness these are all things a company must have to succeed. Well done Gulf Coast Western.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

One of the most important financial challenges that all people will have is finding a way to save and invest enough to eventually achieve financial freedom. To do this, many people choose to be active in the stock market for years to come to make sure that they are able to earn a good return. Unfortunately, this also comes with a lot of risk, especially if you are going to be investing in individual stocks. One way that you can better manage and mitigate some of these risks is by also purchasing stock options.


A stock option is a contract where you will buy the right to buy or sell a share of a company in the future. While you can use them for a variety of different purposes, one of the best ways to use options is by mitigating the risks of your investment portfolio. For example, if you were to purchase share of a company at $100 per share, it might make sense to purchase a put option for the same number of shares with a strike price of $90 per share, or another level that makes sense.

When you have this contact in place, you are effectively limiting the loss that you can incur to just $10 per share as you will begin to profit from the options contract as soon as the price dips below $90. However, you need to be wary of the cost of the contract as it can dilute your returns.

Overall, investing in the stock market and planning for your future is challenging and complicated. Due to this, it could make a lot of sense to work with a professional that can help you to get organized and reach your goals. The team at HCR Wealth Advisors can help you to do just that as they will be able to assist you in developing a stock and option purchase strategy that could benefit you a lot in the future. 

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.


One of the most difficult parts of starting a new business is finding feasible ways to fund it. Nevertheless, with the proper experts and resources, it is possible to fund almost any business idea. That said, the following is an overview of methods of funding your business with the help of tips of James River Capital.


Finding Funding

If you are seeking ways to fund your business, James River Capital suggests the following methods:

  • Trading EquityTrading equity to fund a business involves trading the stock in your company in exchange for funds from your investors.
  • Angel Investors– In short, angel investors are those who invest 10 thousand or more in businesses and ideas they believe will be lucrative.
  • Crowdfunding– If you have developed an idea or product that can benefit the public, you can put your idea on a crowdfunding site and receive small donations from a variety of people who believe in your product or cause.
  • Venture Capitalists– This method requires soliciting funding from a venture capitalist, or those who use money from their clients to invest in companies they believe will help them turn a quick profit.
  • Business Loans– If you have relatively good credit, you could take out a business loan from a bank, credit union, or the Small Business Association (SBA).
  • Boostrapping- This method involves using your own money and credit to fund your own business.
  • Local Loans– Local funding requires visiting the local chamber of commerce to find local businesses and other organizations most likely to fund your business.

More about James River Capital

Under the direction of their founder, CEO, and chairman, Paul Saunders, James River Capital has become a thriving member of the financial community. Paul Sanders has maintained a life-long passion for finance as well as an impressive career in investment banking as well as investment and trading.