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Boris Ivanov started his career in 1993, as the VIP of Unibet bank. He did that in a span of 7 years, from 1993 to 2000. He is the Managing Director and the Founder of Global Resources B. V. This is a company that has production operations globally, especially in Middles East, Africa, and South America. GPB has it headquarter in Amsterdam, and its foundation started in 2011. They are in the oil and energy sector, with more than 400 employees.

Boris started his career as a data analyst, learning about automated analysis and interpretation. He was able to do an analysis of more than 500 wells that were in the gas and oil sector in USA, Russia, Canada, and the North Sea. When he was the business development manager, he actively helped in promoting technology in the Russian gas and oil. Boris Ivanov was able to demonstrate the importance of automated systems like proNova.

He is the General Manager of TDE, a firm that provides services in innovative technology to both the oil and gas industry. They deal with drilling operations and data analysis, and their goal is to increase efficiency in drilling operations. This ends up reducing the cost of construction in its daily efficiency and monitoring. Boris Ivanov advocates for a distinctive approach when it comes to drilling data, with the use of automated analysis and systems. The system is meant to be profitable and bring about profit optimization.

The reluctance in the drilling contract is because of the lack of application of monitoring and tracking system. It will evaluate the quality and exposes any down time that is hidden. Boris Ivanov led his team and opened Real-Time Operational Center. Where engineers from Russia and Europe are working to monitor and analyze all the data that they have from over 100 rigs. The rigs are bound to operate in any part of the world in real-time mode. The proNova system was introduced to ensure that all the operations are effective and there are safe procedures. The main idea is to reduce the construction and drilling costs. They have been able to manage their business in the last five years in Russia and more than ten years globally.

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