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The business world is one of the trickiest sectors that one can get involved in. This is because around 90% of the startups end up collapsing within their first few years in business.

While these startups end up failing for no good reasons, these entrepreneurs do not give up and it is upon their duty to start afresh. When a business is having the right supports, chances of failure become very low and they can avoid some useless pitfalls.

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Luke Lazarus is one of those few individuals who is trying to change the game. He is a serial entrepreneur who has a unique background. He has been able to see tens of companies realizing their actual growth within a very short period of time. He has been able to join in towards reducing the rate at which new businesses are failing.

Most serial entrepreneurs do not care about the startup and they are usually very certain about their course.

These people are able to create several companies and are able to sell them at a good profit. The investors who fear to invest in new companies get a chance to buy an already established one.

Luke Lazarus was already rich at age 35. This is because he had managed to sell so many startups at a very good amount. The businesses were going for around $20 million. He did not retire after accumulating a good wealth, he decided to come in as a consultant.

He ventured into the sector where he would get a chance to help the struggling entrepreneurs. He devoted a lot of his time to developing new business. He was able to put a lot of his experience in the helping of these people while guiding them along their development pipeline.

Luke Lazarus has a very interesting history. He started doing small businesses at only 8 years and that has been his source of daily bread. He was a proven genius with various capabilities both int the academic and sports industries.

He was born in the city of Melbourne, Australia and has been a key person towards the growth of his career. While in high school, he used to get a straight-A and was also very active in sports.

Many colleges had very high expectations for him and hoped that he would join them as a student. Other good colleges from the United States offered to support him in all ways but he opted to study at his home town considering the huge offers.

Luke Lazarus was very satisfied with joining the Melbourne School of Business for a degree in business administration. He was very optimistic about realizing his goals. After graduation, that is when he established four companies during his first 10 years.

He was able to sell them for profits. After serving the industry for quite some good period of time, he realized that money alone was not important.

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He needed to start helping people and that is when he became a consultant. He involved the owners of the business and the stakeholders towards reviving these businesses.

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