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Recent research studies found out that 90% of all business startups never get to their second birthdays. They all collapse within the first year of establishment and operation. The primary reason for this trend is the stiff competition they face from their competitors, who have been in the industries for quite a while.

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According to Luke Lazarus, the only way they can manage to thrive in such market environments is by putting in place strategic marketing procedures. These would assist them in penetrating the market in the quest for more consumers to subscribe to their services.

With the advancement in technology, startups and declining businesses can leverage social media to advertise their services, hence reaching more target markets.

One of the primary platforms of which entrepreneurs have been taking advantage is Instagram. This social media platform has more than a billion users globally, who consume content from content creators from all corners of the world. On Instagram, entrepreneurs can tell stories about their products and services, trying to move the emotions of their audiences.

This way, they can convince a lot of potential customers and convert them into consumers of their merchandise. This is a brilliant way of winning the hearts of potential customers through inspiration. However, it is vital that the message you send to the audience be synonymous with the products that you contemplate selling to them.

Recently, Instagram launched IGTV, a feature that allows users to upload long-form video and audio content. This will aid entrepreneurs in sharing their stories and cultures with the target market.

Market research is another determinant of business success, as Luke Lazarus highlights. Startups need to analyze the markets before venturing into business. This can only be done by observing the markets, collecting relevant data, and performing various analyses on it.

The statistics from this data can inform entrepreneurs in their decision making regarding multiple aspects of their business. For instance, by studying the market segmentation, startups can know the kind of products that would sell quickly in the market.

They would also understand the type of marketing messages that they should craft to promote their products in the market. Selling to young individuals requires a different set of messages from those that one would use while marketing their products to consumers over the age of 50.

According to Luke Lazarus, many businesses require partnerships at their startup stages. This is when they need a lot of support from both clients and investors. However, the support is not served to them on a silver plate.

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They have to share their objectives and vision with these stakeholders so they can convince them to participate. Luke argues that the best way to woe these partners is by crafting a compelling business plan. Through a business plan, a company portrays transparency and honesty, two traits that partners always seek from any business.

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In the business plan, an entrepreneur may add the financial projections for their startup. This helps potential partners in assessing and evaluating the economic viability of the business undertaking. From this assessment, they can decide on whether or not to partner with you.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Boris Ivanov started his career in 1993, as the VIP of Unibet bank. He did that in a span of 7 years, from 1993 to 2000. He is the Managing Director and the Founder of Global Resources B. V. This is a company that has production operations globally, especially in Middles East, Africa, and South America. GPB has it headquarter in Amsterdam, and its foundation started in 2011. They are in the oil and energy sector, with more than 400 employees.

Boris started his career as a data analyst, learning about automated analysis and interpretation. He was able to do an analysis of more than 500 wells that were in the gas and oil sector in USA, Russia, Canada, and the North Sea. When he was the business development manager, he actively helped in promoting technology in the Russian gas and oil. Boris Ivanov was able to demonstrate the importance of automated systems like proNova.

He is the General Manager of TDE, a firm that provides services in innovative technology to both the oil and gas industry. They deal with drilling operations and data analysis, and their goal is to increase efficiency in drilling operations. This ends up reducing the cost of construction in its daily efficiency and monitoring. Boris Ivanov advocates for a distinctive approach when it comes to drilling data, with the use of automated analysis and systems. The system is meant to be profitable and bring about profit optimization.

The reluctance in the drilling contract is because of the lack of application of monitoring and tracking system. It will evaluate the quality and exposes any down time that is hidden. Boris Ivanov led his team and opened Real-Time Operational Center. Where engineers from Russia and Europe are working to monitor and analyze all the data that they have from over 100 rigs. The rigs are bound to operate in any part of the world in real-time mode. The proNova system was introduced to ensure that all the operations are effective and there are safe procedures. The main idea is to reduce the construction and drilling costs. They have been able to manage their business in the last five years in Russia and more than ten years globally.

After arriving to Oakland, CA. on a turbulent flight, it was necessary to unwind with wine. The effects of the wine lingered the next morning. Becoming a coffee lover usually starts with needing caffeine to help wake up. It’s a bit disappointing when the family you’re visiting doesn’t have the same appreciation for coffee. The smell of freshly brewed coffee is a pleasant way to help lift our head off of the pillow, especially after a good red blend.

How does one sleep until 10:05 a.m. when you have an appointment at noon? Easy…when you don’t smell coffee in the air. She sensed a look of disappointment and said, “You need some coffee!” She pulled a black box of Organo Gold out of the pantry. She said her husband lives with prostate cancer and Organo Gold is the healthiest alternative to satisfy his coffee cravings.

Although Organo Gold was instant coffee, it was bold and flavorful. The jolt of Organo Gold promoted a timely and energetic drive to the destination.

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Sudhir Choudhrie was once an Indian boy facing a serious health problem. Now he is making a name for himself as a philanthropist and business man. Columbia University Medical Centre has a Professorship of Cardiology that was established in his name and is still impacting lives positively today.

Childhood Health Issues

Sudhir was eight years old when his first complete medical exam revealed a leaking heart valve causing his heart to miss a beat. This caused him health problem his entire life and his is predisposed to infections. While this could have caused his heart to stop at any time, Sudhir Choudhrie did not let this stop him when it came to him achieving his goals.

Entrepreneurship Journey

In 1975 Choudhrie started his career at Magnum International Trading Company Ltd. His focus was on exploring and expanding the export market in India, networking, making connections and getting to know the market so he could help other businesses in the same field. In 1995 he began work with Adidas AG and Taj Hotels and Resorts which he created four local resorts in India, Taj Kerala. These resorts were popular with both the locals and the tourists. He created Adidas Indian Trading to introduce the brand in India with over 180 manufacturing facilities and stores.

Embracing Life: Seeking a Transplant

Sudhir Choudhrie eventually collapsed after a demanding schedule and months of his health deteriorating. It was recommended that he get a transplant after his heart gave out twice during only a few years’ time. Sudhir was in urgent need of a heart transplant. Doctors were able to find a heart for him in the mist of this emergency.


It has been over two decades since the transplant and although there have been advances in medical science few transplants have had such a long rate of success. Sudhir Choudhrie is one of the world’s longest heart transplant survivors.


You may wonder: “Why should I buy a MAGFAST wireless charger?” First and foremost, the operation of MAGFAST’s wireless chargers is straightforward. You place the compatible mobile device close to the transmission medium.

Then, the charging process starts thanks to the electromagnetic fields between the two devices. Thus, a MAGFAST wireless charger is straightforward to use, and its reliability is also more than sufficient. This technology has evolved significantly to create a vast ecosystem of different MAGFAST wireless chargers, and they are not just for smartphones.

So if you are considering switching to wireless charging, then you may wish to know its benefits. One of the main advantages of wireless chargers is that you can integrate a wireless charger with almost any mobile phone. This fact remains true regardless of the size of its charging socket or the shape of the phone. Click Here for more information.

The effectiveness of wireless charging of devices was tested in laboratories and found to be comparable with cable charging. This wireless technology also makes it possible to transform traditional surfaces into wireless charging stations. Until now, the intensive use of music, navigation tools, and applications could deplete a phone’s battery before the driver reached their destination.

Another critical element of the MAGFAST system is a portable power source for charging . It’s called the LifeCharger and fits in the palm of the hand. The LifeCharger Extreme carries the maximum power allowed by the FAA. The latter unit is strong enough to jumpstart a dead car battery.

However, if you have a MAGFAST Charger, then you can charge your phone while you use it, without worrying about cables. Thus, a MAGFAST Charger is indeed a great gadget. Remember, this MAGFAST Charger system also allows you to no longer need a cable or a wire to charge your devices. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Nevertheless, these are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a MAGFAST wireless charger. Fortunately, it is easy to buy a MAGFAST wireless charger by visiting the MAGFAST website. Seymour Segnit is also the CEO of the MAGFAST company.

Seymour developed MAGFAST’s technology because he wanted to offer MAGFAST’s patrons the ability to utilize advanced features.


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Very early in his remarkably multifaceted career, Seymour Segnit learned key insights about the psychology of a potential customer.


To convert a prospect into a buying customer the seller must find a way to produce a certain “Wow Factor.” That might be anything, such as giving them something free they weren’t expecting or going the extra mile to solve a customer problem. But whatever you do, it has to be so memorable it will make the buyer say, “Wow!”


Seymour Segnit also learned that customers don’t always shop on price. In fact, he discovered while managing a ski resort that prospects will buy more and at a higher price from a person they like and trust, rather than save money by buying from a person or company they don’t like or trust.


Thus, Segnit began has always endeavored to incorporate a “Wow Factor” in everything he developed or was involved in selling. The latest thing he wants to sell is the MAGFAST charger. Invented by Segnit, MAGFAST is a series of small charging units that can power-up the myriad of devices that populate our lives, everything from smartphones and fitness bands to computer tablets and smartwatches. Find More Information Here.


The individual charging blocks of MAGFAST have embedded within them retractable cables and connectors of all possible formats. You’ll never go looking for a connector again. The blocks of MAGFAST are magnetized so they stick together to form a neat and sleek unit. It creates a single charging station that eliminated tangled masses of connectors and devices. MAGFAST also handles wireless charging and there is a unit for the car. It has a portable power device for charging on the go.


Seymour Segnit raised start-up cash for MAGFAST with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. He called crowdfunding methods a game-changer for new (or seasoned) entrepreneurs today. See This Article for more information.


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Michael Nierenberg is the president of investment firm New Residential Investment Corp, which is a company that works with residential-based projects nationwide. Visit to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

He works diligently to improve his company each and every day, which has given him the ability to help clients who are in need of financial assistance. Before he began working with NRIC, Michael Nierenberg was part of the Bear Stearns team. He was in charge of rate operations each day and was even the head of the Board of Directors. Read more at Reuters about Michael Nierenebrg.

Because of his 14 years of experience with Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg has the knowledge and skills necessary to help people who need investment assistance and who would like to learn more about how to benefit their own companies. If you would like to learn more about Michael Nierenberg and the type of work that he does, you can visit some of his many social media sites online and see what other people have to say about him. He is a tried and trusted choice for those who want to know they are working with a professional for all of their financial needs.


The business world is one of the trickiest sectors that one can get involved in. This is because around 90% of the startups end up collapsing within their first few years in business.

While these startups end up failing for no good reasons, these entrepreneurs do not give up and it is upon their duty to start afresh. When a business is having the right supports, chances of failure become very low and they can avoid some useless pitfalls.

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Luke Lazarus is one of those few individuals who is trying to change the game. He is a serial entrepreneur who has a unique background. He has been able to see tens of companies realizing their actual growth within a very short period of time. He has been able to join in towards reducing the rate at which new businesses are failing.

Most serial entrepreneurs do not care about the startup and they are usually very certain about their course.

These people are able to create several companies and are able to sell them at a good profit. The investors who fear to invest in new companies get a chance to buy an already established one.

Luke Lazarus was already rich at age 35. This is because he had managed to sell so many startups at a very good amount. The businesses were going for around $20 million. He did not retire after accumulating a good wealth, he decided to come in as a consultant.

He ventured into the sector where he would get a chance to help the struggling entrepreneurs. He devoted a lot of his time to developing new business. He was able to put a lot of his experience in the helping of these people while guiding them along their development pipeline.

Luke Lazarus has a very interesting history. He started doing small businesses at only 8 years and that has been his source of daily bread. He was a proven genius with various capabilities both int the academic and sports industries.

He was born in the city of Melbourne, Australia and has been a key person towards the growth of his career. While in high school, he used to get a straight-A and was also very active in sports.

Many colleges had very high expectations for him and hoped that he would join them as a student. Other good colleges from the United States offered to support him in all ways but he opted to study at his home town considering the huge offers.

Luke Lazarus was very satisfied with joining the Melbourne School of Business for a degree in business administration. He was very optimistic about realizing his goals. After graduation, that is when he established four companies during his first 10 years.

He was able to sell them for profits. After serving the industry for quite some good period of time, he realized that money alone was not important.

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He needed to start helping people and that is when he became a consultant. He involved the owners of the business and the stakeholders towards reviving these businesses.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Over 1 billion people live in Africa, and many of these people are constantly struggling with poverty. Isabel dos Santos believes a lack of infrastructure in the country is contributing to the problem, and she has been working to change that. She is currently serving with UNITEL as its chairperson and wants to find sustainable solutions to the problems that are affecting so many people in her home country.

Isabel dos Santos was born in Angola, and her parents raised her to believe in herself. Her father is the former president of Angola, and he has been a very powerful influence in her life. Dos Santos was encouraged to focus on her education when she was younger, and she studied at King’s College in London when she became an adult. She learned a lot about engineering while attending the college and also became interested in telecommunications.

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Angola em diálogo e cooperação aqui na #CIIE sobre a exportação como uma área que pode transformar a economia angolana 🇦🇴. Com o Embaixador de Angola na China, João Salvador dos Santos Neto, e o Secretário de Estado das Pescas da República de Angola, Carlos Martinó Cordeiro. A confiança das outros países em Angola vai ser fundamental para captar investimento e termos uma verdadeira aposta na importação para esses países de produtos diversificados vindos de Angola. Hoje já exportamos a nossa Luandina para a China. Mas podemos crescer ainda mais. Imaginem os empregos que podemos criar, como podemos fazer crescer as nossas empresas, como podemos gerar valor… Esse é o caminho 💪🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Sodiba #CIIE #China #Angola #Lundina #ANossa #business #proudlyAngolan Angola united here at #CIIE, discussing export as an area that can transform the Angolan economy 🇦🇴. With the Angolan Ambassador to China, João Salvador dos Santos Neto, and the Secretary of State for Fisheries of the Republic of Angola, Carlos Martinó Cordeiro. The confidence of other countries in Angola will be fundamental to attract investment and to import diversified products from Angola to these countries. Today we already export our Luandina to China. But we can grow even more. Just imagine the jobs we can create, how we can make our companies grow, how we can create value … That’s the way to go 💪🏾

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Africa is a nation where many women are struggling to find equal footing with men because of its male-dominated business culture. Isabel dos Santos has faced many of the same struggles that other women have there but has been able to overcome them. Instead of focusing all of her attention on her own problems, she has decided to become a voice for women from Africa. In the companies she runs, she has focused on promoting women to prominent positions. She has also highlighted the success of many women from Angola by posting their stories on Twitter and Facebook.

Isabel dos Santos has been helping to create new entrepreneurial opportunities for women in Africa through her many philanthropic efforts. She plays a leading role in many companies that are investing in her home country by supporting various initiatives. Dos Santos has also become known as a talented public speaker who has focused a lot of her talks on gender equality. She knows this is one of the keys to improving the overall situation in Angola because successful women tend to reinvest in their communities and families. Isabel dos Santos has also been investing in the future of Angola by supporting initiatives that empower farmers from the country.