Jeremy Goldstein Helps the Fountain House to Raise Funds through a Wine Dinner

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Jeremy Goldstein is widely recognized for his prowess as a lawyer. He is also a philanthropist. Besides supporting various causes, he also makes sure that other like-minded individuals can lend a helping hand; that is why he planned a wine dinner. The event was hosted as a way of helping the Fountain House to access funds that would help them to continue their good work.


Non-profit organizations are always established with the sole aim of improving the society. As for the Fountain House, they specialize in offering assistance to people with mental illnesses in the community. Organizations such as the World Health Organization always follow up on issues such as mental illness. The recent statistics that they released showcased that 450 million people are mentally disabled worldwide. These people are not able to maintain personal relationships, and they cannot manage their finances. The Fountain House has been striving to make a change.


Mentally ill people have been seeking help from various institutions. In the 1940s, the mentally disabled individuals could get assistance from the Rockland State Hospital. During the same period, in 1994 to be precise, six people came together to make sure that mentally ill people would have access to the care they needed. By coming together, they made sure that there was a non-profit organization that would care for people with the same condition as theirs. “We Are Not Alone” was formed eventually. In four years, the organization had gained a lot of support, and they saw it fit to purchase a building in 1948. In the same year, they named the organization into Fountain House.


Their primary mission is to make sure that mentally disabled people, both men, and women have access to the care that they need. The Fountain House makes it possible for them to learn, work, and live. These individuals can also utilize their talents thanks to the Fountain House. Since the organization has numerous goals, they always accomplish their missions through the assistance of their astute leadership team. Jeremy Goldstein is a part of this team, and he is a member of the board of directors. By embracing innovation, they can help many people by also facilitating the creation of mental health programs in New York City.


Throughout the seven decades that the Fountain House has been present, they have increased their outreach. Currently, they are also assisting mentally ill people from other nations. Many people have also benefited from the employment opportunities at the Fountain House.


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