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Michael Nierenberg works at Fortress. He also used to work at Global Mortgages where he was an executive leader. He made sure that Bank of America securitized its assets. In 2008, Michael Nierenberg left JP Morgan where he was the head of global scrutinized products. He was also a leader in charge of the management committee. Michael Nierenberg has spearheaded the development of various projects throughout his career.

He has also held several leadership positions. For about one decade, he worked at Bear Stearns. He oversaw the unit of interest rates besides foreign exchange and trading operations. While serving in different jurisdictions, he was also elected to oversee mortgage-backed securities and trading besides controlling the department of structured products. For seven years, Michael Nierenberg worked at Lehman Brothers. He exuded excellent leadership skills and promoted the firm’s adjustable rate mortgage sector.

Consequently, all the skills he showcased, coupled with the working experience he garnered in the past enabled him to qualify for other leadership roles in newly formed organizations. One such company is New Residential Corp, where he serves as the CEO. The company is situated in New York City, and it offers investment advice based on its client’s needs. It also invests its resources in backed securities, mortgage loans, in addition to opportunistic investments.

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