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Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western known to some as Joint Ventures collect resources, experience, and skills to obtain domestic gas and oil off the Gulf Coast of the United States. Gulf Coast Western further seeks to find purpose source that shows promises and at the same time minimize their customers risk with Matt Fleeger serving as both president and CEO.

Matt Fleeger believes that their success comes from having an honest relationship with their clients and being above board at all times with the public. The company was started as a family business with its home base in Dallas Texas along with several locations in other states such as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Colorado. The Louisiana location has enlarged so that it became two partnerships.

With the help of its partner Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration which purchases almost all of Orbit Energy assets, the company now has over hundreds of territories along with 13 wells and 140 drilling locations.

Even more good news for Gulf Coast Western is that the deal included Warhorse Oil and Gas is giving Gulf Coast the right to operate the development wells including the ones already being used by other companies such as Union Gas, Endeavor NG.

Gulf Coast WesternWith an expectancy of 800 million barrels a day coming from these well, the company plans to expand its production. Gulf Coast will be able to produce more in areas such as Evangeline and St. Landry Parishes due to the expansion of territory that is close to the Orbit development areas.

Well respected President and CEO, Matt Fleeger has knowledge in oil and gas and the tanning industries. Before he joined the company, Matt ran his own company named Medsolution, Inc. Medsolution focuses on removing medical waste produced by healthcare companies. He sold the company after thirteen years of successfully running it to Stericycle. Matt Fleeger’s other successes include the tanning industry with two of his tanning companies producing assets over 100 million dollars.


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