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It’s an impressive accomplishment when those who go on to receive acclaim and success in their career still manage to give back to those less fortunate and aid in those who contributed to their success.

Niranjan Shah is one of those people. He is more than just the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. He has achieved great success and acclaim with the noted company he started more than 40 years ago. Globetrotters Engineering Corp. works in construction management as well as architectural and engineering. Shah is also noted for his generosity when it comes to giving back some of the money he has made as a leader in the business world.

Shah started his company in 1974 and bases its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois where is admired for his generosity and kindness.

Through the years, Niranjan Shah has always believed in the importance of people to be involved in the community they live and work in and continues to act as a role model himself by contributing greatly to causes that he believes in. To do so, he aids in local, state and national organizations. He remains engaged by participating on boards and committees for various organizations, too. Some of the better known recipients include Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital, the University of Chicago and the Illinois Board of Regents.

Shah received his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Mississippi. Today his well-respected firm employs more than 200 employees and he has been recognized in both the United States and India for his philanthropy. Among his many notable citations, Shah was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in the United States, the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award by the Government of India. He has also served as a member of the Loyola University Board of Trustees.

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The Tragedy and Evolution of Marc Beer

In the early 2000s, Marc Beer was just as above-average pharmaceutical sales and marketing expert. His career began after graduating from Miami University; he joined Genzyme. It didn’t take long for him to become the company’s Vice President of Global Marketing and be put in charge of promoting the company’s newest product line.

Genzyme is one of the few pharmaceutical companies trying to develop treatments for rare diseases. Rare diseases aren’t profitable, so most companies consider researching and developing solutions for them wasteful. Beer joined Genzyme because it was different, and his first global assignment involved selling products to the more than 350 million people who are medically underserved.

After seeing and meeting some of the people he helped by marketing Genzyme, he realized he could do more if he had more control over the company. By 2000, he left Genzyme and founded his own company; ViaCell.

ViaCell quickly blossomed into a cutting-edge biotech company with 300 employees. Five years later, he took the company public and got the attention of several investors. Two years later, one interested party bought ViaCell for $300 million. By 2007, Beer was on top of the world; he had everything, including a loving family.

Sadly, his greatest success was followed by his greatest tragedy. Shortly after the sale to PerkinElmer, Beer’s wife died suddenly. Overcome with grief, he turned attention toward his family and focused on his raising his three children. He walked away from his illustrious career for two years, but his daughter encouraged him to return to work.

He spent every morning for two years telling his children to “live with purpose” but never took that advice for himself. After his daughter turned his words on him, he realized he needed to lead by example. His daughter’s encouragement inspired him to relaunch his entrepreneurial career and just in the knick of time.

Dr. Ray Iglesias, a gynecologist with 35 years of experience, was looking for a partner to help develop devices and therapies for women with pelvic floor disorders. Throughout his career, Dr. Iglesias had performed thousands of pelvic floor surgeries, all of which he believed could’ve been avoided.

For over a decade, he’d been trying to develop technologies that would allow women to detect and treat their disorders and rely on surgeries as a last resort. Pelvic floor disorders can cause pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence. According to one study, nearly 25 percent of women suffer from these disorders.

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The role played by today’s international business advisors is a critical one to the current business sector. The work that these dedicated professionals do is highly important within the scope of corporate development and companies put a premium on individuals who can profitably guide this important aspect. Maarten de Jeu is one of these professionals that has earned the trust of corporate leaders around the world. He heads up an organization known as the SVM Business Advisory where he has provided some of the world’s elite business clients with the best advisory services and corporate development strategies that are currently available. 


Maarten de Jeu has a strong reputation for the work that he has done in the realm of international business advisement and the corporate development area. This reputation has been hard-earned and it is well deserved. Maarten went to great lengths to education himself by attending Leiden University and then heading to England to study business at Oxford. He was a standout student who ranked as the top graduate in his class in 2005 at Oxford. Learn more:


Some of the most pertinent professional experience that Maarten de Jeu has had in the realm of corporate development and business advisement came during his time with Aviva and TVDK Management Consultants. While at the former, Maarten was the individual behind some of the top strategies that helped the firm to grow in markets such as Europe and the United States. While he worked at TVDK Management Consultants, Maarten de Jeu rapidly ascended through the ranks of the firm due to his consistent demonstration of excellence. These work experiences have helped to provide Maarten de Jeu with a significant lineup of skills that he can use as an international business advisor. He now uses them regularly with SVM Business Advisory and he is more than happy to share some of his top tips with the professionals that currently operate within the realm of corporate development.


A huge amount of emphasis is placed on innovation within the field of corporate development and this is a point that is regularly brought up by Maarten de Jeu. He works to innovate in his own work as a corporate development specialist and encourages today’s professionals to strive to become innovators. Having a mindset based on innovation helps an individual to spot a number of opportunities that they might miss if they are operating with a closed mind. 


Creating meaningful professional relationships is something that Maarten de Jeu also brings up concerning succeeding in corporate development. This is because carefully crafted relationships have numerous benefits. Having a reputation as being a great individual to partner with will open up a lot of opportunities and have valuable clients coming your way. This is why Maarten de Jeu stresses this point so heavily. 


A final thought that Maarten de Jeu has in regard to corporate development is the need for professionals to remain at the forefront of their industry as far as education. This is the calling card of professionals who succeed in international business.

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In early 2018, The Academy of Art hosted a panel to determine the direction of fashion in a world that seeks to be more inclusive. They wanted to determine what makes good design and they are questioning what types of designs are made for people in groups that aren’t always represented in fashion design such as people with disabilities. The students were asked to redefine what good design is while designing clothing that can be worn by individuals who are normally not represented in the fashion world.

The reason for the panel is to address how much difficulty people with disabilities have while putting clothes on. For example, how would you design clothing for someone with amputated legs? Another fact discussed was that most able-bodied people never consider how much they adjust their clothing to fit better on them during the day. However, if you are disabled, it can be harder for you to zip up your clothing, take it on and off or readjust what you are wearing.

The panelists for this discussion were all designers who have some form of disability and they all had a passion for design that they wanted to use to help fix this problem. One example of a panelist is a former alumni by the name of Stephanie Thomas. She was missing a thumb and several toes at birth. Despite the fact that she was told she would have a lot of difficulty doing certain tasks she became both a dancer and a professional cheerleader. Another example is Beau Oyler, who Is currently suffering from hemophilia, a complicated and destructive bleeding disorder. Beau, who graduated in 2005, has started Urbio, a design firm for small spaces.

Both Thomas and Oyler believe that there is a need and a demand for more inclusive clothing designs. They believe that fashion design could use a bit more diversity in who they choose to make their clothes for. The Academy of Art and Design, located in San Francisco, has sculpted creative minds since 1929 and they teach with the purpose of bringing the most cutting-edge Art and Design out of their students. With over 12,000 students, there is a lot of creativity and new ideas to go around.

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Jeremy Goldstein is widely recognized for his prowess as a lawyer. He is also a philanthropist. Besides supporting various causes, he also makes sure that other like-minded individuals can lend a helping hand; that is why he planned a wine dinner. The event was hosted as a way of helping the Fountain House to access funds that would help them to continue their good work.


Non-profit organizations are always established with the sole aim of improving the society. As for the Fountain House, they specialize in offering assistance to people with mental illnesses in the community. Organizations such as the World Health Organization always follow up on issues such as mental illness. The recent statistics that they released showcased that 450 million people are mentally disabled worldwide. These people are not able to maintain personal relationships, and they cannot manage their finances. The Fountain House has been striving to make a change.


Mentally ill people have been seeking help from various institutions. In the 1940s, the mentally disabled individuals could get assistance from the Rockland State Hospital. During the same period, in 1994 to be precise, six people came together to make sure that mentally ill people would have access to the care they needed. By coming together, they made sure that there was a non-profit organization that would care for people with the same condition as theirs. “We Are Not Alone” was formed eventually. In four years, the organization had gained a lot of support, and they saw it fit to purchase a building in 1948. In the same year, they named the organization into Fountain House.


Their primary mission is to make sure that mentally disabled people, both men, and women have access to the care that they need. The Fountain House makes it possible for them to learn, work, and live. These individuals can also utilize their talents thanks to the Fountain House. Since the organization has numerous goals, they always accomplish their missions through the assistance of their astute leadership team. Jeremy Goldstein is a part of this team, and he is a member of the board of directors. By embracing innovation, they can help many people by also facilitating the creation of mental health programs in New York City.


Throughout the seven decades that the Fountain House has been present, they have increased their outreach. Currently, they are also assisting mentally ill people from other nations. Many people have also benefited from the employment opportunities at the Fountain House.


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Michael Nierenberg works at Fortress. He also used to work at Global Mortgages where he was an executive leader. He made sure that Bank of America securitized its assets. In 2008, Michael Nierenberg left JP Morgan where he was the head of global scrutinized products. He was also a leader in charge of the management committee. Michael Nierenberg has spearheaded the development of various projects throughout his career.

He has also held several leadership positions. For about one decade, he worked at Bear Stearns. He oversaw the unit of interest rates besides foreign exchange and trading operations. While serving in different jurisdictions, he was also elected to oversee mortgage-backed securities and trading besides controlling the department of structured products. For seven years, Michael Nierenberg worked at Lehman Brothers. He exuded excellent leadership skills and promoted the firm’s adjustable rate mortgage sector.

Consequently, all the skills he showcased, coupled with the working experience he garnered in the past enabled him to qualify for other leadership roles in newly formed organizations. One such company is New Residential Corp, where he serves as the CEO. The company is situated in New York City, and it offers investment advice based on its client’s needs. It also invests its resources in backed securities, mortgage loans, in addition to opportunistic investments.

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Going by the rule of medical professionals being aware of most approved treatment practices, those involved in the health sector might be mindful of transcranial magnetic solution (TMS) therapy. But seeing that the treatment method was only approved in 2008, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a health professional who does not know about the details of it. San Francisco based investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Ara Chackerian is focused on changing this approach for the better.

As an investor who has been attached to the healthcare sector, especially diagnostic imaging for a long time, Ara Chackerian has extensive experience in dealing with new and innovative healthcare and management solutions. This holds for answers that show great potential despite having little research supporting them due to how unique they are.

Seeing that TMS falls under this category, it was only natural for someone like Ara Chackerian to pay attention to it. Since Chackerian already had substantial experience in investing and overseeing innovative medical solutions through his investment firm ASC Capital Holdings, looking into TMS and promoting its positive effects was only a logical step for the expert.

Once Ara Chackerian and his partner learned about what TMS does, how it could help those with mental illness, and what kind of obstructions does it face in terms of insurance and research support, they were able to devise a roadmap to deploy TMS services in the San Francisco Bay Area effectively. Through targeted diagnostic and treatment centers, Chackerian, his business partner, and their team ensures that TMS is being deployed for those who could benefit from it – but in a highly secure and careful manner.

Along with deploying this innovative yet helpful treatment method, Ara Chackerian is also taking time out of his busy schedule to spread awareness about mental health in everyday sectors. For instance, he recently drafted a blog post that talked about mental illness for tech sector workers, and how we could do our part in resolving the issue.

Through these initiatives, Ara Chackerian is ensuring that we not only talk about mental health issues but do something tangible to help those who could get better with timely treatment.

If you’ve ever been bogged down with junk emails, you’re not alone. Millions of people struggle every single day to sift through countless emails to get to what they need. A lot of this has to do with signing up for things or making purchases online that then get added to the junk email pile as the company sends updates and newsletters. Other times, your email is sold and you receive messages without even signing up for a thing. In either case, you can use Unroll Me to get rid of these junk emails and to get your inbox back on track.

The beauty about Unroll Me is that it’s completely free. You won’t be spending a monthly or annual fee just to be able to make use of this particular program. The great thing about Unroll Me is that it is easy to use, so you don’t need to be an expert when it comes to getting the most out of this program. There are lots of reasons for you to give Unroll Me a try for yourself, and the fact that you can save yourself some time and hassle is reason enough. This is a wonderful option for you and can be incredibly beneficial for when you are trying to make use of this for yourself.

The best thing for you to do is to visit the Unroll Me site and make use of a free scan. The scan is going to go through the countless emails that you currently have. You are then able to unsubscribe with just a click of the button and to see just how different this option is for you. There are lots of benefits and reasons for you to give this option a try for yourself, and the fact that you are able to get your inbox back is reason enough to try. There are lots of advantages to choosing Unroll Me and seeing how effortless it is for you to get rid of all of the junk emails that you don’t want and doing something that is beneficial for yourself each day.

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western known to some as Joint Ventures collect resources, experience, and skills to obtain domestic gas and oil off the Gulf Coast of the United States. Gulf Coast Western further seeks to find purpose source that shows promises and at the same time minimize their customers risk with Matt Fleeger serving as both president and CEO.

Matt Fleeger believes that their success comes from having an honest relationship with their clients and being above board at all times with the public. The company was started as a family business with its home base in Dallas Texas along with several locations in other states such as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Colorado. The Louisiana location has enlarged so that it became two partnerships.

With the help of its partner Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration which purchases almost all of Orbit Energy assets, the company now has over hundreds of territories along with 13 wells and 140 drilling locations.

Even more good news for Gulf Coast Western is that the deal included Warhorse Oil and Gas is giving Gulf Coast the right to operate the development wells including the ones already being used by other companies such as Union Gas, Endeavor NG.

Gulf Coast WesternWith an expectancy of 800 million barrels a day coming from these well, the company plans to expand its production. Gulf Coast will be able to produce more in areas such as Evangeline and St. Landry Parishes due to the expansion of territory that is close to the Orbit development areas.

Well respected President and CEO, Matt Fleeger has knowledge in oil and gas and the tanning industries. Before he joined the company, Matt ran his own company named Medsolution, Inc. Medsolution focuses on removing medical waste produced by healthcare companies. He sold the company after thirteen years of successfully running it to Stericycle. Matt Fleeger’s other successes include the tanning industry with two of his tanning companies producing assets over 100 million dollars.


To those who are active in the Florida technology space, the name of Robert Deignan instantly rings a bell in terms of proficiency. It’s because the tech expert has not only carved a niche for himself by being active in the segment for several decades, but he has also been leading his very firm to unprecedented success. 

At the time of writing, Robert Diegnan helms ATS Digital Services as its co-founder and CEO. Established in August 2011, the firm is focused on providing remote technology solutions in the fields of software support and digital security, among other segments. 

ATS Digital Services is currently known as a credible and reliable provider of remote tech support services all over the world. As the face of the firm, this puts Robert Diegnan in front and center of the company’s achievements, making him a renowned entity in the tech support segment.

But reaching this, stature had not been easy. Even as someone who had always been interested in technology, Diegnan had to come a long way to ensure that he was in the position of making tangible changes in the technology industry through his expertise and advice. 

After graduating from Purdue University in 1995, Robert Diegnan took three years to gather the necessary knowledge to start his own technology company. Once he had done so, he established Fanlink as his first tech firm. Wanting to learn the ropes of running his own business, Diegnan spent three years with the venture before he moved on to accept a position at iS3 Inc., a technology firm with a wide range of services. 

At iS3, Robert Diegnan served the role of executive vice president from June 2002 to June 2011. A month after leaving the firm, Diegnan took the massive step of co-founding his technology solution in the form of ATS Digital Services. Since then, the tech expert hasn’t looked back and continues to scale ATS to new heights of success by each passing day. 

Today, ATS Digital Services is known as one of the most proficient entities in remote tech support. Whether it’s software installation or equipment troubleshooting, ATS is there to help its customers through the most common and sometimes convoluted tech issues. 

Robert Diegnan continues to lead the firm and remains integral to its operations. At the same time, he also dedicates his time to share his opinion and expertise for those who are looking to make it big on the broader tech sector.