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SPAAN Tech, Inc., a company that specializes in challenging technical engineering. Founded in
1998 by Smita Shah, SPANN Tech evaluates and offers solutions for various clients to assist them
with their infrastructure. Their innovative solutions help to improve transportation and energy
supplies throughout North America.

Smita Shah, currently operating as President and Chief Executive Officer of SPANN Tech, persists in
creating a culture that thrives on excellence. Her talented team meets challenging situations head
on and work diligently to create innovative and sustainable solutions to all of their client’s needs.
A self-proclaimed;geek, Shah spent her youth solving complex equations in her spare time. She
continued this scholastic effort into her college years at Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford
University whilst studying business and engineering. Shah has experience working in the political
arena as well as participating in philanthropic events throughout

Being a woman of Indian immigrant parents, Smita Shah encountered difficulty at times navigating
through the male-dominated field of engineering. She persevered through the hard moments and
consistently proved the value of her work ethic and skills time and time again. She has a strong
personality that will not settle for anything but high quality.
Smita Shah is a firm believer in hard work and the supreme power that comes with believing in
one’s own unique talents and abilities. She realizes that there is a lack of successful female role
models in the world of entrepreneurship and business, and is working towards a future where that
is no longer the case. Shah advises women and young girls to recognize their talents,. She explains
how necessary it is to ensure that they are heard and acknowledged for what they bring to the
table with their work. Smita Shah exemplifies the mantra that if a person does not stand for what
they are worth, no one else will either. Learn more:
Smita Shah has positioned herself as a forerunner both in the engineering industry as well as
within entrepreneurship. Her dedication to hard work and adherence to high standards keeps
herself and her team pushing forward and striving for the next great thing within the industry and
business itself. She has become a leader in her business, her industry, her community and the
country showing that the only limits to one’s success are those placed there by ourselves. Her
leadership of SPANN Tech has a leader in its industry and has placed Smita Shah in high regard as
a speaker, mentor, and role model for future business leaders of the world.

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