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 Learning to Accept Challenges

Any company can change for the good with the right help and guidance. Does every company want to grow out of its static habits? When a consultant is hired, as Luke Lazarus Consultancy, to come in and solve the problem a business faces, they throw down challenges that are essential to the growth of the market.

One reason why many companies fail to make it past the first five years of business is that they have stopped challenging themselves and their teams to make further progress.

One problem that sets in new startups is the feeling that they have arrived and the significant changes are behind them. An outside observer who is invited into the fold of the company to challenge it is one of the best ways to get shaken out of the complacency that has set into the company.

In a recent interview with one of the most successful multimedia companies today, Pixar®, admitted, that by their inviting new directors to take new projects over is to get a fresh perspective that will encourage the creative teams to reach higher than their view.

Building on Success

Luke Lazarus has been able to build upon his success for over 20 years by challenging himself to always move to the next level of growth. Read more: Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Officer and Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne

This is one attitude that Luke Lazarus shares with his startups by analyzing the weak spots in business plans, mission statements, essential story elements in the business, and an ability to know how to pitch their story to an investor and bring out an emotional response.

Luke Lazarus has repeatedly told his startups the emotional connection is the solid foundation for further success with investors and consumers alike.

Early Foundations

Luke Lazarus began setting a firm foundation for his business career when he was only eight years old. He enjoyed experimenting with the little business ideas he had by making drawings of them and showing his friends to convince them his business ideas worked.

Those early successes stayed part of his life, and even thru high school, his drive to continue his business career was clear. Though he received many scholarships offers abroad, he decided to remain in Australia and enter the MBA program at Melbourne Business School.

After completing his MBA Luke Lazarus immediately executed four business plane in quick succession to one another. Get more details here on LinkedIn and connect with him.

Each one he managed to success and experience a return on his investment after he sold them to bidding business owners. Rather than retiring to a desert island, Luke Lazarus set sail in a new business venture which would occupy his future business career.

Offering Consulting Services

It was 2013 when Luke Lazarus launched his business consulting business.

Luke Lazarus was obvious what he wanted to accomplish thru his Luke Lazarus Consultancy, which was to offer all his experience, knowledge and expertise to a group of startups that seeking business consultants to improve the performance of their businesses.

Since his consultancy launch, Luke Lazarus has led many startups to successful launches, obtaining investments for investors; one of his startups experienced the relaunch of their business from the trading floor of a significant stock exchange during the start of their IPO.

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