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In the competitive world that we live in, standing out from the crowd is incredibly important,
especially when it comes to the workplace and corporate environments. For women, in particular,
the task of standing at par with men is not always an easy as it seems, especially because of the
numerous prejudices that they face at the workplace.
Smita Shah is an entrepreneur and corporate worker who knows all too well about the woes that
women face at the workplace. Through the course of her career, she has had to face numerous
challenges that are commonly known to women which have impacted the way she works. In spite
of these challenges, she always found a way to stand tall and work hard to achieve her goals. The
experience that she has had has enabled her to reach out to women all over and provide them with
useful information that can help them at the workplace. Learn more:

The following are some of the tips that she
stands by for climbing up the corporate ladder and standing out at the workplace.
1. Believe In Yourself
It is important to believe that you can do the things that you have set out to do, and believe that
you can achieve the goals that you envision.
2. Examine Your Skillset
Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important to know where you can develop and where
you shine. Always conduct a thorough self-examination and be honest with yourself during this
3. Have A Strong Presence
Don’t stay in the backline and hide away from the limelight. It is important to asset your
dominance and speaks up if you have something to say.
4. Don’t Let Others Take Your Credit
If you have done something notable that has brought about positive attention, take credit for it,
and don’t let others steal your credit and achievements.
5. Work On Short Term Goals
It is important to set short term goals down for yourself and working towards achieving these goals
is incredibly important.
6. Don’t Adhere To Female Stereotypes
Female Stereotypes are bound to follow women around at the workplace because of the mentality
that people have, but breaking these stereotypes is what can help you stand out and achieve your
professional goals.

7. Pay Attention To Cultural Factors
Understanding the culture of the workplace is important, and staying within the reasonable limits of
that culture is important to form good workplace relationships.
8. Make Other’s Respect Your Position
It is important to demand respect wherever you go, and this is something that can help you assert
your authority better at the workplace.
9. Keep Work And Personal Life Separate
It is important to make a distinction between your personal life and professional life, and never mix
the two when working in a corporate setting.

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