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Blake Mallen has been changing lives for years as an entrepreneur and inspiration and he is now changing the way that people travel. Liv, the travel lifestyle platform that was co-founded by Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen has been growing in popularity since the company was founded and now it has become even more convenient for its users to access. This was accomplished through the creation of a mobile app for Liv that offers convenient access to different travel experiences around the world that include special discounts on vacation rentals, hotels, flights, and more. This is exciting news for people looking to get out there to see the world and live their lives now instead of waiting to have time in the future.

Blake Mallen wants to inspire even more people around the world to start living for today instead of waiting for tomorrow to do the things that they have always wanted to do. Through his company and its new mobile app, this process has become easier than it has ever been. There are many different Global Experiences that are offered through Liv and the app allows users to browse through them to find one that is perfect for their lifestyle. The company that was co-founded by Blake Mallen also helps link people to popular experiences at their destinations in order to make sure that they have the most enjoyable trip possible.

Blake Mallen believes that this new app will change the game for both the Members and Promoters of Liv. It’s the first app of its kind in the marketplace and he believes that it will help show Members and potential Members what the company is all about and what they have to offer them. Everything can be done on the phone which means that people can learn more about Liv as well as promote the company wherever they happen to have a data connection with their phones or other mobile devices. Members will be able to see features that are exclusively available to them through the app which will allow them to save time and money straight from their phones.

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