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Rich History of Innovation

OSI Industries has over 100 years of innovation history in the food production and food packing industry. It is at the ranked as one of the top privately-owned companies in the world by Forbes worth in recent figures at $6B. It is known primarily in the past 65 years as a producer of choice by Ray Kroc himself for his McDonalds franchises. Recently in a co-production agreement between OSI Industries and Impossible Foods OSI Industries will now co-produce the Impossible Burger in its Chicago plant. The Impossible Burger is the first al plant-based burger among recent years producers of plant-based burgers to have all the characteristics of a beef burger, yet it retains 100% of its plant-based ingredients without any additives.

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The Impossible Burger Debut

The Impossible Burger made a big wave in 2016 when Impossible Burger presented it to food critics, Michelin chefs, and food purveyors in its debit showing in Celebrity Chef’s owned and operated restaurant in New York, the Momofuku Nishi. After the well-received debut of the Impossible Burger, growing demand for the Impossible Burger became evident at the headquarters of Impossible Foods who received close to 1000 orders for its flagship burger. By 2019 the number of requests had grown tenfold, and Impossible Foods was unable to keep up with order at its own 68000 square foot Impossible Burger production plant in Oakland. Impossible Foods immediately made a co-production agreement with OSI Industries who has demonstrated a long history of innovation, excellent service, an eye for quality, and an international distribution network.

A Second Impossible Burger Production Plant

OSI Industries immediately began fitting one of its Chicago plants to meet all the specifications of Impossible Foods for a second production plant in the United States. According to Sheetal Shah, speaking for Impossible Foods, the Chicago production space meets the specifications almost precisely as the original production facility of Impossible Foods in Oakland. Mr. Shah also mentioned how Impossible Foods looks forward to working with the legendary food packer and wants to learn from its 100 years of innovations as they move forward in this co-production arrangement. Mr. Shah also mentioned other burger purveyors are taking this opportunity to place their version of the Impossible Burger on their menus. Burger King will launch the Impossible Whopper in 7,500 of its restaurants later this year.


SPAAN Tech, Inc., a company that specializes in challenging technical engineering. Founded in
1998 by Smita Shah, SPANN Tech evaluates and offers solutions for various clients to assist them
with their infrastructure. Their innovative solutions help to improve transportation and energy
supplies throughout North America.

Smita Shah, currently operating as President and Chief Executive Officer of SPANN Tech, persists in
creating a culture that thrives on excellence. Her talented team meets challenging situations head
on and work diligently to create innovative and sustainable solutions to all of their client’s needs.
A self-proclaimed;geek, Shah spent her youth solving complex equations in her spare time. She
continued this scholastic effort into her college years at Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford
University whilst studying business and engineering. Shah has experience working in the political
arena as well as participating in philanthropic events throughout

Being a woman of Indian immigrant parents, Smita Shah encountered difficulty at times navigating
through the male-dominated field of engineering. She persevered through the hard moments and
consistently proved the value of her work ethic and skills time and time again. She has a strong
personality that will not settle for anything but high quality.
Smita Shah is a firm believer in hard work and the supreme power that comes with believing in
one’s own unique talents and abilities. She realizes that there is a lack of successful female role
models in the world of entrepreneurship and business, and is working towards a future where that
is no longer the case. Shah advises women and young girls to recognize their talents,. She explains
how necessary it is to ensure that they are heard and acknowledged for what they bring to the
table with their work. Smita Shah exemplifies the mantra that if a person does not stand for what
they are worth, no one else will either. Learn more:
Smita Shah has positioned herself as a forerunner both in the engineering industry as well as
within entrepreneurship. Her dedication to hard work and adherence to high standards keeps
herself and her team pushing forward and striving for the next great thing within the industry and
business itself. She has become a leader in her business, her industry, her community and the
country showing that the only limits to one’s success are those placed there by ourselves. Her
leadership of SPANN Tech has a leader in its industry and has placed Smita Shah in high regard as
a speaker, mentor, and role model for future business leaders of the world.

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Dick DeVos involves himself with a host of political and social issues. While he flies to Washington, DC to visit his wife Betsy DeVos, he has another reason to make the trip. He is a longtime pilot that received an appointment to oversee the Federal Aviation Administration.


The United States Department of Transportation announced his appointment. He is now one of seven new members on the panel. The 13-member panel tasks itself with advising the FAA on spending matters, policy, and specific issues along with assisting with regulatory matters. These are the people who are helping to chart the course of the FAA. Each appointee serves for three years and their panel meets once a quarter.


Dick DeVos is a solid asset for the Advisory Council that helps manage the FAA. He has deep roots as a pilot along with proven leadership skills. The business world respects him for his tenure as the head of Amway. Currently, he is the head of the Windquest Group. His company bases operations out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and acts as a holding company for a number of businesses. A holding company buys the shares of other companies and then controls those companies.


Several years ago, Dick DeVos contacted AirTran Airway’s CEO and presented him with an idea of ways to improve operations of the Grand Rapids airport. That one phone call was the beginning of an improvement of Michigan’s air travel. There was also a major stroke of luck in the deal. It was only months after DeVos arranged for AirTran to schedule flights out of the Grand Rapids airport that Southwest purchased the carrier. Of course, this worked out perfectly for Grand Rapids.


For years, Dick DeVos and his family have involved themselves in local and national politics. They are mega donors of their Republican party. They are also huge advocates of school choice that promotes charter school education. Their advocacy for charter school education begins with the education of their own children. They would like families, less well off, to have the same choices to see that their children receive a competitive education.


Dick DeVos has also made an impact in charter school education by opening the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Students can study aviation, engineering, and other academics in an environment that is conducive to learning. Dick DeVos is a man of wealth and means, and his family positions themselves to make an impact for a long time to come.


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 Learning to Accept Challenges

Any company can change for the good with the right help and guidance. Does every company want to grow out of its static habits? When a consultant is hired, as Luke Lazarus Consultancy, to come in and solve the problem a business faces, they throw down challenges that are essential to the growth of the market.

One reason why many companies fail to make it past the first five years of business is that they have stopped challenging themselves and their teams to make further progress.

One problem that sets in new startups is the feeling that they have arrived and the significant changes are behind them. An outside observer who is invited into the fold of the company to challenge it is one of the best ways to get shaken out of the complacency that has set into the company.

In a recent interview with one of the most successful multimedia companies today, Pixar®, admitted, that by their inviting new directors to take new projects over is to get a fresh perspective that will encourage the creative teams to reach higher than their view.

Building on Success

Luke Lazarus has been able to build upon his success for over 20 years by challenging himself to always move to the next level of growth. Read more: Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Officer and Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne

This is one attitude that Luke Lazarus shares with his startups by analyzing the weak spots in business plans, mission statements, essential story elements in the business, and an ability to know how to pitch their story to an investor and bring out an emotional response.

Luke Lazarus has repeatedly told his startups the emotional connection is the solid foundation for further success with investors and consumers alike.

Early Foundations

Luke Lazarus began setting a firm foundation for his business career when he was only eight years old. He enjoyed experimenting with the little business ideas he had by making drawings of them and showing his friends to convince them his business ideas worked.

Those early successes stayed part of his life, and even thru high school, his drive to continue his business career was clear. Though he received many scholarships offers abroad, he decided to remain in Australia and enter the MBA program at Melbourne Business School.

After completing his MBA Luke Lazarus immediately executed four business plane in quick succession to one another. Get more details here on LinkedIn and connect with him.

Each one he managed to success and experience a return on his investment after he sold them to bidding business owners. Rather than retiring to a desert island, Luke Lazarus set sail in a new business venture which would occupy his future business career.

Offering Consulting Services

It was 2013 when Luke Lazarus launched his business consulting business.

Luke Lazarus was obvious what he wanted to accomplish thru his Luke Lazarus Consultancy, which was to offer all his experience, knowledge and expertise to a group of startups that seeking business consultants to improve the performance of their businesses.

Since his consultancy launch, Luke Lazarus has led many startups to successful launches, obtaining investments for investors; one of his startups experienced the relaunch of their business from the trading floor of a significant stock exchange during the start of their IPO.

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Russell Gimelstob is a graduate of Cornell University with a B.A. and M.P.A. He is a well-experienced businessman who has also worked in the real estate industry and is a former athlete. The individual worked with a real estate company named Dune where he completed many transactions and investments. He worked his way to Partner and then Head of Acquisitions with them. As a businessman, one of his notable positions was with Goldman Sachs as an analyst before working in their Fixed Income, and Commodities Division. The individual also does some work in the community being a part of The Valerie Fund, an organization that supports children with cancer or who have blood disorders. In addition, Russell Gimelstob was a nominee at the Hebrew Academy for Special Children. He is also a part of the University of California Berkley’s Haas School of Business with a spot on their Advisory Board. The businessman also distinguished himself as an athlete, being placed into the Hall of Fame at Newark Academy. He earned the recognition during a varsity basketball game in 2013. Throughout his career at Newark Academy, he was first-team all-state each year and a captain of the tennis team for 3 years. He was responsible for getting the team to three straight state championships. Russell Gimelstob continued to play tennis at Cornell University where he was captain during his final year of school. The player stands as undefeated in Ivy League doubles, and he represented the university during the national NCAA Doubles Tournament. The businessman had earned academic awards for his work at Cornell. Gimelstob is from New Jersey and played a lot of sports growing up. His atheism showed from a young age as his parents played sports themselves with his father being a head coach and former star athlete. His mom had offered advice for him to start playing tennis at the age of 6 and that is where it all started. Russell Gimelstob had always worked on his game to improve. Even though he spent a lot of time playing sports, he never let his grades suffer, as he equally focused on his academics.

Gazette Day article on athlete and businessman Russell Gimelstob


Marc Beer may be doing well for himself now but the 58-year-old businessman and entrepreneur wasn’t always on top of the business world. So how did he rise up the corporate ladder so quickly? He recently gave an interview where he discussed his aspirations for the future and the adversity he has faced over his three-decade career. It started back in the early ’80s when he first matriculated at Miami University and realized his fondness for business which is what he decided to major in. So after receiving his BS degree, he received an offer from a company called Abbott where he worked in their sales training department helping them with their advertising campaigns.

After six years with the company, he left to work for Biostar. Whilst there, he served as a member of the marketing department for two years before accepting a job offer with Genzyme. As their VP of Global Marketing, he helped them with their advertising for
four years before establishing his own company. First founded in May of 2000 and based out of Cambridge, he first went public with Viacell in 2005 and their employment numbers were surprisingly big for a company of its size. After selling the company two years later, he suffered a family tragedy before he could move on to his next entrepreneurial endeavor. His wife contracted a pulmonary embolism at the age of 42 and the treatments weren't enough to save her life.

After the mourning period, he stepped up and became the primary caregiver to his three children. For two years, he would tuck them in at night, ensure they had a packed lunch five days a week and drove them to and from school on a daily basis. After a while, his daughter convinced him he needed to get back into the business world. So in 2016, he partnered with some colleagues in his field to become the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Renovia. Based out of Boston, the primary mission of the company is to develop and perfect various products for patients who are currently suffering from a wide variety of illness and diseases. They are currently attempting to treat a wide variety of pelvic floor disorders which affect over 25% of females throughout the United States.

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He has also spoken about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. His advice includes
enjoying the process as a whole, remaining pragmatic in the face of adversity and, above all, maintaining your own philanthropic spirit. The company has thrived in recent years, becoming one of the first to receive FDA approval for one of its products and receiving a substantial grant to continue funding their research and development team.

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In each time period there is always someone coming up with a simple solution to an everyday inconvenience. Seymour Segnit recently started up a brand called MAGFAST to accomplish this task in relation to charging devices. He was personally getting sick of having to search for individual cords that worked for one device or wanting to charge several devices at once. He has the ability to create such a product due to connections with Oxford University and Silicon Valley. Seymour Segnit pulled together everything he had to give the world a new charger. The MAGFAST charger would be the all-in-one device a consumer needs as described in a recent influenced article.

When designing the MAGFAST Charger, he had several ideas in mind about how to design the product. It first needed to be portable and have the capabilities to wirelessly charge any device the consumer might own. Secondly, the device had to be easily portable. He envisioned a device that easily sat on the wall or in the car without obstructing anything. The MAGFAST Charger would be a revolutionary item that would cover of all these areas including features to speed up the charging process with no interruption. Seymour Segnit was floored with the response he got for the MAGFAST brand.

The need and desire for a universal charging port is something that all consumers can relate with. He plans to send out the brought in late 2019. As part of his crowdfunding campaign, each buyer will get a free gift with purchase. There will also be a tree planted in the name of each person who contributed to the venture. MAGFAST is on the doorstep of forever reshaping how consumers see their charging stations. This is a product that will only grow in usability as someone buys more devices.

In an era where diets change often for the average consumer, the OSI Food Solutions has made the groundbreaking move to join the sustainable food movement. Under the guidance of Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin, this change entails integrating new technological advancements in production that are environmentally friendly. He’s also been working on new relationships that will retain the company’s hold in the food manufacturing industry.

Most notable to date is the co-manufacturing partnership with Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods is a Silicon Valley-based company that manufactures plant-based meat alternatives. In recent, it has supplied to chain restaurants like Burger King, Del Taco, and most recently, neighborhood supermarkets. This partnership has allowed Impossible Foods to expand and develop new products.

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Both Lavin and OSI Food Solutions have also received numerous industry awards for their sustainable efforts. Most notably, the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) recognized two of its facilities, one in Geneva, IL, for its innovative environmental practices. Lavin himself has also received individual accolades for his accomplishments within the company.

Using technology in production is something that OSI Food Solutions has been doing for more than a half-century when they began as one of the main suppliers for McDonald’s. While operating as Otto & Sons in the late 1960s, a system using liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing was implemented as a way to increase food production. It would also help to expedite the process of safe storage and transportation of meat products across the nation.

It was also around this period Lavin came on board as an investor. His previous banking experience played a solid role in financing the new West Chicago building, which was dedicated to servicing McDonald’s. Afterward, he would become a partner, as Otto & Sons became the OSI Group, known today as OSI Food Solutions.

When it comes to success, Lavin credits OSI’s 20,000 workers that work at 65 facilities in 17 countries. While humbly mentioning that his workers are the most important part of a business, he also boasts that employee turnover is minimal. In addition to a busy schedule, Lavin is also dedicated to a number of causes, which include The Ronald McDonald House and numerous charities in the Chicago area.


Iskandar Safa was born in Lebanon as part of a Maronite Christian family in 1955, and he was able to earn a degree in civil engineering from the University of Beirut in the 1970s. Iskandar later moved to the United States after earning his degree to further his skills as a civil engineer, where he earned himself the title of junior. Safa finally moved to France, where he earned his master’s in business administration at INSEAD in 1982.

Throughout his career, Iskandar Safa has held many reputable positions around the world in countries like Saudi Arabia and France. Safa spent years working at a military airport in construction until he managed to become the president of Triacorp International in 1986. This was a major executive position for Safa and a turning point in the success of his career. Safa managed to maintain this role at Triacorp International for 19 years before stepping down, but not without other prospects on the road ahead.

Iskandar Safa founded Privinvest in the 1990s, which is a company focused on shipbuilding with certain specialties in yachts and commercial naval vessels. Privinvest has become a multi-million dollar company that has skyrocketed Iskandar Safa into being one of the wealthiest men in Lebanon today. Click Here to learn more.

Privinvest does its shipbuilding internationally using innovative ship design and the latest in high-end materials. Currently, Privinvest maintains offices in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Under Safa, Privinvest has taken a strong stance towards tackling environmental issues that are caused by ships, which is why the company uses Marine Renewable Energies. Navies in countries around the world are using vessels provided by Privinvest, mainly private customers.

More than 2,500 jobs have been created through Privinvest, and Safa aims to continue building that legacy for years to come through necessary changes to make a lasting impression around the globe. Refer to This Article for more information


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Why does the United States score lowest in educational success compared to developing countries? It is a question more of us should seek answers to. We are aware that student activity and student engagement have something to do with this trend. Enriching activities provide students with a sense of purposefulness which fosters perseverance. This can lead to academic and lifelong success. In a recent study, 94% of students that reported a high level of happiness performed better.

Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, Aaron Lupuloff is clear in his passion to improve the achievement of students. He is working to create future leaders. Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology is the 13th best school in the United States. Gwinnett County’s public high schools are well-known for supporting student happiness. They are successful and attribute this success to staff and teacher support as well as resources from the Gwinnett County Public School Foundation.

Based on, Aaron Lupuloff’s overall focus with the GCPS Foundation is ensuring student learning and success by developing leaders through fully funded programs. Participation in extracurricular activities is dependent upon students’ grades. Students are rewarded for sports participation. These activities are designed to transcribe students’ real-life experiences. Students are set up for success and supported. The structure that encompasses all of this, allows for team bonding.

The student population in Gwinnett County is very diverse as it is a part of the Atlanta metro area. Students of all backgrounds are present whether they are wealthy or low income. With varying needs, employing and training great teachers is just the first step. Outside help has been invaluable. Engaging educational content, school supplies and proper meals make a huge impact. Each student must receive equal educational quality regardless of background. Lupuloff is a longtime community advocate whose critical support has ensured that one out of every ten students in Georgia obtains the educational experience needed to be successful throughout life.  To know better about Aaron you can visit

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.