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In 2017, the Federal Aviation Administration invited Dick DeVos to the Management Advisory Council. The FAA started the civilian board to help with new plans for policies, regulations, budgets, and new plans for growth. While many of the members are from transportation policy backgrounds or former executives of airlines. DeVos is the only one who hasn’t directly worked in the aviation industry.


However, DeVos has been a fan of aviation for most of his life. He is the co-founder of a pilot training school in Grand Rapids, and he has helped to expand the Gerald R. Ford International airport in Grand Rapids as well. While the airport had been in the same location since 1900s, it hadn’t been renovated until 1999. DeVos began working with the airport to help it expand more.


For many years, sales at the airport were stagnant. DeVos began to work with the CEO of the airport to help bring in more ticket sales. This started by talking to the CEO of AirTran Airways. DeVos called the CEO to discuss expanding flights in 2001, and after those flights were added, the airport immediately picked up in sales, leading to massive growth.


The airport is now undergoing a renovation called the Gateway Transformation Project. Phase one was just completed, and phase two will bring new technology to the airport to make it even more convenient to fly through. The airport has received a ton of awards for its smart features and faster security. The FAA has also responded by offering DeVos a place on the Management Advisory Council to assist with renovation projects and guiding the FAA through these projects.


Most people who know DeVos understand that has a high business acumen. It comes from his years working with his father at Amway and being an entrepreneur himself. He currently is the CEO of the Windquest Group, which is a investment firm that helps companies who want to make the word a better place. One of the companies he works with includes Boxed Water.


DeVos has donated a large part of his life to aviation as well. He is a pilot and he runs a charter school for students who want to become pilots on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


In addition to his work at the airport, DeVos also helped to pull Grand Rapids out of a recession that was threatening west Michigan in the early 1990s. Most of Michigan suffered after manufacturers pulled out factories and plants from the state.


DeVos helped to rebuild west Michigan and turned Grand Rapids into a conference destination city. He helped to construct buildings like the DeVos Performance Hall and DeVos Place Convention Center.


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