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Smita Shah is a highly successful American female entrepreneur of Indian descent who is setting the pace for other female entrepreneurs. Shah is a civic leader and a voice to many women aspiring to join the entrepreneurship world. She is an Engineer by profession and the founder of an engineering company SPAAN Tech Inc. Shah, as a fighter for women empowerment in the workplace, shares some best practices that women can use to become successful in the workplace.

Women to be successful in the workplace and business must focus more on short term goals as opposed to long term goals. Women should live in the moment and build strength from one achievement to the next. Women should not focus on past mistakes either should they be worried about what will happen in the future as the two will rob them the energy they need to face the task at hand. Shah says one cannot change the past nor can they do anything about the future. The business world is so dynamic, and every day comes with its unique set of challenges that women need to conquer. Shah says that women should spend their time in business learning and evaluating their abilities as that is what will help them move to the next stage. Learn more:

Another vital woman empowerment tip from Smita Shah is that women should never allow gender stereotyping in the workplace. Women before were commonly undermined at the workplace and not seen as equal partners but people who can only make or serve tea at the workplace. Shah says times have changed and inasmuch as women would like to help in such duties out of kindness, they should never allow being taken for granted or become an easy target for men. Today in some places women are still viewed as people whose work is to perform the servile functions at the workplace. Shah warns that women should never comply with such stereotypes in the workplace as it serves only to demean them and can become disastrous for their career progression. Shah says women at the workplace should not seek special treatment from men just because they are women and at the same time should not do the vice versa.

Women also to succeed in business must take into account cultural factors. Women in different communities have different roles from men. They are expected to behave in a particular way and only do particular things. Women’s roles in most of the cultures are to perform the subservient roles which can be a hindrance to women pursuing entrepreneurship. Some cultures even prevent women from owning a business. Smita Shah being a woman of Indian descent was also faced with cultural barriers. There is much difference in how Americans treat and view women as compared to the Indians. Shah says women should not be afraid of cultural barriers and should at all times strive to grow outside their comfort zone.

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