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There are tons of individuals that claim to be lifestyle entrepreneurs. Blake Mallen is one of the entrepreneurs that has truly pushed to make a difference in the lives of others. Perhaps his success is attributed to his very own motto on his website. His motto is “Live, Create, Inspire“. Is this how Blake Mallen became wildly successful?

The values that he is drawn to, are the very values that he references on his website. These include:

  • Connection
  • Experiences
  • Growth
  • Contribution

Regarded as a millennial, Blake Mallen has often been regarded as an entrepreneur that leads the millennial lifestyle. Building brands, he quickly became successful with his hard work and drive to not only hash out the brand and all it should represent, but he also focused for more than two decades on diversifying his business.

His marketing experience, his drive working on start-up companies, and his personal mission have led to each success along with bringing great people alongside him to help him build his ventures. It was Vi, rather known as ViSalus that he is best known for, that he built in his early twenties.

His ability to build solid relationships, as well as his stellar marketing skills are what brought him to the point he knew there was no way for him to look back. His view was to keep heading towards the goal for success. His healthy lifestyle brand continued to build momentum, along with the changes in the world with the healthier lifestyle movement.

The nutritional shakes, bars, and other items that they sold were just the beginning of the vision for ViSalus. Building the company at an international level was far more than he could have asked for. Blake Mallen was seeing growth at a rate he never anticipated. Blake Mallen was all about living, rather than thinking about things that you may want to do in the future. He was focused on what you can do right now. Reference: https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/person/17524755

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