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Gino Pozzo has done a large number of things throughout his career, and perhaps his football club may be one of the greatest accomplishments of his. For those who are unfamiliar with Gino, he has always been a fan of football and it has been a large part of his life since he was young. It didn’t start with him owning a football club though, as he had to work his way up the ladder.

To begin his career, Gino attended Harvard University where he attained a master’s degree. This was the start of many great things to come for him. Shortly after attending Harvard Gino got married to a wonderful woman who later became the mother of their three children. The couple moved to Spain and spent the next 20 years living there before deciding to move to London. The move took place in 2013 and was a new beginning and a new chapter in Gino’s life.

The family decided on this move to London with the thinking that they could be much more involved with the new football club that they had just recently acquired. Gino had big plans for the football club that had been struggling since the 1980s, and he put his plans into action.

In 2015, Gino Pozzo and his recently acquired clubs were taken to the top of their competition level and were a force to be reckoned with by defending opponents. Later, in 2019, Gino became ranked as the #4 football club owner that is in a CEO position, with only 3 others in front. There comes no surprise when somebody looks at the success that Gino has had with his clubs because they are the center of his passion and what fuels his drive to keep pushing everybody to be better and better.

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