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Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer who is currently based in New York City, and he specializes in mergers and acquisitions, company governance, and executive compensation. When large companies like JP Morgan Chase, Alltel, Sears and Kmart, PLC, South African Breweries, and AT&T Corporation are going under mergers and acquisitions, he is the first lawyer to be contacted to help with the transaction. Other businesses who need to undergo major company changes are also considering his services. Because of his experiences in representing huge companies that are going under a merger and acquisition transaction, the American Bar Association decided to designate him as the chairperson of the Merger and Acquisitions Subcommittee of the association’s business sector. His role in representing the largest companies in the United States allowed him to become more popular, drawing new clients to his law firm and asking him for legal assistance. The Chambers USA Guide and Legal 500 even recognized him as one of the most sought-after lawyers in the country.


In a recent interview, Jeremy Goldstein stated that one of the reasons how his law firm became successful is because of how he cared about his clients. Most of the clients he represented in court are happy with the outcome of their cases, and they are commending Jeremy Goldstein’s professionalism all throughout the hearing of their respective cases. The lawyer also stated that it is important to build bridges when representing an entity in court because you would not know when they would need another legal representation. By showing his clients that he genuinely cares, Jeremy Goldstein is able to build trust, and they are also asking for his services over and over, and the lawyer no longer thinks about losing a client because he made them trust his skills. As a result, Jeremy Goldstein is earning a lot of money because of being a corporate representative, and as a legal consultant for businesses in the United States.


He also shared how he lived during his first years practicing as a lawyer. When he first established his law firm, he had difficulties looking for a client that he can represent in court. However, using his skills and networks, he eventually found his first client, and he did everything to win the case. Since then, he started accommodating more clients who wanted him to be their representative.


Aside from his busy stint as a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein is also into philanthropic activities, donating funds to different institutions and foundations. One of his most recent act of philanthropy is hosting a charity dinner for his chosen institution. He donated the proceeds of the charity dinner to the Fountain House, an organization that looks after those who are mentally incapacitated, taking care of them and giving them a bright future ahead.


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