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Jeremy Goldstein is a successful attorney in the employment law. After graduating from the New York University of Law, he worked in a New York City-based firm before starting his own firm. Goldstein holds a high-level degree from the University of Chicago. He also holds a degree from Cornell University. While serving at various firms including Duke Energy, Philips Petroleum Company, Miller Brewing Company, MBNA Corporation, Verizon Wireless, Merck, Dow Chemical Company and many others, he was involved in various transactions including mergers and acquisitions transactions.


Prior to starting Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, Goldstein realized that contract enforcement and conflicts of interest were among the most common issues related to employment law at the time. He established the firm to focus solely on employment law. Specifically, the firm handles cases related to corporate governance as well as executive compensation. He always strives to provide the best advisory services as well as legal representation for matters in this niche.


Beyond his practice, Jeremy Goldstein gives back to the community through serving at the American’s Bar Association’s Business Section as a chairman for its subcommittee. He is also actively involved with the Professional Advisory Board for the Journey of Law as well as Business at NYU. He has been featured in various lists including Chambers USA Guide and The Legal 500 for his achievements in his professional career. He also supports the Fountain House, a charitable organization focusing on adult mental illness recovery.


The successful attorney focuses on non-compete agreements to guard the business interests of his clients. His employment law firm drafts non-compete agreements to protect employers while taking care of the interests of employees. Some of the issues stipulated in the agreement include the awaiting time of former employers before seeking employment with a competitor or even working in the same field from a nearby premise.


The non-compete agreements does not protect exploitative employers. A court can rule against the agreement terming it too restrictive. While they prevent employees from disclosing important business information to competitors, courts will look into them in a way to ensure employees are not coerced to remain employed with the company. The courts also review the period of time the non-compete agreement will stay in effect.


The restrictions can include geographic restrictions whereby agreements are only enforceable in a particular geographical area. Usually, courts cannot uphold agreements whose geographical restrictions spans through the entire United States. Additionally, compensation comes with signing the agreement and in the event that a new employee is hired, the employment opportunity is a sufficient compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein realized that lawyers leveraged dry and basic approaches to representing or giving counsel to clients. He came in to change the game by seeking to build relationships between him and his clients. That way, innovations are cultivated. Getting into the legal field, Jeremy Goldstein was interested in matching up his professional life with the characteristics of his personal life that he had found very important.


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