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Peter Briger is the Chairperson of the Board at Fortress Investment Group, which is one of the largest alternative asset investment companies in the United States. He has held the role for a longer period and has proved to be a reliable leader who is focused on ensuring that the company expands and grows in a highly competitive industry. Briger has seen some of the strategic plans incorporated by the company to achieve success.

One of the strategic approaches that have been incorporated by Peter Briger involves networking with other investors in various parts of the world. Briger notes that it is difficult for any organization to achieve growth without working with other institutions in the industry. His previous involvement in various institutions around the world gives Briger a head start when it comes to creating relationships with other influential individuals in the world of business.

So, what are the benefits of networking in the alternative asset industry? Peter Briger notes that Fortress Investment Group operates in one of the most complex sectors around the world. Working in the financial sector is not a simple undertaking as it involves engaging in some of the largest transactions that can lead to huge losses and sometimes abnormal profits. However, Briger has played a significant role in ensuring that his company achieves success.

Peter Briger knows that networking helps in attracting customers. Interacting with high profile individuals gives Briger a chance to speak about Fortress Group and the products sold by the company. This has led to an increased number of customers. This explains why Fortress Investment Group has the largest number of customers in the alternative asset industry. By attracting customers, Fortress Group has been able to market its products to the corners of the world.

Additionally, Peter Briger heads two of the most important departments at Fortress Group; real estate and credit departments. Credit department is an essential section of an alternative asset company as it helps in sourcing funds. It is through Briger that Fortress Group has been able to source investment funds from a large number of investors and investment companies as well. Networking has played a massive role in attracting funds to the company.

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