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 Brian Torchin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. He has created, therefore is the owner, as well as President of the company HCRC Staffing. This is a staffing agency designed as an online resource in order to help medical professionals find employment.Torchin was himself employed in chiropractic medicine for several years upon realizing it can be very difficult to find employment, especially in this industry. Thus, the reason he created HCRC Staffing. Brian’s major accomplishments include graduating from The University of Delaware with his Bachelor’s Degree of Exercise Science as well as the creation of his HCRC staffing company which is currently in operation and has been since 2005.He also attended the New York Chiropractical College from 1992-1995. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

Brian Torchin has a LinkedIn page filled with many positive reviews regarding his professionalism. These reviews come from co-workers as well as employees. Regarding his business, HCRC staffing, he has really helped people find job placement in the healthcare industry with his service and the comments and reviews on his LinkedIn page proof it. Brian’s LinkedIn post are also nothing but professional and our full of very useful suggestions as to how employers in search of employees should go about hiring the right people. He suggest posting a job description in such a way that it will attract the right people because if you don’t include everything the job entails or has to offer than the right people aren’t going to apply for the job.

Rather than searching different job recruiting sites that offer a variety of different fields of employment HCRC only caters to a certain industry. This industry is the medical industry. Therefore, as a medical professional of any kind, an advantage to them to use this staffing sevice would be they would not have to scroll through hundreds and hundreds of jobs that don’t apply to them before finding one that they might be a good fit for. With this service they will only have to view medical positions which apply to their related field.

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While there many be a variety of different companies available for both electric and gas service, there is nothing like the Agera Energy provider. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Agera Energy has been providing their energy services for quite some time and this is why you may need or want to switch over to them. You can get to know more about this company by visiting their Facebook and seeing what they can do for you. Follow Agera Energy on

You are going to find the many different Agera Energy reviews online help you to make the decision to switch over to this amazing company. Never before has there been a company quite like Agera Energy and this is the reason you’ll need to consider switching to their services. You can get both fuel and electricity from the Agera Energy company and see why this particular provider helps in saving money without skimping on the quality of service you’re receiving.



Companies that perform at a higher level are less likely to decay at a faster pace.

Why? Richard Liu Qiangdong and other executives would know why.

It is very simple. The company has to be able to perform at standard that has been above average for a number of years. As Richard Liu Qiangdong and other leaders have been able to do this for their companies, they are in a good place, as the eventual decay occurs, they are not affected as much.

Again, as Richard Liu Qiangdong knows, all of this matters on the context of the situation. Depending on the industry high level of return on investment capital might be present at first and then taken away as quickly as it came.

This is why it is important to study the trend like Richard Liu Qiangdong. This is why it is important to see if a company has a repeated history of providing consistent levels of a strong return on invested capital.

As such, Richard Liu Qiangdong would see that if a company were to start operating at level that is around 60% for their return on invested capital, if they experience a decline, they would fall to the 30% range, still solid returns.

As such, one should always look toward those companies that have staying power and work every single day to bring about the best sort of innovations and options for its customers. Finding companies that will last for a while and provide good returns is difficult.

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Jeremy Goldstein is a successful attorney in the employment law. After graduating from the New York University of Law, he worked in a New York City-based firm before starting his own firm. Goldstein holds a high-level degree from the University of Chicago. He also holds a degree from Cornell University. While serving at various firms including Duke Energy, Philips Petroleum Company, Miller Brewing Company, MBNA Corporation, Verizon Wireless, Merck, Dow Chemical Company and many others, he was involved in various transactions including mergers and acquisitions transactions.


Prior to starting Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, Goldstein realized that contract enforcement and conflicts of interest were among the most common issues related to employment law at the time. He established the firm to focus solely on employment law. Specifically, the firm handles cases related to corporate governance as well as executive compensation. He always strives to provide the best advisory services as well as legal representation for matters in this niche.


Beyond his practice, Jeremy Goldstein gives back to the community through serving at the American’s Bar Association’s Business Section as a chairman for its subcommittee. He is also actively involved with the Professional Advisory Board for the Journey of Law as well as Business at NYU. He has been featured in various lists including Chambers USA Guide and The Legal 500 for his achievements in his professional career. He also supports the Fountain House, a charitable organization focusing on adult mental illness recovery.


The successful attorney focuses on non-compete agreements to guard the business interests of his clients. His employment law firm drafts non-compete agreements to protect employers while taking care of the interests of employees. Some of the issues stipulated in the agreement include the awaiting time of former employers before seeking employment with a competitor or even working in the same field from a nearby premise.


The non-compete agreements does not protect exploitative employers. A court can rule against the agreement terming it too restrictive. While they prevent employees from disclosing important business information to competitors, courts will look into them in a way to ensure employees are not coerced to remain employed with the company. The courts also review the period of time the non-compete agreement will stay in effect.


The restrictions can include geographic restrictions whereby agreements are only enforceable in a particular geographical area. Usually, courts cannot uphold agreements whose geographical restrictions spans through the entire United States. Additionally, compensation comes with signing the agreement and in the event that a new employee is hired, the employment opportunity is a sufficient compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein realized that lawyers leveraged dry and basic approaches to representing or giving counsel to clients. He came in to change the game by seeking to build relationships between him and his clients. That way, innovations are cultivated. Getting into the legal field, Jeremy Goldstein was interested in matching up his professional life with the characteristics of his personal life that he had found very important.


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Sergey Petrossov

Any good new business is built identifying a problem and then providing a solution for it. Such is the case with JetSmarter. Its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sergey Petrossov had the opportunity to fly on a private plane in 2009 and before and during the flight he identified a number of problems.

The first problem was that it was far too difficult to book a flight. It involved mailing paperwork and making phone calls. Second, the planes were mostly or entirely empty. There are many private planes in the air with either just a few people on board or no people at all as the jet is repositioned to a different city for another flight.

The second problem Sergey Petrossov identified is that it was very expensive to fly privately. It was basically the purview of just the richest 1%. He wanted to democratize flying privately, bringing the cost down to what more people could realistically afford.

JetSmarter is an app through which people can create flights or grab empty seats on already scheduled flights. People can also get seats on “empty leg” flights which are the ones where otherwise empty planes reposition to another city.

Even with JetSmarter, it’s still very expensive to fly privately. Sergey Petrossov thinks that, eventually, jet-sharing can drop in price to one where people who are willing to pay a premium for a commercial plane seat might see the upgrade to a private jet seat as reasonable. He likens it to ridesharing where friends share a car ride the cost is less for each of them.

JetSmarter now has seats on flights across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. He is looking at offering shorter flights which would further expand the customer base of his company.


Brazil’s Maurício Mendonça Godoy gained a great deal of acclaim for himself during his run heading up the firm Toyo Setal as its Chief Executive Officer. 2012 marked the year that Toyo Setal began operations. The creation of the firm was the result of the Setal company of Brazil merging with the Toyo company from Japan and creating the new Toyo Setal entity. Maurício Mendonça Godoy then became the first Chief Executive Officer of this new and exciting organization. This was a major accomplishment for Maurício Mendonça Godoy but it was hardly his first time as an executive leader with a top company.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy Had previously held major positions within the Setal organization before its merger with Toyo. This began with his role as the Chief Operating Officer at Setal from 2008 up to 2010. His consistent successes in his Chief Operating Officer role led to Maurício next rising all the way to the Chief Executive Officer position with Setal in 2010. When the merger with the Toyo company occurred, he then moved into the Chief Executive Officer role there as well. During his time in this role, Toyo Setal enjoyed a significant amount of success as well as major growth. Among these major accomplishments was the attainment of the contract with Petrobrás in order to construct a fertilizer unit called the V. This was a major contract for the team at Toyo Setal to land and much of the credit for this deal went to the leadership that Maurício had provided.

These days Maurício Mendonça Godoy finds himself working in the Chief Executive Officer role with the Brazilian firm known as Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda. The firm specializes in the offshore projects sector and similarly to his past successes, Maurício has led the firm to a number of prestigious contracts and a great deal of impressive growth since he came on board in 2015. The company is known for some of the most impressive construction projects that are ongoing in Brazil and the firm’s stellar reputation has only continued to grow since Maurício came on board.

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Serge Belamant is not a well-known or household name, but he is the reason behind many other household names. Belamant’s patents and inventions led to the invention of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. Thu, while Serge Belamant is not a household name, his contributions to computer science are.

Blockchain is an incredibly useful piece of innovation. It acts as a list of records, or a ledger, of transactions. These records are dated and timestamped and drastically increase the safety of nearly all types of electronic payment methods. Many types of transactional systems are still unsafe and inefficient, but rapidly growing blockchain technology is likely to revolutionise these systems. Blockchain will also make complex management and payment systems less complex, as more of the process will be automated.

Serge Belamant is from France originally, but was raised in South Africa. He was incredibly successful in both academics and sports during his formative years. His university marks were also stellar, but he dropped out of school before finishing his degree. Despite this, he was immediately employed due to his evident talent in computer science. Serge Belamant worked at several different technology companies, but his blockchain breakthrough did not occur until 1995. He was working at Net1, his own company, while trying to create a more efficient method of online payment.

Visa, the credit card company, had commissioned Belamant’s company to create a new payment system, which was eventually called COPAC, or Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card. This security feature allowed for safer payments on cards and Visa still uses it as a security measure over 20 years later. These inventions created an electronic record of every card usage that made card theft and usage much more difficult. Several other companies adopted this system after Visa’s success with it.

After years of career success, Serge Belamant is working at Zilch Technologies, a company that he created with his son. Zilch Technologies is primarily focused on computer science and its applications for the banking industry. Regardless of his current activities, blockchain and cryptocurrency would likely not exist if it were not for the many contributions of Belamant.

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Peter Briger is the Chairperson of the Board at Fortress Investment Group, which is one of the largest alternative asset investment companies in the United States. He has held the role for a longer period and has proved to be a reliable leader who is focused on ensuring that the company expands and grows in a highly competitive industry. Briger has seen some of the strategic plans incorporated by the company to achieve success.

One of the strategic approaches that have been incorporated by Peter Briger involves networking with other investors in various parts of the world. Briger notes that it is difficult for any organization to achieve growth without working with other institutions in the industry. His previous involvement in various institutions around the world gives Briger a head start when it comes to creating relationships with other influential individuals in the world of business.

So, what are the benefits of networking in the alternative asset industry? Peter Briger notes that Fortress Investment Group operates in one of the most complex sectors around the world. Working in the financial sector is not a simple undertaking as it involves engaging in some of the largest transactions that can lead to huge losses and sometimes abnormal profits. However, Briger has played a significant role in ensuring that his company achieves success.

Peter Briger knows that networking helps in attracting customers. Interacting with high profile individuals gives Briger a chance to speak about Fortress Group and the products sold by the company. This has led to an increased number of customers. This explains why Fortress Investment Group has the largest number of customers in the alternative asset industry. By attracting customers, Fortress Group has been able to market its products to the corners of the world.

Additionally, Peter Briger heads two of the most important departments at Fortress Group; real estate and credit departments. Credit department is an essential section of an alternative asset company as it helps in sourcing funds. It is through Briger that Fortress Group has been able to source investment funds from a large number of investors and investment companies as well. Networking has played a massive role in attracting funds to the company.

We can see that a few of these companies have debt that is more than 2x their EBITDA. In such a situation, one would see that it is necessary to have for revenues happening on a regular basis. Increased revenues would help to pay off debts.

One must understand why a company like the OSI Group has good prospects. After al

l, an investor or an employee only has so much time in this world. The OSI Group may be a company to look into after finding out that it has dealt with large corporations that serve burgers within this world.

When an investor understands the obvious elements of a company like the OSI Group then they can dig deeper into the company. The OSI Group is not a government-sponsored enterprise. This specific company operates in the meatpacking and processing area of the world. It is a commercial operation and thus it is one that that deals with other businesses and not directly with a specific consumer.

The company has several lines of business but has always stuck to its core lines of business since it was started. This is one business that is needed and will thrive as long as there is a demand for meat.

Remember that this is a private company as well.

One must realize that a company must have competitive advantages for investors to get involved. If a company does not have competitive advantages then an investor would have to think twice as to why they are interested in having the company as a part of a portfolio. With a lower cost of funds than others, that can serve as a competitive advantage, overall efficiencies can serve as a competitive advantage. There are many other factors that can serve as competitive advantages to a company like the OSI Group.

Private enterprise can be lucrative but there must always be some sort of edge that translates into proper and real value across the board.

One company like the entity being discussed does have scale. The scale is important because that means that it is known and will continue to be prevalent The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group