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Betsy DeVos knows that life isn’t fair. She knows that injustices pop up all of the time. Although she acknowledges that, it doesn’t mean that she’s okay with it at all. She’s not. She works constantly in order to end injustices for good. She sees injustices in all different walks of life. She notices them in the educational system in the United States as well. Since she’s America’s Education Secretary, she has every right to discuss them. President Donald J. Trump realizes that DeVos is more than qualified to look after the nation’s vast educational network. Educational matters differ greatly across the board. The situation in New England isn’t the same as it is on the West Coast. It can be hard to predict educational matters in the country.


DeVos likes to think about what she can do to push the educational system forward. She doesn’t want to be complacent about it. She doesn’t want to be complacent about anything in general. Complacency is something that irks her to no end. It irks Dick, her husband, just as much. That’s exactly why they’ve been married for so long. They comprehend their thinking styles. They’re both brilliant individuals who have thoughts that are rare and detail-oriented.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been a force in America since the eighties. Dick and Betsy made it work in 1989. Although it’s nothing new to them, they adore it more than ever. They look after it more than ever as well. They make donations to the non-profit that are meaningful. These donations go into all sorts of sectors that are relevant to the people of the country. They go into schooling factors. They even go into cultural ones. Betsy DeVos is a woman who has always been committed to culture. She wants American citizens to all be able to learn about culture regularly. She’s fond of museums, art galleries, schools and anything along those lines.


Dick DeVos doesn’t ever yawn any time his wife brings up the topic of education. That’s because he cares about it just as much as she does. Although he’s not labeled as being the Secretary of Education for the United States, that doesn’t take away his feelings even for a second. The pupils who go to the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan all know just how much Dick believes in aviation. They all know just how much he believes in schooling as well. He’s the head honcho. This school is at the airport and therefore is a prime choice for students who want to become pilots someday. It’s a prime choice for students who want to work in the aviation sector in general.


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