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A wise leader knows how to handle his customers, and when there is a mistake in his company operations, he takes his business responsibility. Although leaders will do anything to prevent their company reputation from getting ruined, sometime, their workers might end up doing something that messes the whole process. To make things continue in the right direction, leaders should take the right action and if need be, apologize and even compensate the people who are affected. Sheldon Lavin has never shown any weakness as a business leader. The business executive has been holding the top position in one of the food giants in the global market.

Those who know the background of the food supplier know that it ventured into the international market because of having the right leadership. Sheldon Lavin passion for the food market has made him win most of the battles that have presented themselves over the years because of his expertise skills. The Husi meat scandal that was reported a few months ago hit OSI Group so hard. When the scandal was getting out of control, Sheldon Lavin moved quickly to contain the situation and calm his followers. Everyone was wondering how a giant company in the market was capable of selling outdated meats that could harm the customers.

Sheldon Lavin investigated the matter so well, and at the end of the day, he admitted that his food company was in the wrong. After accepting responsibility for the things that went wrong in the China company, Sheldon Lavin is giving assurance to his clients that this is the last time it will be happening. According to Lavin, the expired beef and poultry that found its way in many restaurants in China were processed by OSI Group. There are some personalities who are alleged to have repackaged the meat and given it false expiry dates and then selling it to food chains in the country. Although investigations are still underway, most of the company facilities in other parts of the world have stated that this is the first time the global company is reporting such an incidence in a long time. The company will look for ways to compensate those who have been affected.

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