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The RealReal is a favorite in the world of online consignment shopping and they have been proving why they were recently expected to be valued at around a billion. While their customers enjoy being able to make and save money by participating in the consignment process, they are also excited to see that they are able to reduce their environmental footprint by purchasing items that are pre-owned. The company has begun sending their many customers emails that detail just how much of an impact they are making on the world simply by shopping and selling on The RealReal. Along with telling them the good things that they are doing for mother nature, the company also includes a rundown on just how much good they have done for their pocketbook.

The emails are sent out to the customers of The RealReal on a yearly basis and many people are surprised by just how much money and emissions they are saving by purchasing used luxury goods. While the customers enjoy being able to see how much they have saved monetarily, the company reports that the environment impact motivates them most of all. They track everything from reduced greenhouse gas emissions, miles driven to produce the products, and even how much water is used in the process. All of these things add up quickly and The RealReal is showing how much shopping smart can help the world. The company knows how important it is to keep consumers educated and are working hard to do it through a science team that operates within the company.

The RealReal has become a popular place to clean out closets and to save money on great clothing and accessories. While a lot of people are hesitant to buy luxury online, the company guarantees the authenticity of every product that is sold on their site. In addition, each item that is sent in for consignment is professionally documented and photographed to ensure that customers are getting exactly what they are expecting. Consignors have reported that they are happy with the simplicity of the process and being able to use their earnings to purchase items that they enjoy.

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