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There aren’t many people who know exactly how Betsy DeVos feels. She’s a woman who has done and seen so much throughout the course of her life. She hasn’t even come close to stopping, either. She has many plans in the works. The people around her have an abundance of them as well. Thankfully, DeVos has a close friend in her wonderful husband, Dick. Dick’s a lot like she is. He’s been a tireless figure in the American political scene for a lengthy span of time. People recognize him from his days back in the Midwest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was a lobbying pioneer of sorts back then. He took part in lobbying that covered many bases in the city. His lobbying frequently involved discussions of big construction projects that were on the horizon.


Mrs. DeVos has a penchant for philanthropy that’s probably rivaled only by her husband’s fondness of it. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is the name of a highly regarded not-for-profit that’s in operations in the United States at the moment. It’s not a new group in any sense, either. It’s been around since the late eighties, interestingly enough. DeVos’ interest in it hasn’t waned even for a second. She and her husband work nonstop to make donations to the group and to all of its assorted missions. The organization puts a lot of care into the arts in the United States. It puts a lot of care into all kinds of diverse cultural matters.


DeVos is a Secretary of Education in the United States. She’s the only individual in the nation who has the role. President Donald Trump selected her with good reason. He was able to pinpoint her sense of determination. She has a tenacity that’s not at all common in human beings. Most people cannot identify with her ability to tackle all sorts of things all at once. She’s without a doubt a bona fide multitasker. Her husband is, too. DeVos knows how to talk about all kinds of subjects simultaneously. She knows how to talk about all facets of the United States’ sizable educational system. She talks to parents and family members in general about educational choice and all of its positive factors. She talks to people everywhere about educational vouchers and their ins and outs. She even talks to them about the universe of charter schools. Charter schools are close to the DeVos family. Dick established a charter school he actually can call his own. This is the West Michigan Aviation Academy of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since it’s at the city’s vast airport, it suits travelers perfectly. It suits aviation lovers to a T as well. It gets stronger all the time.


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