A Review of Betterworks: Employee Performance and Support for Nimble Teams

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Betterworks’ HR technology has been successful in helping businesses yield better outcomes. This technology gives room for continuous performance so that employees can be at their best. The technology also simplifies communication between managers and their employees.

For your team to stand out, it has to be smart, flexible, fast and determined to achieve its goals. Betterworks technology is made with this in mind. You can outdo your competition by making sure that: your employees continuously get feedback on their performance, you are recognizing and appreciating those who do well in the office, and you are regularly shedding light on any updates in your company. The Betterworks platform helps you do all these with ease.

Many firms’ HR technology is separate from the technologies and tools for communicating with employees like emails and messaging platforms. With Betterworks, your technologies integrate well with their platform thereby simplifying the way information is updated and shared. Even better is the fact that they have a mobile app that you can download on your Android or IOS mobile devices. This means you can see the progress your team is making from anywhere and at any time.

Betterworks was started in 2013. The software is meant for managing employees performance. Betterworks’ most exciting feature is its ability to integrate with the day-to-day operations of your business seamlessly. It is the perfect tool for setting goals, checking the progress that your team is making towards achieving the set goals, and providing feedback on important issues at the company.

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