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Before clocking 30, Zeco Auriemo had already ascended to the top position of JHSF, his family’s company. He joined the company as an adolescent and worked his way up to the top of the corporate world. The many years at the firm prepared him for the essential tasks that lay in store. He learned the tenets of the industry and was best placed to assume the role of President.

His excellent leadership skills began to show at a tender age. Zeco Auriemo took part in the Japan-held International Youth Conference. While in Europe he briefly explored his passion of horse riding along with the natives. He was an Engineering student at Sao Paulo University while working at JHSF. He did not see out his studies as he opted to focus his energy on the corporate world. With the guidance of Fabio Auriemo, his father, he was able to learn the ropes and grow out of his shadow.

JHSF has made significant inroads in the incorporation market where they get most of their revenue. The firm boasts of a growing presence in Salvador, Manaus, Punta del Este, and Sao Paulo. Zeco Auriemo has played a pivotal role as the firm sought to make an impact in the luxury industry. JHSF has several important shopping centers to its name including the Metro Santa Cruz as well as Metro Tucuruzi.

Zeco Auriemo pointed out the potential in high-income development and steered the firm in that direction. They put their money in a multifunctional enterprise that went on to yield significant gains. The Marginal Pinheiros-based enterprise demonstrated his ability to predict the future of the market. Although many investors viewed it as a high-risk venture, their efforts yielded much fruit.

The developer made their way into the Stocks Exchange market with proceeds from their different assets. Commercial buildings, shopping malls and gyms are part of their impressive portfolio. Zeco Auriemo is a family man who strives to take part in the lives of his children actively.

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