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In recent years, has been the largest e-commerce retailer in China, with a reported 100 million users. Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong has noted on several occasions, however, this wasn’t an easy journey, and there were a few different turns and challenges throughout this time. One of the first of these was the fact that Liu Qiangdong  initially hadn’t planned on breaking into the retail world. Instead, opted to enter the Sociology program at the People’s University of China. After graduating, he realized that it wasn’t a career path that he was interested in.

Because of that, he began studying Computer Science and was soon working for a variety of companies as a freelance coder. This then led to an IT position with Japan Life; after a relatively short amount of time, Richard Liu Qiangdong had been promoted to Director of Computers with the nutritional supplement giant. Despite this success, Qiangdong still wasn’t satisfied. This was because he had a passion to start a company of his own. Because of that, he left Japan Life and formed Jingdong. At the time, the company sold a limited range of magneto-optical products.

To stand out, Richard Liu Qiangdong placed a considerable amount of emphasis on high-quality customer service. This was something that worked to Jingdong’s benefit and soon began to expand; after only a few years, he had opened up another dozen stores. This rapid expansion was soon halted by a SARS outbreak, however. This made physical contact with customers increasingly more difficult, which soon began having a noticeable impact on sales. Because of this, Richard Liu began formulating an idea for what would eventually become

Within a few years, Richard Liu Qiangdong had closed each of Jingdong’s physical locations and migrated each of his products onto The closure of the stores was fueled by the website’s growing success, which was soon noticed by a variety of product manufacturers. This led to several partnerships, which led to a staggering number of products being added to the site in the following few years, which also helped fuel the company’s success.

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A wise leader knows how to handle his customers, and when there is a mistake in his company operations, he takes his business responsibility. Although leaders will do anything to prevent their company reputation from getting ruined, sometime, their workers might end up doing something that messes the whole process. To make things continue in the right direction, leaders should take the right action and if need be, apologize and even compensate the people who are affected. Sheldon Lavin has never shown any weakness as a business leader. The business executive has been holding the top position in one of the food giants in the global market.

Those who know the background of the food supplier know that it ventured into the international market because of having the right leadership. Sheldon Lavin passion for the food market has made him win most of the battles that have presented themselves over the years because of his expertise skills. The Husi meat scandal that was reported a few months ago hit OSI Group so hard. When the scandal was getting out of control, Sheldon Lavin moved quickly to contain the situation and calm his followers. Everyone was wondering how a giant company in the market was capable of selling outdated meats that could harm the customers.

Sheldon Lavin investigated the matter so well, and at the end of the day, he admitted that his food company was in the wrong. After accepting responsibility for the things that went wrong in the China company, Sheldon Lavin is giving assurance to his clients that this is the last time it will be happening. According to Lavin, the expired beef and poultry that found its way in many restaurants in China were processed by OSI Group. There are some personalities who are alleged to have repackaged the meat and given it false expiry dates and then selling it to food chains in the country. Although investigations are still underway, most of the company facilities in other parts of the world have stated that this is the first time the global company is reporting such an incidence in a long time. The company will look for ways to compensate those who have been affected.

The RealReal is a favorite in the world of online consignment shopping and they have been proving why they were recently expected to be valued at around a billion. While their customers enjoy being able to make and save money by participating in the consignment process, they are also excited to see that they are able to reduce their environmental footprint by purchasing items that are pre-owned. The company has begun sending their many customers emails that detail just how much of an impact they are making on the world simply by shopping and selling on The RealReal. Along with telling them the good things that they are doing for mother nature, the company also includes a rundown on just how much good they have done for their pocketbook.

The emails are sent out to the customers of The RealReal on a yearly basis and many people are surprised by just how much money and emissions they are saving by purchasing used luxury goods. While the customers enjoy being able to see how much they have saved monetarily, the company reports that the environment impact motivates them most of all. They track everything from reduced greenhouse gas emissions, miles driven to produce the products, and even how much water is used in the process. All of these things add up quickly and The RealReal is showing how much shopping smart can help the world. The company knows how important it is to keep consumers educated and are working hard to do it through a science team that operates within the company.

The RealReal has become a popular place to clean out closets and to save money on great clothing and accessories. While a lot of people are hesitant to buy luxury online, the company guarantees the authenticity of every product that is sold on their site. In addition, each item that is sent in for consignment is professionally documented and photographed to ensure that customers are getting exactly what they are expecting. Consignors have reported that they are happy with the simplicity of the process and being able to use their earnings to purchase items that they enjoy.

Being a learned expert in software engineering, Serge Belamant became more innovative in nature. He did numerous amazing things in his line of specialization. Through constant and efficient research, he managed to come up with a problem-solving creation through making transactions easy. He managed to come up block chain technology and crypto currencies. Through his efforts, he owns patents in them.

Serge was born in 1953 and raised in France. During his tender age, he departed from home and moved to South Africa, where he learned new vocals like English. It was during his schooling that he realized he was gifted in athletics. On top of that, he also participated in other games without any limitations. This accredited him to an influential leadership position in his school.

He later joined The Witwatersrand University in South Africa to get knowledge in software engineering and information technology. Despite the interruptive challenges faced during the learning process, he never quitted. He pressed on to the end.

After school, Serge Belamant exercised his skills at Matrix, a vast company specializing in civil engineering. He operated the computer software system meant for the analysis of dam measurements in South Africa. He did his own innovation on the software to enable it to predict future occurrences. He also came up with digital mappings, which helped to simplify the whole process of data collection.

In order to become more stable financially, Serge Belamant took his engineers to a benchmark in a computer manufacturing firm and earned himself a job in a data control firm. As a mater of facts, he became part of the Cybernet group where he modeled the statistical applications making them efficient for data analysis. By surprise, got an award for being the best analyst of the year.

His achievements compelled him to go for further exposure to linear and nonlinear programming in Washington with a goal of securing a post in Cobra security organization. He certainly got the post due to his reputation.

He finally became a consultant of risk management at Bancorp, where he came up with a system that does data analysis in only ten steps. This acted as a bridge to being a full member of the RSA computer firm. During his membership period, he analyzed the economic movement in a way to make them predictable. Read this article about Serge at


To conclude, Serge Belamant is indeed an important resource to the entire world since his creativity applies to nearly every dimension of life.

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Today, Igor Cornelsen is one of Brazil’s biggest and most popular investment advisers. Born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1947, Cornelsen actually had different plans as a young man. He entered the prestigious and highly competitive Federal University of Parana School of Engineering in 1965. It was about two years into his engineering studies that Cornelson decided to change his focus and study economics instead. Finishing his studies in 1970, he immediately launched what would eventually become a very successful investment career.

His background in mathematics and engineering proved highly advantageous in these early days, as this was before the widespread use of calculators and computers. Through his skill and work, Igor Cornelsen rose rapidly, and joined the board of directors for Multibanco in 1974, and became CEO just two short years later.

Though his tenure was relatively short due to a buyout, Cornelsen quickly found more opportunity, and settled on one of Brazil’s leading investment corporations, Unibanco. This was followed in 1985 by a move to Libra Bank PLC. This was notable as the first time Cornelsen was paid in USD, and with it, new investment opportunities. He continued his opportunity with Standard Chartered Merchant Bank as a member of the board, as well as a representative of Brazil. Finally, in 1995, Igor started his own investment firm, where he continues to be an active investment manager.

He continues to study economics, and closely follows many markets, starting his days in Sao Paulo, Brazil, early enough to catch the opening of European markets. He also enjoys meeting with colleagues and friends in the field to discuss developments and ideas. However, he always keeps as a core tenet the belief that he should not allow others to influence him, and that he wants to base all of his decisions on facts rather than opinions. As such, he focuses heavily on information rather than opinion, and how these pieces of information fit into the world markets as a whole. His aim is simply to use the information he gathers to make better decisions faster than anyone else, thus cementing himself at the top of the investing world.

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan businesswoman who is the president of Unitel. She spoke at length in Europe, where she emphasized the importance of technology to Africa. She reiterated that after the mobile telecommunications revolution in Africa, the next revolution would be a digital revolution. It is therefore imperative that the masses be sensitized over this agenda and moreover on how to help them understand how to use it.

Isabel dos Santos shared this at the Africa Summit 2019 organized by conservatives and reformists who are a political affiliation in the European Parliament. She expressed deep concern about how Africa at large was nurturing young talents. It is time that the unmistakable brain drain was addressed so that talent could thrive in Africa and propel the continent forward. Technology would greatly improve the transport sector in many urban centers in Africa if the creation of smart cities was encouraged and online platforms were created with which affordability, comfort and efficiency were made available to the people at the touch of a button. Read more about Isabel Dos Santos at

E-commerce would also come to replace traditional vendors as more and more transactions become digital. Technology in the agricultural sector would thrive as state of the art gadgetry are introduced regulating costs, encouraging technology, and the sector would surge forward. Governments should be prepared and empowered with skills in technology so that they don’t fear change but embrace it.

Isabel dos Santos is irrefutably recognized as the single most successful female business leader in Africa. Her wide influence in Angola, her home country, has seen more than 50,000 new jobs created. Dedicating both her resources and efforts to projects in and around Angola has brought her recognition and opened doors for her to speak in various forums around the world. The ECR Africa Summit 2019 is one of such unforeseen opportunities where she pushed for greater infrastructural development in digitization.

Isabel dos Santos cherishes entrepreneurship deeply. She encourages grassroots economic development, which is only manageable when the youth are educated on the need to create jobs rather than to seek one and furnished with the necessary resources.

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There aren’t many people who know exactly how Betsy DeVos feels. She’s a woman who has done and seen so much throughout the course of her life. She hasn’t even come close to stopping, either. She has many plans in the works. The people around her have an abundance of them as well. Thankfully, DeVos has a close friend in her wonderful husband, Dick. Dick’s a lot like she is. He’s been a tireless figure in the American political scene for a lengthy span of time. People recognize him from his days back in the Midwest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was a lobbying pioneer of sorts back then. He took part in lobbying that covered many bases in the city. His lobbying frequently involved discussions of big construction projects that were on the horizon.


Mrs. DeVos has a penchant for philanthropy that’s probably rivaled only by her husband’s fondness of it. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is the name of a highly regarded not-for-profit that’s in operations in the United States at the moment. It’s not a new group in any sense, either. It’s been around since the late eighties, interestingly enough. DeVos’ interest in it hasn’t waned even for a second. She and her husband work nonstop to make donations to the group and to all of its assorted missions. The organization puts a lot of care into the arts in the United States. It puts a lot of care into all kinds of diverse cultural matters.


DeVos is a Secretary of Education in the United States. She’s the only individual in the nation who has the role. President Donald Trump selected her with good reason. He was able to pinpoint her sense of determination. She has a tenacity that’s not at all common in human beings. Most people cannot identify with her ability to tackle all sorts of things all at once. She’s without a doubt a bona fide multitasker. Her husband is, too. DeVos knows how to talk about all kinds of subjects simultaneously. She knows how to talk about all facets of the United States’ sizable educational system. She talks to parents and family members in general about educational choice and all of its positive factors. She talks to people everywhere about educational vouchers and their ins and outs. She even talks to them about the universe of charter schools. Charter schools are close to the DeVos family. Dick established a charter school he actually can call his own. This is the West Michigan Aviation Academy of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since it’s at the city’s vast airport, it suits travelers perfectly. It suits aviation lovers to a T as well. It gets stronger all the time.


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Chris Burch has traveled the world, and outside of owning his own hotel, he now has a home in Paris that was once a hotel. The 1608 Hotel Particulier, a historic house outside of Paris was spotted and coveted by the tycoon Chris Burch. The next step was turning it into a family home that boast all things unique.

The hotel was home to stunning antiques, including a chandelier from the 18th century. The noteworthy interior was the icing on the cake for Chris Burch, who had always wanted to have a getaway of his own in Paris. Having his design in mind, he knew it did not exist at the moment.

His friend Marco Scarani and his partner Jamie Creel knew what Burch was looking for. Taking a trip to Senlis, a quiet town built on cobblestone streets, Burch and his two friends discovered that this 1608 hotel was for sale.

Once Burch, Scarani and Creel laid eyes on the hotel, it was a winner. This neighborhood just outside of Paris was captivating for Burch, and he knew that with the right touches it would become a family home of his own.

Although Scarani felt it was too much to work with, Burch saw that it could become a home to his family with six children. He fell in love with hotel, accepting that it needed work in every area to become the home he had dreamed of having in France.

Stratford Shields has become a pioneer within the municipal fund industry for well over twenty decades. He’s served on the civil fund sector institution as Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIMFA) Enforcement Division. He directed the attempt to generate a voluntary prohibit one of securities firms to get rid of the visual appeal of pay-to-play by banning financial donations for mail ballot elections. Stratford has additionally functioned as a major investment banker at the municipal fund and privatization are as for example landmark trades for things just like the Ohio State University because of the own $483 million 50-year concession of its own parking system that was awarded”Deal of the Year” by the Bond Buyer at the sounding unconventional financing. Within his municipal fund livelihood, he’s functioned as lead investment banker to get more than $30 billion of trades for customers including cities, states, universities and hospital systems and airports, toll roads, sewer and water things, state construction funds, along with student loan agencies, amongst others. He aided these customers with charge plans and trade structuring to accomplish optimal financing outcomes. In his own career, he’s served as the pinnacle of Public Finance in two leading Wall Street firms including Morgan Stanley for five years at which he directed a turnaround campaign that improved the businesses direct handled negotiated positions from #10 to a frequent no 4. He’s currently a Managing Director in the Public Finance Investment Banking team at Loop Capital Markets (a Chicago based company ) covering important customers in the North East and Midwest. Before Being a public fund banker, he functioned in politics and authorities together with his past position being President of this State Controlling Board and also Deputy Director of the Ohio Office of Management and Budget.

Richard Liu Qiangdong started his business by taking risks and being open to a variety of opportunities. After he graduated college, he started his career by working for a herbal supplement company where he worked as a Director of Service and Computers. He also learned more about programming and coding where he saw the development of the e-commerce industry, and he thought of ways of how to grow along with it. Richard Liu became even more passionate about entrepreneurship by renting his own retail space and started selling magneto-optical products. He eventually became successful with his venture and expanded his small retail space. However, there was a widespread of SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak all over China and this became the business’ downfall.

On the bright side, Richard Liu Qiangdong did not let the outbreak affect him and his positive mindset. Instead, he saw this as an opportunity for progress and the numerous benefits of technological advancements during that time. He decided to transform his entire business model by adapting in the world of the Internet and saw how customers would rather spend their time shopping stress-free inside their homes. Richard Liu diminished all of his retail spaces and started focusing on his endeavors on selling his products through the e-commerce platform and created his own website which we now know as

Richard Liu Qiangdong kept a keen eye on developing other platforms and cutting-edge solutions that will give customers the best experience while they are shopping at Richard Liu and his employees focus on meeting and exceeding the expectations of their customers on a daily basis as well as forming solid relationships with different organizations and companies worldwide.

Richard Liu recently developed drones for their delivery services and partnered with multiple companies to provide people a wide range of quality goods and unparalleled customer service. Jingdong or continues to sell authentic and authorized goods and ensures that each of their customers will experience online shopping like never before. Over one billion people go to his website regularly and they sell millions of goods each day.