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The Watford Football Club is currently having a fantastic season and the hornets have only lost one time in 11 games. Those are some phenomenal statistics and the team feels that this may be their season. This team along with the coaches, have show tremendous passion for the game. A lot of this success was created from the amazing leadership by the owner, Gino Pozzo. Gino Pozzo is a simple Italian businessman, that has a love for the game of football.

Gino Pozzo acquired the Watford Football Club in June of 2012. It is strange for this family to show such an interest in football, since coming from the woodworking industry. However, Gino Pozzo really wanted to help this club in a big way. So, Gino took control of the Watford Football Club and started his journey to improve this club. With the way the current season is going, I would say that he succeeded in doing so. Even those who have interviews Gino Pozzo, have said what a passionate and caring human being that he is.

The Watford Football Club is not only having a promising year currently, with the great leadership and potential in this club, there will be many successful years to come. Watford will be making an appearance this year in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. The team is heading into the next series of games with great confidence and faith in their leaders. Gino Pozzo has proven to be a great leader and understands that even if they do not make it to the Premier League this year, they will never stop trying. The Watford Football Club is a great organization and has a bright future ahead. Meanwhile, the current focus of the Watford Football Club is to successfully make it through the FA Cup.

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