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Guilherme Paulus is a world renowned entrepreneur and is one of Brazil’s finest hoteliers. Guilherme owns and manages the CVC Brasil and GJP Hotels and Resorts. Guilherme Paulus is considered one of the most powerful and most influential businessmen of the modern world. His story on how he built his business empire is surely one for the textbooks and it should serve as inspiration for future businessmen. The idea of building a company did not directly come from Guilherme, but from a state deputy that he met on a boat trip – Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Carlos wanted to start a tourist agency in his hometown, Santo Andre.

About Guilherme Paulus was based in Sao Paulo at the time – he was very young and was new to the business which is why Carlos proposed an arrangement where Paulus did the groundwork and Carlos provided the investment to get the business started. Paulus was fired up with the energy of youth and had millions of ideas on how to grow the business – although he was new, he was prepared to conquer any challenge and was ready to grab every opportunity available. His first affirmation that he was meant to be in the business was when they opened their very first location which was strategically studies by Guilherme Paulus himself. He chose a place that was geographically perfect for the establishment they were creating. A place with dynamic diversity, and a consistent heavy traffic.

The location was just outside of the movie theater – so Paulus was sure that whatever happens, their establishment will be seen and will gain attention. The Carlos and Paulus partnership went on for about four years until Paulus decided to go at it alone. Expansion multiplied exponentially when Paulus decided that it was his time to take over and his unique ideas really began to manifest when he was solely on the wheel. Guilherme Paulus knows that it is through talent and sheer hardwork that has gotten him through the hardships on building his company. And he would like to remind young entrepreneurs that one does not go without the other – coupling of talent and hard work is one of the main driving factors towards success. Click here.



Oren Frank is one of the leaders that has brought a positive impact on the lives of people through his ventures. He is the co-founder of Talkspace, and he is also the chief executive officer of the firm. The duo has continued to make online therapy easily accessible to many people, thanks to the vast knowledge he holds on technology. Through his venture, Oren has employed a great team that fully understands the basics when it comes to handling victims of mental health. According to the duo, mental health is one of the severe illnesses that affect a vast number of people in the United States, and a considerable number of people suffer in silence due to the adverse effects that the disease holds. As a result, he relies on the expertise of his great team to address the issues with the target of bringing back great health to his clients.

On the other hand, Oren Frank has also ensured that online therapy is easily accessible to every interested party regardless of their location as well as the state of mind. He believes that everyone that shows signs of mental illnesses requires and deserves advanced care as well as attention. He always encourages his team to exercise caution when handling his patients and ensure that they listen to each of them regardless of the seriousness of their illness.

The dedication that the duo has shown towards helping his clients has seen him win the hearts of many people, and this has enabled his firm to grow tremendously, attracting millions of subscribers. The continuous efforts that the duo has put towards his work is impressionable, and it has kept him moving even at the hardest times of his career. The high affordability of his services has also helped people save and cut costs hence conveniently handle and manage their budgets.



For those who know the DeVos family, it’s no surprise to hear that the Devos Family Foundation has surpassed $139 million in charitable giving. The foundation has always helped with educational interests and community healthcare needs in West Michigan, but the foundation has always helped with education centers in other states. Dick DeVos is one of the board members on the foundation, as well as his wife Betsy DeVos. You may know her as the 11th US Education Secretary.


When you think of the DeVos family, you probably think of Amway. Richard DeVos co-founded Amway in the 1970s. His son Richard DeVos Jr., or Dick Devos, has always worked his father’s company as well as delve into his own project. He is well known for helping Grand Rapids get on the map in Michigan, however. One of the main problems for the DeVos family has been political leanings, as many see them as a Republican family. However, if you look closely at DeVos, you’ll see that much of their charitable giving is towards eco-friendly, family-conscious organizations.


Dick DeVos has always been more interested in philanthropy. His work in Grand Rapids has created an economic book for businesses, and the foundation has built multiple areas of the city. For example, the DeVos Performance Hall and DeVos Place Convention Center are two areas that have helped the city grow.


In addition to his work in downtown, many know DeVos for his monumental help with the Grand Rapids local airport. Since the 1900s, the area had an airport, but it was never that busy. In the 1990s after a re-launch, the CEO contacted DeVos because the airport was in trouble. DeVos saw an opportunity to partner up with his strategy by building a convention center in downtown. He wanted to become a conference destination for business travelers.


He worked with the airlines to get more destinations that lined up with these interests. New flights to ORlando, Vegas, St. Louis, and Denver were added to the Grand Rapids airport. By 2018, the airport was seeing 3.26 million passengers in one year. That number wasn’t expected until 2020. It was these types of successful stories that drove many to see Dick DeVos as a prodigy-like businessman.


Now he works with the FAA as part of the Management Advisory Council. The experience of Grand Rapids has helped him show others how airports can be updated and have the latest technology with just a bit of funding. He will be working with the FAA’s council through 2020.


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Many people start blaming their email service when they find that their inbox is too cluttered to use. They feel frustrated and want to give up on it altogether because they can’t keep track of the emails that they actually want to see. But, that is where a service like Unroll Me comes in. It helps people to get rid of the junk emails that they no longer want to receive in just a few minutes. They can go through all of their email subscriptions and quickly swipe them away to unsubscribe.

Unroll Me offers a simple solution to those who are feeling frustrated with their email service. They don’t have to get rid of their email account altogether, but all that they need to do is to clean it up a bit. And, once they do that, they will feel much more productive when using their email. And they will also have less of a chance of missing an important email. They can see everything that is coming through and all of the emails that are from real people once they get rid of the junk mail. Email is a great way to communicate for business or personal reasons as long as it doesn’t get lost in the inbox.

The creators of Unroll Me were inspired to make it after they had missed a few emails from each other. They are two young men who know a lot about technology and wanted to make a difference for those who are frustrated with their email services. They created Unroll Me so that people could not only feel less frustrated about missing important emails but so that they could also save time each day when using their email by seeing only what they want and not having to work through junk emails.

Building two brands from the ground up has not come easy for Doe Deere.

Her passion has served as the driving force to her success from the moment she became an entrepreneur.

Passion along with authenticity is what she believes is critical for all women to hold as they create the life of their dreams.

Deere is the founder of the jewelry line, Poppy Angeloff. It’s an eponymous brand that is Victorian inspired for the millennial woman.

It is steadily growing and on track to break 2018 sales. If one knows Deere, then they know that this is only the beginning.

Deere initially became an accidental entrepreneur. She and her husband founded Lime Crime cosmetics only after generating buzz from followers on her makeup artistry skills.

As she began to receive countless inquiries into how she was creating her signature and eye catching makeup looks, Deere dove head first into turning her gift into profit.

They started small and struggled to find a manufacturer that would take on a small company, but eventually they did land a manufacturer.

From there, success seemed to come overnight. Selling out their first 1,000 eye shadows in every color within a week.

For ten years, Deere and her husband owned and operated Lime Crime. In 2018 they sold the company.

Now their primary focus is expanding the Poppy brand.

After over a decade of entrepreneurship, Deere believes in holding steadfast to three rules in order to grow a business such as Lime Crime or Poppy Angeloff.

The first is maintaining passion for what you are selling.

The second is to truly put yourself in the role of the customer.

The third is to take risks.

Combined, these rules have served as the backbone for Deere going from just an idea to a multi-million dollar brand, two times over.

And it is this advice that is currently inspiring countless women to live authentically and follow their passions.

Gareth Henry is an investor and a businessman. He excels in mathematics. Mathematics were always his main focus in everything that he did. He had a passion for mathematics. Henry is currently living and working in New York at a company. He is working as the managing director at this company. This company excels in investments. Gareth Henry attended a college called Heriot-Watt University. He thoroughly enjoyed his time at this college and wanted to help future students with their time spent at the college, so he started a scholarship in his name. He also decided to start a mentoring program at the school so that he could help prospective students.

He wanted to make sure that they received the education that they needed, and get placed into a good job upon graduation. After Henry graduated from Heriot-Watt University he was quick to jump into his first job. He worked many different jobs before settling down at Fortress Investment Firm. Gareth Henry always excelled in investing. He knew what it took to make a good investment, how to find the right things to invest in, and when to invest in them. Henry is now spending the rest of his professional career trying to help others achieve what he has.

According to Gareth Henry is a very hard working individual who has excelled at the jobs in his life. Now he is placing his focus on helping others excel at theirs. It does not matter to him how many people he helps, if he helps out just one person then he will feel fulfilled. Gareth is an amazing example to all people that with hard work and a little determination you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. He wants to see you succeed and will help you in any way that he can. Click here.