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Agera Energy was formed in the first month of 2014. A few days later; one of the worst winters in recent history began. People were forced to spend a great deal of money to stop the negative effects of the winter. Due to these incidents, the company got a chance to expand at an unbelievable rate. Most of the retail energy suppliers who had dominated the market before the start of Agera Energy didn’t relate well to their customers. Customers were tired and demanded guidance, protection, and change. One of the main reasons why these retail suppliers didn’t treat their customers well is just because they were underfunded. They didn’t have enough cash to provide their customers with the cash they wanted. From this, Agera Energy noticed a vacancy in the energy industry.

Agera Energy got into the market through the acquisition of bigger national energy suppliers. The company achieved this by pursuing several healthy acquisitions. The company trained several direct sales teams and then sent them to the marketplace. The firm did not only train their front lines, but it also showed them how to serve their energy customers appropriately. Also, they guided them on how to help customers make the most appropriate energy decisions in matters regarding energy consumption. The company made sure that they were transparent to their customers in all their activities. They knew that being transparent was important especially during this stage: the introduction stage.

They took every customer interaction with the seriousness it deserves. The company has been able to make several achievements in this area because of the manner in which it approached the market. Currently, it has about 1.8 million customers. The most important thing is that their customer has been growing and continues to grow steadily. The company is really doing well when it comes to enhancing its energy supply, invoice audit services, and efficiency. Their strategy is not only neatly packaged, but it also simple to implement. Most of the company’s products and services were designed to meet the needs of their specific customers. The ambition of the company is to offer simple contracts, efficient enrollment processes available, and transparent contracts.


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