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L’Oreal is a very well-known beauty brand where Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the Global Brand President of its professional products division. He has served for both L’Oreal Paris and Garnier brands and is a skilled marketer and leader who has been able to hire the right kind of people for the company. Dan Bethelmy-Rada knows how to maximize the potential of a team as Ideamensch conducted an interview with the individual on his career in the business industry and advice to others for finding success. Right from the start of the interview, the businessman credits traveling around the world to learning many new things, along with being involved in a study abroad program called AFS-USA, where he learned a lot about business. He has had quite a journey in his life, being born in Venezuela to then living in the United States for many years before moving to Paris. He also discusses his passion for photography, although he knew that he wanted to make a career in business as he attended the International Business at Sorbonne University located in Paris. Dan Bethelmy-Rada than got the job at L’Oreal and the rest is history as he credits both his experience and schooling for getting the position with L’Oreal. On the next question, Rada describes that his days can be vastly different from tackling many projects, developing products, surfing social media, attending meetings, or meeting with clients. He uses a metaphor to compare photography to business in bringing ideas together while giving life to it. Finding inspiration for him can be pretty simple to it stemming from photography he sees to working in his team or seeing trends. The individual is very excited in the potential of social media and marketing, along with what companies can do in the future with this advancement of technology. When it comes to the beauty industry he is excited to see new fashion and colors that arrive. Dan Bethelmy-Rada mentions that one habit that makes him productive is being able to balance his family and work life. He likes to always stick to a plan and works around the clock wherever possible. In the final half of the interview, he credits other businessmen and CEOs such as Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs for influencing him and recommends the book “Tangled.” He advises others to continue learning, making mistakes but learning from them, and continue dreaming.


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