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Domestic abuse has a myriad of damaging effects that can be left in its wake. Sleepless nights causing dark can cause circles under eyes, fine lines and wrinkles from stress and even scars from abuse can affect the skin of abuse victims. While people of both sexes suffer from domestic violence, women are affected at a significantly higher rate, with 25% of all women experiencing varying degrees of domestic violence at some point in their lives. Thankfully, there are many different ways one can take back their lives after suffering from systemic abuse, and one of these is setting a routine that supports a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Genucel, a suboordinate company of Chamonix, has taken the initiative to be a part of these women’s journey towards a better life by donating ‘Beauty Bags’. These care packages are packed with toiletries as well as Genucel products, and are then donated to ‘Women Aware’; a not for profit organization in New Brunswick, NJ. They first started their mission in 1981 and now provide shelter, food assistance, and a recovery program for women in need and their families.

Last year a 5K Race and Charity Walk called Moving Beyond Abuse had its first event. Walking and various forms of physical exercise have been shown to reduce stress and assist in relieving the lingering effects of PTSD and other side effects of abuse. Not only did Genucel by Chamonix contribute financial donations to the charity walk itself, but they continue donating bags with their anti-aging products to the women seeking assistance in their facilities.

Appearance greatly impacts one’s confidence and self-esteem, and this is why Genucel finds it important to help women look and therefore feel their best. Genucel’s unique four-step system uses PhotoCell Tec, which is a patented technology created from the plant Malus Domestica. By smoothing wrinkles and other skin imperfections, like reducing the appearance of scars, Genucel is helping women erase the physical reminders of a painful past and preparing them with a fresh face for the new future that lies ahead. Learn more about Genucel on


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