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A captivating man of vast talents, Rodrigo Terpins is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and adrenaline junkie. The latter is what Terpins is most prominently known for. As an impressionable boy, Terpins voiced his enthusiasm for sports. His father, a renowned Brazilian basketball player, served as his inspiration. In the hopes of mirroring his father’s success, Terpins honed his athletic skills. Soon thereafter, his aptitude for sports became evident. Cut to today, and Terpins is now a wildly successful Brazilian rally car driver. Terpins and his brother, Michael, attribute their illustrious careers to the example their father set.

Though Terpins had made it big in the racing domain, he was keen to diversify into a multifaceted man. Eager to try his hand at entrepreneurialism, Terpins plunged into business pursuits. As a result, Floresvale was born. This eco-friendly forest company pairs novel ideas with green initiatives in the hopes of promoting environmental sustainability. According to Terpins, the concept for the company derived from his desire to build an ethical business that helped the environment. Upon enlisting help from his trusted and passionate colleagues, Terpins brought his grand idea to fruition. These days, Terpins vacillates between his racing and corporate career.

Regarding Brazil’s economic future, Rodrigo Terpins hopes to inject environmentally conscious practices into society. Terpins maintains that people are growing increasingly worried about where their raw material is coming from, which is why he hopes to be a fount of knowledge and beacon of hope for these inquisitive individuals. Given his extensive insight, Terpins is regarded as a highly intellectual businessman. Terpins maintains that by keeping himself “connected and aware of what’s happening,” he remains at the forefront of economic developments. When he’s not imparting his wisdom onto others, Terpins is making diligent efforts to expand his empire and prolong his prosperity.


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