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Despite having accomplished so much in the 22 years she has been actively

involved in the entertainment scene, it does seem as though Heather parry

is only starting. In a recent interview, she did admit to the fact that

working with artists and their stories still give her Goosebumps. She

described artists as very real, raw, and vulnerable people and that’s

exactly what makes them special.

Having already worked with the legendary Sean “Diddy” Combs, Imagine

Dragons, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and the ilk, Heather Parry isn’t about

done. She made it clear about how awesome it would be working with the

likes of Jay Z, Beyoncé, The Beastie Boys among others. She was also

ecstatic at the idea of having the honor of working on a biopic for the

late pop culture icon David Bowe.

Some of the projects that Heather Parry was involved over the years include

Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids; Gaga, Five Foot Two; and Can’t

Stop, Won’t Stop, a Bad Boy presentation. She also had a documentary dubbed

“Believe” which is all about the rock star group Imagine Dragon. Needless

to say, all the above projects have enjoyed incredible success.

Another incredibly successful that heather parry took on was the movie

dubbed A Star Is Born. This Bradley Cooper directed masterpiece is about a

struggling musician named Ally (Lady Gaga). Ally is discovered by Jackson

Maine (Bradley Cooper) who later becomes his lover. But their relationship

doesn’t experience smooth sailing since it’s marred with a lot of ups and


Apart from having a rather interesting storyline, a star is born is also

riddled with a noteworthy cast. Some of the A-listers that were featured in

this movie include Alec Baldwin, Dave Chappelle, Andrew Dice Clay, Sam

Elliot, Anthony Ramos, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga herself. Heather

parry’s role in the movie was through advertising as well as providing a

platform for some performance scenes in the movie.

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