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Jeunesse is a direct selling skincare brand distributed through its worldwide network of distributors. The Jeunesse line of products was developed in connection with several leading doctors who specialize in preventative and anti-aging medicine. The company provides many incentives for its distributors who reach certain achievement levels in the amount of products they sell. The most prestigious one is the Diamond Discovery trip which is held each summer for Jeunesse distributors at the Diamond Director level. The Jeunesse Kids Foundation is the company’s philanthropic outreach. It is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty to lift children towards a better future.

There are eight Jeunesse skincare collections: Finiti, Instantly Ageless, Luminesce, NV, Reserve, RVL, and Zen Bodi. Zen Bodi is a line of weight management products designed to be used alongside an active exercise regimen. The Zen Pro Protein Powder combines rice, pea proteins, and whey. It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors and is sweetened with stevia leaf extract. Zen Pro was developed to be easily digested in protein shakes. Zen Shape supplements are another element of the Zen Bodi system.

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RESERVE is an antoixidant fruit blend with a sweet berry taste. Antioxidants combat the oxidation process that produces free radicals and can damage the body’s cells. RESERVE, like the Zen Bodi collection, is designed to complement a healthy, active lifestyle. The main ingredients in the RESERVE blend, including dark sweet cherries and blueberries, are balanced by aloe vera, grape seed extract, and green tea to provide full-body support.

Instantly Ageless is a cream designed to reduce the appearance of aging on the skin, including fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. A live demo on the Jeunesse website shows the cream working in just a few minutes. Each vial can be used more than once and on different areas of the face.,-FL-jobs.html

Herbalife (NYSE: HLF) strike a fresh 52-week great Tuesday since it traded for $82.53 weighed against their previous 52-Week most of $82.52. Herbalife is certainly changing hands in $82.53 with 139,458 stocks and shares traded by 1:01 p.m ET. Normal volume is 581, three hundred shares in the last 30 days.

Herbalife includes a marketplace cap óf $4. around eight billion and is also a section of the healthcare séctor and medications market. Shares will be up 18.5% yr to date by the close óf trading in Mónday.

Herbalife Ltd., a multilevel marketing provider, sells pounds administration, supplement, énergy, sports activities and health, and personal maintenance systems worldwide. The cómpany includes a P/E relative amount of 19.4, add up to the avérage drugs sector P/E rate and over an S&P 500 PRICE TO EARNINGS ratio of 16.8.

According to the Street Evaluations ratés Herbalife while a buy. The business’s strengths are seen in multiple aréas, such as for example its stronger income expansion, solid stóck price efficiency, impressive record of income per show grówth, persuasive development in net gain and notable réturn on collateral. Although no enterprise is perfect, currently we usually do not discover virtually any significant wéaknesses which will probably detract from generally confident outlook.

It is true that Herbalife directs its item through multi-level marketing, offering through a network of self-governing people that earn money depending on revenue as well as the recruitment of recent users. Yet, as distrustful as much could be of the style, business obtained traction in the last season at the Circumstance. S. and abroad mainly because the business worked well to extend its regular membership. Sales remain off the peak back 2014 just before legal overview and a $ 200, 000, 000 Federal Control Commission great in 2016, but really apparent that Herbalife is undoubtedly definitely not cracked.



Despite having accomplished so much in the 22 years she has been actively

involved in the entertainment scene, it does seem as though Heather parry

is only starting. In a recent interview, she did admit to the fact that

working with artists and their stories still give her Goosebumps. She

described artists as very real, raw, and vulnerable people and that’s

exactly what makes them special.

Having already worked with the legendary Sean “Diddy” Combs, Imagine

Dragons, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and the ilk, Heather Parry isn’t about

done. She made it clear about how awesome it would be working with the

likes of Jay Z, Beyoncé, The Beastie Boys among others. She was also

ecstatic at the idea of having the honor of working on a biopic for the

late pop culture icon David Bowe.

Some of the projects that Heather Parry was involved over the years include

Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids; Gaga, Five Foot Two; and Can’t

Stop, Won’t Stop, a Bad Boy presentation. She also had a documentary dubbed

“Believe” which is all about the rock star group Imagine Dragon. Needless

to say, all the above projects have enjoyed incredible success.

Another incredibly successful that heather parry took on was the movie

dubbed A Star Is Born. This Bradley Cooper directed masterpiece is about a

struggling musician named Ally (Lady Gaga). Ally is discovered by Jackson

Maine (Bradley Cooper) who later becomes his lover. But their relationship

doesn’t experience smooth sailing since it’s marred with a lot of ups and


Apart from having a rather interesting storyline, a star is born is also

riddled with a noteworthy cast. Some of the A-listers that were featured in

this movie include Alec Baldwin, Dave Chappelle, Andrew Dice Clay, Sam

Elliot, Anthony Ramos, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga herself. Heather

parry’s role in the movie was through advertising as well as providing a

platform for some performance scenes in the movie.

On September 29, 2017, NexBank Capital declared their success in the completion of a private placement worth $54 million of their fix-to-floating rate. This includes subordinated notes to specific investors with high net worth, including certain institutions. The company has stated that they plan to incorporate this profit for general purposes. With all of this in motion, NexBank Capital, Inc. had now raised $283 million in equity and debts since the prior year, 2016.


Investors are not able to pull finances from these bonds for at least five years, making them non-callable. They will also not be considered mature until September 30, 2027 and have an interest rate of 6.375%. This rate will last for five years and then continue onto a floating rate based upon the future LIBOR of 458.5 points that is current to the times.


According to the companies notes have been rated and received a grade from the BBB as well as a good, stable perspective by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency. All of this qualifying the notes as a Tier 2 under capital regulations.


Who is NexBank Capitol Inc. ?


NexBank Capitol Inc. is a financial institution based in Dallas Texas. With the motto of “Execution. Flexibility. Expertise.” , NexBank is all about providing their customers with an optimal banking service. NexBank offers a variety of options ranging from personal banking, to mortgage banking and beyond. They also work with other commercial industries to help finance their endeavors.


The company’s mission is to “deliver uncommon value at every opportunity”. As of September 30, 2018, NexBank has over $8.1 billion in assets and is proud to assist clients both large and small scale. Led by Chairman James Dondero, who is Co-Founder, and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P, clients and trust that they are in good hands with NexBank. For more information, visit the website


Brazil is in the midst of an economic expansion unlike any it’s experienced before. Much of that growth comes from the tourist and hospitality industries. Millions of people flock to Brazil’s sandy beaches and festive culture every year. It wasn’t too long ago that many people didn’t know about Brazil’s party lifestyle.

In the 80s, not many people explored Brazil beyond Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Thanks to people like Guilherme Paulus, renowned hotelier and entrepreneur, Brazil is a top international tourist destination. Guilherme Paulus brought a different perspective to the touring industry.

Before starting his own company, he worked modest jobs which gave him experience in a managerial capacity. When he was 24 years old, he had a semi-professional conversation with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, then a state deputy. Cerchiari shared with Paulus his dream of establishing his own touring company in Santo Andre.

As Cerchiari spoke, Paulus’s mind exploded with ideas, eventually filling his head with aspirations of owning his own business. At that time, Paulus worked in Sao Paulo and didn’t have any money to invest in the venture. Seeing potential in Paulus, Cerchiari agreed he’d fund the company as long as Paulus brought his hardworking, useful innovation to the company.

Soon after, they opened the first CVC tourist agency in a high foot traffic area of Santo Andre. Four years later, Cerchiari moved on, leaving Paulus to continue the dream alone. By the late 80s, Guilherme Paulus decided to introduce chartered flights to the agency’s list of services.

Throughout the 90s, chartered flights became so popular among both domestic and international tourist, Paulus sold 100,000 seats in VASP in less than a year. The 90s was also when he decided to establish his own company, GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Currently, GJP Hotels and Resorts operates more than 20 hotels and resorts in vacation destination cities like Maceio, Recife, Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. Guilherme Paulus is also proud of how many jobs GJP created for the Brazilian people.

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With a name like Sunday, Sunday Riley, was destined from the beginning to create a business. Her dad even decided to name her with business in mind. Although she may not have started as an entrepreneur in her career, she founded a business named after herself in 2009. The brand that she has created is now booming and her skin-care products have become widely popular.

Sunday Riley products are known for being high-end, yet amazing. The price tag comes in part from the fact that Sunday Riley is committed to sourcing ingredients well rather than cutting corners. This yields amazing products that combine science-based active ingredients such as lactic acid with balancing botanicals. The product Good Genes is a great example of this amazing combination.

For those who want to look like they naturally have good genes, then the product Good Genes is just what they need. It can be used daily or overnight to smooth skin and make skin more radiant. Coming at a price of $105 for 1 oz., Good Genes is certainly a high-end product. However, high-end skin care products such as Good Genes are doing amazingly well for Sunday Riley.

Since Sunday started off as a cosmetic chemist, she is committed to making amazing products. Another great product is the Power Couple Duo which contains Good Genes and Luna sleeping night oil. This combination helps to smooth skin, bring more radiance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Despite the amazing brand and products that Sunday Riley is creating, she is also very down to earth. In fact, when asked what the most important thing is someone could do for their skin, she simply talked about washing your face. While this is simple and well-known advice, it shows how she is willing to be open and honest. This honesty extends into her work. For example the website details what the active ingredients in each product do for your skin. This includes both the botanical ingredients and other science-based ingredients such as retinol. Sunday Riley provides upscale and chic skin-care products that work.

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